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Primary discussion on human energy field


When it comes to the energy field, many people may first hear the word. Actually, there is an energy field in everything in the universe, or the thing itself has its own energy field, from the sun to the stars in the universe, to the small There is an energy field in a variety of things that have no vital signs such as dust, from people in the universe to people with vital signs such as flowers, birds, fish, and insects. Or let's take a few popular lists: Do you think some people will inexplicably like or hate? Have you ever traveled to a beautiful place to make your heart feel good? Have you ever experienced certain leaders or some people who are inexplicably afraid to say nothing? Do you feel that there are good or bad things happening in the future and then fulfilled? These many things are unclear and unclear, and the metaphysical things, that is, the things that people feel are related to the energy field. The specific general direction is the common saying that people often say, "things gather together, people divide by group", "dao Different sayings such as "not in the same breath", "same as the gas phase" and other proverbs, why do these phenomena arise, and when you read this article, you will have some insights and inspiration.

According to the general direction, substances without vital signs are generally high in mass and have a large amount of information. The energy field of the material is higher than that of small mass and small amount of information. Yes, first of all, we must understand that matter is the carrier of information and energy, so that we can understand what I am talking about, just like the computer mobile phones used by the people, the various software they have installed, the materials you have edited, and the stored Photographs, etc. are carried in the form of information and energy. The energy field level becomes higher. Otherwise, it is a pile of scrap iron and plastic. Of course, scrap iron and quantity also have its energy level. Otherwise, how does it constitute a computer mobile phone? What about the hardware system? Next, I will continue to say that from the perspective of people, animals or plants with vital signs, people are the spirit of all things. The energy level is generally greater than that of animals and plants. Of course, the Buddha, the gods, the immortals, etc. involved in various cultures are mentioned. Needless to say, the energy level, and do not delve into the aspects of religion and practice in this article. Of course, if it involves the comparison of living things with inanimate matter, then which energy level is high in the specific case. For example, is the sun or human energy level high? The answer is yes to the sun. In front of the sun, people are a slag. They cannot be compared with the sun in terms of size and length. The calendars and solar terms involved in ancient Chinese astronomy are based on the operating cycles of various stars, on earth, everything, and people's production and life. The effect of the development is that your character is positioned by the time, space and orientation of your birth. The people often say that too old is that Jupiter has positioned your year’s blessings and so on. How do you say people can follow? Is the sun, the moon, the stars and the rivers more energy-efficient? Of course, the exception is not excluded. It is the ancient sages who the people said "the stars are down". Although their bodies have died, their spirits, their actions, and their articles have influenced China and even the world for thousands of years. The cultures of other countries have been passed down from generation to generation. Representatives include the familiar Huangdi, Confucius, Laozi, and Sakyamuni.

This article mainly talks about the spirit of all things in the universe - the level of human energy. Each person's energy level is different. The level of energy level is closely related to his family's family, career, health, etc. It should be said that his life, even further. Why is man the spirit of all things? Because in addition to the existence of the spirit of other animals, the human body first quotes the "three souls and seven scorpions" that the Taoist said (other Confucianism and Buddhism are not elaborated here), and the "three souls" are leaving. The spirit that the human body can still exist, "seven scorpions" refers to the spirit manifested by attachment to the body. What is the "three souls"? Fetal light, cool, and fine. The main life of the baby, the most important soul, the strong spirit of the child, the longevity and the longevity; the spirit of wisdom, strategy, and the ability to feel the world, this soul is related to the height of life; Sexual orientation, etc. The common people do not often say "Whoever lost the soul", is there not a saying called the soul? It’s not a long-awaited life. Those who are mentally handicapped are the ones who have problems with the spirits. Those who have problems with fertility or have problems with their sexual orientation are the ones who have problems. They are not necessarily lost. Let's say "seven scorpions", one called "swallowing thieves" to eliminate harmful substances in the body, etc., the second is called "corpse dog" to the surrounding environment's perception and early warning ability, the third is called "except sputum" to remove the waste generated by the body, four screams "Smelly lung" tube breathing, Wuyi called "Biyin" tube reproduction, Liuyi called "non-toxic" to disperse the body condensed things, the seven 魄 is called "Fuya" tube essence of metaplasia. Here is just a brief talk about the function of this "three souls and seven scorpions" (interested readers can check the details of the three souls and seven sacred things that Taoism said), I think everyone should understand that there is a problem here, that is, people are flesh Is it important or important? Of course, it is the spirit. The spirit dominates the biggest individual difference between you and others. It creates a different life. The key point comes, so the energy level of the human body is related to the spirit of a person.

