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A dissatisfaction with a postgraduate study is a disrespect to the workplace.


Text | Wrap Jun
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Throughout the summer, we have a lot of “student”-type consultation visitors. Frequently consulted topics: first come out for three years, or spend three years studying for a graduate student.

The answer to this question is very clear: it will be better if you work for three years.

Unless the job requires a lot of "research", such as medicine;

unless, the job you want is the kind of industry that has fallen, the opportunity is reduced, but it is also pretending to use the so-called academic qualifications and the actual ability of the talents. Already very weakly related elements. These are nothing more than helping the interviewer to be lazy in the talent screening.

Often a result-oriented, market-oriented commercial organization, employers will still realistically believe that real work experience is more realistic for a single person than for a degree.

The employment relationship is seen through. In fact, it is the relationship of the transaction. The employer pays the money and buys the real value of the talent. These values ​​are to be shown in the actual work output. It is real.

There is no evidence that a graduate student must do better than an undergraduate, especially for people with less than three years of work experience. Except for the highly sophisticated field, most of the work is not much research difference.

What's more, in reality, in most cases, many students choose to continue studying because they do not have a better career choice.

If an undergraduate with no work experience and a graduate student with no work experience are together, from the perspective of an employer, most of them are still willing to recruit graduate students, because under such circumstances, graduate students will not be much more expensive than undergraduates, but Indeed, it is still more mature, but this maturity is often just three years of living.

From the perspective of the employer. If you have another three years, everyone has a common professional experience. Differences in academic qualifications will become smaller, but professional experience is similar. If at this time you are asking for a higher salary because you are a graduate student, do you think that the employer will have a higher salary (education) cost because of your three-year book, and pay more for the salary?

The golden period of professional development of talents is also a few years. If you put the gold time in the ivory tower and pay the tuition and other costs, but have not created professional value, from the perspective of overall input and output, In fact, it is very uneconomical.

Many candidates continue to pursue graduate studies when they choose to graduate.

On the one hand, from the personal point of view is to ease the pressure of employment, in fact, it increases the pressure on parents.

From the perspective of the whole society, it seems to ease the pressure on employment. But is this really slow to predict the current situation of China's entry into an aging society?

Of course, the choice is always in the hands of everyone, and I can't interfere. Just want to let those students who blindly choose to take the postgraduate study clearly, in the future development of the fork of the fork, we must first consider it carefully, and then draw conclusions.

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