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The same is data collection, why do you have two or three days, colleagues only one hour?


In life and work, from questionnaires to messages and tests, we have experienced many changes in the way we collect information in this area. From the side of the street flyers, to ground research, to the QQ group, WeChat group, tools From a small piece of paper, to Word, Excel spreadsheets, to professional, expensive customer management systems or marketing systems...

Up to now, the threshold of these information gathering tools is getting lower and lower, and the usage scenes are getting more and more, but many people still feel that they have nothing to do with themselves. But after reading the tools we recommend, you probably won't say that.

>> The first, Mai Ke CRM

CRM means customer relationship management. Earlier, such management systems had higher thresholds and prices were not low. In fact, you can now find many of these tools online, and the reason for recommending CRM is that for most basic applications, you can use it for free and without interruption. For example, before we released the prize free collection form, the topic collection form, etc., just select [Create Form], select the template you need or use the blank template directly, and elegantly select any component and skin to create a link to the form. Or the QR code is placed on your website, public number, WeChat group or other places. It can be automatically adapted on your phone and computer. The experience is very good. You can also set whether you can only access it on WeChat, fill out the form, time limit, IP limit, feedback reminder, and more.

You can view feedback in the final results, visually analyze the results through tables or charts, and export tables and charts for other purposes.

>> paragraph gold data

Gold data is the same as McKee CRM. After clicking Create Expression, you can choose to create blank content or use the template directly. In the editing, you can freely combine the form into the form you need through drag and drop. From the perspective of use, the gold data will be more professional. However, the stylization does not seem to be good for Mai Ke. In other words, the use of gold data is more biased towards enterprise applications, while McKee CRM is more inclined to the consumer. But as content continues to evolve and optimize, these are changing.

>> the third paragraph form master

Form masters also generally have the basic functionality of form data. After creating the form, complete the form by dragging the control and choose the layout and skin you need. In addition, it supports adding multiple accounts, joining team members to manage forms together, and improving efficiency.

>> More recommendations

In addition, there are Wufoo, Jian Daoyun, Tencent Questionnaire, Questionnaire Network, MAKA, etc. Some of them focus on the questionnaire field, some belong to H5 single-page tools, but in fact, if you like, in student work, new media They are very good helpers in application and activity research.

Finally, in our public micro-channel number backstage reply information gathering , links to all the tools mentioned above to obtain it.

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