There is also an interesting phenomenon, what people at the energy level are likely to attract people who correspond to the energy level. For example, many people may have such experience: For example, one day, the mood is very good, and everything is going smoothly. Even driving a car is a green light. It is just a matter of luck and good luck. If you are uncomfortable one day, you will be unlucky. This is the influence of mental power, corresponding to the same gas, so maintaining a good mood is the key to improving your luck. And if you are with someone who is higher than your own energy level, what do you listen to when you say something, even if you are more eloquent, you think he is right. If the two people's energy levels are close, the two of you will feel that you are a confidant, and you can't talk about it. However, if the energy levels of two people are too different, generally people with low energy levels always want to approach people with high energy levels. People with high energy levels think that low-energy level people think and think that they are low-level and uncivilized. Leading to people who are not familiar with each other, even low-level people joke high-level people, but at this time, high-level people will silently disappear these contradictions with a broad attitude, if low-level people can feel this spirit Power will be affected, just as many planets turn around the sun.

There is also an interesting phenomenon, what energy level people are likely to attract what corresponds to the energy level. People with low energy always attract those that are declining and bad, and they also like to do those dark things, things they like, and those that are noisy and utilitarian. On the contrary, people with high energy are better in luck, always warm and generous, kind and generous, like to help others, and the things they like are natural scenery, peaceful and soothing music, and so on.

How to improve one's luck involves how to improve one's energy level, that is, how to improve one's own spirit, not by material, but by oneself, can the spirit use material to improve? The answer is NO. Why is the modern Chinese economy developing rapidly and the days are getting better and better, people's psychology is still so anxious, irritating, worried, and contrasting. The body is not as good as one generation, that is, the pursuit of material things is too much, and these things are good. The energy is also low, how high can the car be? How tall can the house be? How high can money be? Always pursuing these things outside of the body, slowly is to lower their energy, consume their own mind, the mind is uneasy and the body is comfortable? What can we pursue to improve our energy? Slim and repair! It is the right way, pursuing how to improve your own conduct, how to be kind to others, and how to improve your own thoughts! In order to improve your spiritual level and energy level! The thoughts and words left by the ancient Chinese sages can be passed down from generation to generation. Their spiritual power is in the era of simplicity. They are pursuing the self-cultivation of the country and the world. In the world, the height of the spiritual world is in harmony with nature. Their thoughts and words are like natural beings and will not pass away with the passage of time. That is to say, ancient doctors like Bian, Li Shizhen, Zhang Zhongjing, etc. Why are they so cattle? Do you think that the Chinese medicine articles written about meridians, medicine stones, etc. are only based on the professor's professor or medical experience? wrong! They are all Taoist practitioners. Those meridians are based on their own internal vision to see the real meridians running. The patient stands in the same way as the X-ray fluoroscopy patient, which is clear and clear. Just verifying their feelings, medical theory, medicinal stone usage, and returning to the classics are all realized or see how patients taking certain medicines work with the meridians, or feel the patient's illness, why the efficacy very good? It is the "health of the medical practitioners". The prescriptions of their spiritual strength and the power of the soul are like a spell. They are absolutely sick to go to the disease. They are all self-cultivating people.

Nowadays, many people have a problem. They think about the days when they drop their pies and smash themselves. When they meet with a noble person, the god Buddha helps themselves, promotes the bureaucracy, makes money, and is famous, I am! Yijing has a cloud: "Tianxingjianjunzi is self-improving, and the landlord is a gentleman with a virtue." A person who is lazy and does not pay attention to his own virtues, wants to worship the gods and Buddhas to realize these utilitarian wishes. It is simply a dream, a god. If the Buddha does not eat this set, if it is a coincidence that it is a blessing or a curse, then it is unclear, maybe there is a life? . On the contrary, those who can still be indomitable in all kinds of difficulties, do things in a down-to-earth manner, sincerely behave and stick to their own innocent people who help others, God will inadvertently bless them or their children and grandchildren. Your own heart is the Buddha of God. It is the right way to repair your own character first. Observing the sky, the earth, the ocean, they are so broad, inclusive, and selfless to treat everything in the world, so they last for a long time...

