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How to download win10 iso?


Daily reloading system, then where to download the genuine win10 system?

The results of Baidu search are naturally not acceptable.

I have been using itelyou, but this thing provides ed2k link, download ed2k I chose to use Thunder speed version, but, how to ensure that he is really an official image? After all, it is a third-party website (unintentional black iteryou, just want to superstitious Microsoft)

Download win10 need to go to the official website to download, the address is here

10 download Windows

But he only provides the production software, but I want iso; D

After all, download the latest version of the system, it can still be used for a long time, three days to install the system everywhere to complete the iso is comfortable;)

Search online, all the gods use a variety of magic to download iso, such as

Old Black: Reset and updated by the official ISO images Win10

However, when win10 was updated in April, I reinstalled the system and insisted on downloading the official version because ititeyou has not updated.

Going to the official website for a lap to download less than iso, and then found a simple method ;)

Notice that he prompts me "this computer", it is better to guess that he is using user-agent to judge my platform, so..

F12, phone mode and then refresh it

The page has changed ;)

Select win10, Chinese, then select 64 bits

Save it, get it ;)

However, the page does not provide a sha1 checksum;

2018-6-28 03:58:35