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Multi-map! More videos! Too much! More evidence is provided by the victim who was bullied by Zhao Yichen!

The previous article was known to be harmonious, and I want to see the move here

Reposted the post from the netizen:

---------Because the victim announced the chat with Zhao, after 20 minutes of writing, the victim’s family received a call calling Zhao Yichen to request the deletion of the article, otherwise the police will sue-------

The content is mainly the following four contents

1 What did Zhao Zhongbai’s comments say?

2 “Remind” flight attendants, rent an aviation device to get flight attendants and others privacy

3 vowed to guide others, after a mistake has caused the loss of 10,000 yuan ticket, shirking responsibility, suspected of collecting money to give people a ticket?

4 What is Zhao Yichen who claims to be being impersonated?

After the last article was published, it caused a lot of people to resonate, and the private letter provided a lot of evidence.

1 What did Zhao Zhongbai’s comments say?

Enthusiastic netizens took a screenshot of the comments that Zhao had deleted since the beginning.

From the top sentence in the picture, it is the follow-up content of the screenshot removed in the previous article. What Zhao said was so brazen! "You ask Miss Yin how it feels today?!" What do you mean?

2 “Remind” flight attendants, rent equipment to get flight attendants and others privacy

More information is even more shocking! In a knowing answer, a flight attendant disagreed with Mr. Zhao and ordered some praises against Zhao Yichen’s point of view. The nightmare began!

The flight attendant of the party not only received the “no caller number”, but also her own mobile phone also received Mr. Zhao’s booking SMS. Then, I don’t know why Teacher Zhao has retired. No matter what this behavior says. I just want to ask, how do I get a good flight attendant number? !

What is even more inexplicable is that he seems to have done it again, and how strange it is. What is it going to do? ! (The flight attendant called to check, it is possible to find out who is booking with his mobile phone number.)

Not only that, the author of a public number mentioned in the previous article also received the “no caller number”, which is said to be a “trembling” voice. Don’t send screenshots of the background message out.

I don't know much about the law. If the mobile phone number is good, then I have to use my ID card to book the ticket. How did he get the number and ID card of the other person? ! Is this the privacy of others? Didn't Mr. Zhao disagree with the act of posting his live lecture content privately? Then I got someone else’s phone number and ID card. Is this a face?

After a screenshot of the netizen, it seems that he found a way to take other people's information. I am not an aviation professional, we judge ourselves.

After reading the picture, I can't help but ask, are you not a financial person, are you very busy on a business trip? Is there a space to rent such a thing that is so private? Moreover, is it legal to rent this thing? I don't believe that something that can check other people's information can be legally rented!

Some people are curious as to how many people know about his affairs. In fact, I am also curious, but after receiving so much evidence, the reason is very clear. He hates people. How can I recruit so many people to hate it? I don't understand very well.

3 vowed to guide others, after a mistake has caused the loss of 10,000 yuan ticket, shirking responsibility, suspected of collecting money to give people a ticket?

Let's take a look at the article mentioned in the previous article. He knows others and causes others to be unable to board the plane. He lost more than 6,000 refunds + more than 1w of new tickets.

Below is a video that gives the parties "free" guidance, causing others to lose their responsibilities.

Zhao Changbai video one

Zhao Changbai video two

Zhao Changbai video three

From the video we can hear that the parties are very polite, but Mr. Zhao seems to be less polite.

In addition, in a financial field, people who fly millions of yuan still have to pay for telephone bills? ! Moreover, Mr. Zhao himself instructed others in the professional field, let others believe that they do not believe in the X process, and finally how to put people in the pit.

Is your professional knowledge of Mr. Zhao not enough? !

Is your professional knowledge of Mr. Zhao not enough? !

Is your professional knowledge of Mr. Zhao not enough? !

In addition, Mr. Zhao repeatedly stressed that the ticket was not bought at him, nor did he collect the money. It sounds like this means that you have collected money to help people buy tickets? You are not in the 315 article in a large number of special orders?

classmates! In the future, I dare to find Zhao Zhongbai to buy tickets and book tickets! Not afraid of him, your privacy! Not afraid of shirking responsibility except for problems! Teacher Zhao, there are people who are not cheap and do not take up the white, and at the same time criticize people who are cheap!

4 Zhao Zhao claims that someone has faked Zhao Yichen, what is the situation?

Some netizens provided these screenshots, and it was clear at a glance that the people in the group knew that "fake" Zhao was ridiculing Zhao Zhongbai.

So, the group owner simply changed the group name! Zhao Changbai’s big sister-in-law also debuted.

Therefore, it is simply that the people in the group are ridiculing, and no one has faked Mr. Zhao to do bad things. It is a pity, unfortunately, the fact is not exactly what Mr. Zhao wrote in the past few days.

After class, is he really the youngest Air China Lifetime Platinum?

Interested in self-searching, or Zhao's own use of rented equipment to check?

Worried about harmony, modify part of the wording

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