Let's talk about which substances have high energy and low energy. Let me talk about the highest energy in the universe - love! Love your loved ones, love your parents, love your colleagues, love your friends, love the flowers and plants, love your enemies. The more love you send, the faster your energy will be, the more love you will get. Of course, don’t forget to love yourself. That is self-cultivation, then you may feel lucky, everyone laughs at you, even the air is sweet, flowers and plants are so beautiful, this is the power of the spirit, the energy of the soul. High-energy things include books written by ancient sages, elegant music, warm movies, natural scenery, and so on. Focusing on the low-energy things in modern society, because too much, it has lowered people's thoughts, spirits and souls! Bars, KTV, online games, horror movies, junk food, exotic videos, pornography, plastic surgery, etc., are actually things that modern young people generally like. Look at the young people’s eyes that are sluggish and blurred. The eyes are the best of the gods. It is manifested that everything is what it is, not only the spirit is sluggish, but the body is also sick. To what extent is the energy level low? Let’s say that the ancient young people sent their love of mountains and rivers, poetry, reading, and serving the country. They said that the older generation was the country’s master, the country, and the struggle. It is hard to see among young people. Bars, KTVs, and other places are not to mention, focusing on online games, horror movies, online games, this thing is very fascinating, not to say Internet addiction? People with long-term online games will have problems in their spirits. Their souls are uneasy. The liver is hiding souls, the lungs are hiding, and the mind is hiding. They are always staring at the screen of computer mobile phones, and they are always playing in the game. State, let your soul be placed? Those low-energy things will only consume your energy and lower your energy level. Needless to say. There are also teenagers who like horror movies. The kidney owners are afraid. The ancients were scared to say that they would be serious about the fart. Now they are actively seeking to watch the horror film loss. It is the essence of the kidney, which scares your soul. Where is the high energy? Junior high school physics is not learning heat. It always passes from high temperature objects to low temperature objects. Energy also has this commonality. You said that mountains and rivers don’t take their energy to make you refreshed. Online games, horror movies and other low-energy things are Take yours, or do they have the value and meaning of existence? This is the energy-to-energy thing, juveniles, and the vulgar content of online eroticism is too much. When young is a ring, the young is strong, and I don’t know what will happen in the future. If your own energy field is very high, you will not touch these things, or consciously resist these things, because they will make you uncomfortable, and it is also the same reason.

There is a cloud in the "Yellow Emperor Yinfu": "Heaven and Earth, the piracy of all things. Everything, theft of people. People, the thief of all things. The three thieves are both appropriate, the three are both safe. The truth is about the conservation of energy. Modern technology makes humans The plundering of nature is too powerful. Isn’t it natural to plunder people? For the ancient Chinese, the three Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism were promoted, and the people with scientific inventions such as Mozi concealed his actions, or did they not advocate development? Didn't people want to materialize science and technology before? But the wisdom of the ancients is the simple view of the heavens and the human beings. What kind of environment, what kind of human body, their world view is the harmony between man and nature, Buddhism Saying "one flower, one world, one leaf, one bodhi", the human body is also a small universe, there are eutrophic mountains and lakes, there are people who are three high, there is an uncontrolled exploitation of the oil in the underground yin, there is human kidney essence A lot of consumption and so on, hey, don't think that modern people are smarter than the ancients, can only say that there is wisdom and wisdom, quote a popular sentence: "no zuo no die", modern human beings use all things naturally for me Isn't everything still dissipating the spirit of the human being? Look at the current smog, isn't it that people naturally consume natural resources and return it to humans? Letting breath of fresh air is a luxury, naturally said " If you take advantage of my ecology, I will take advantage of your health." Little people can't control so much, but their physical health can always manage it? Less use of mobile computers to get less information on mobile phones will consume less energy. God, raise your own life, and protect your own soul. Your spiritual soul can't resist this creation~~ I
have written many articles since last year, just want to give you some life revelations, health revelation, if any We don’t know whether we are deeply or biased. We only hope that our society and our people can live as smartly as the Chinese ancients. China is a god, and the Chinese nation is a nation that God cares for. It can be seen for thousands of years in China. Splendid culture and history are the culture and spirit of the Chinese nation. They strongly urge the Chinese to learn Chinese traditional culture, our civilized state, the state of ceremonies, and culture. The state is built on the wisdom of these ancient sages for thousands of years. If you can learn well and use it in modern times, it is not far from the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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