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How to find a job in the recruitment season of Jinsanyin4? How to choose a better platform?

Whether it is a newcomer who has just graduated or a career-oriented person who has been through the field, there will be various confusions in the development of his career.

Recently, some well-known recruitment websites launched the “Workplace Confusion Survey”. The survey results show that 86% of the respondents are in the workplace confusion period. More than half of them think that the career selection period is the most confused, while the self-positioning is blurred by 22%. People are identified as the main reason.

What I shared with you today is a career positioning case, I hope to bring you inspiration.

A , "for seven years, but found himself nothing."

I don’t remember at which career planning sharing meeting, a lady asked me a question at the scene: “Mr. Xiaoli, I want to ask you a question. In any of the many workplace cases you have handled, is there any case that makes you feel Especially deep? Can you share it with us?"

I thought about it and shared a real workplace story.

The consultant Liu Ying (pseudonym) had a computer major from a domestic university seven years ago and had no community, part-time, internship or practical experience.

At the time of graduation, Liu Ying was assigned to a business unit (without preparation) under the arrangement of her family. She was responsible for drafting text materials and various chores of departments.

However, Liu Ying is quite tired of writing work. She feels anxious, confused, and empty when she goes to work every day. She wants to leave but she doesn't know what kind of job she is looking for. If she goes out, it is no different from a blank paper.

According to Liu Ying, she does not like the work atmosphere suppressed by the organs of the government. In addition, she is not a developer. She does not see any development prospects. Writing materials is as uncomfortable as taking medicine, and there is no work pressure. A sense of accomplishment, I feel that I am busy all day, and I live every day.

She thought about the cost tester, but the professional foundation was too weak. Reading was like reading a book, and she finally gave up; she considered selling, but she thought that she was introverted and had high sales pressure, but she was not very confident; she wanted to test civil servants. However, he is neither a fresh graduate nor a professional graduate. He can only apply for a position that is not limited to a professional. However, the civil service exam involves the most difficult writing for her. It is a very weak item, so she tries repeatedly and is confident. The heart was hit hard.

This is a very difficult career counseling case. It seems that I have no experience for seven years. When I saw the information of the consultant, I suddenly thought of a theory I had seen before, called the theory of the bottom of the pot.

"Bottom theory" means that life is like a big pot. When a person walks to the bottom of the pot, as long as he is willing to change his efforts, no matter what direction he is going upwards, it will be better than the current situation.

Second, the common four quadrants

However, the problem is that there are not a few workplace cases like Liu Ying. Many people lack the self-awareness and professional cognition at the time of going to school. They randomly choose a major and have not studied well. Time, when you step into the society, your eyes are black.

In front of dazzling posts, I really don't know what I like to be good at: either simply hand over the choices to others and listen to them; or just find a job and make a living.

Hey, we are so perfunctory in career choices, how can we expect to get a return from our career?

The vast majority of people who work hard in the workplace belong to the category of “knowledge workers” . This concept is proposed by the management master Drucker and corresponds to the physical workers: it refers to the treatment of information and knowledge. The people who work, including editors, programmers, teachers, government workers, and so on.

Some articles have divided all posts into four modules according to the requirements of decision-making ability and the degree of collaboration of each job, which are mixed mode, collaborative mode, transaction mode and professional mode.

1. Mixed mode: There is no requirement for decision-making ability, which is basically a programmatic work content, but it requires multiple people to cooperate, such as grassroots public officials;

2. Transaction mode: there is no requirement for decision-making ability, and no multi-person collaboration is required. Usually, one person can complete it, for example, a course consultant and an administrative clerk of a training institution;

3. Collaboration mode: high requirements for decision-making judgment and high level of collaboration, such as engineers and project managers;

4. Professional mode: high requirements for decision-making judgment, but low level of collaboration, can be completed independently, such as doctors, accounting.

Through this classification, you will probably know which quadrant you are currently working on, and we have several real-life examples.

The position of sales director is a collaborative model: this position depends on the performance of the entire team, so it puts higher requirements on the degree of collaboration. The director must make judgments at critical moments;

The position of ordinary salesperson belongs to the transaction mode: this position can be executed as long as it is responsible for execution. Let you call and call, let you visit the customer and visit the customer, basically does not involve critical judgment and decision, and sales The value of a member depends on his or her individual performance, and often individuals can do it independently.

Most of the grassroots positions in public officials are “mixed mode”: the content of the work is mostly procedural and there are rules to follow. Everyone is a link in the process, and they need to cooperate with each other and cannot complete the work independently;

The doctor is the "professional model": although the work content must follow certain procedures, for example, the patient needs to check and diagnose, but when it comes to the diagnosis, doctors need to make professional judgment.

From the above analysis, it is not difficult to know that there is no absolute difference between each position, but different positions have different requirements for ability, and how each person's talents and positions match, which leads to individual feelings. The main reason for the wide variety.

Generally speaking, the more involved in the complex professional judgment and collaboration skills, the more important and important positions, it is also a place of high salary.

Third, if you can't find what you like, start with the right one.

In summary, many people in the workplace feel confused and confused, often because they do not know their own characteristics and job characteristics. In fact, good career development is often the result of seamless matching between the two.

For example, considering the ability of collaboration, if a person has strong interpersonal intelligence, it is obviously more competent; from the perspective of decision-making ability, if the person's mathematical and logical thinking is stronger, it is obviously more conducive to making judgments and decisions.

Remember, everyone has their own characteristics and never confronts their own nature; we must objectively recognize ourselves in order to find suitable positions.

In the past, after communicating with Liu Ying, I found that this girl likes to deal with people, that is, she has certain interpersonal intelligence and is suitable for work with high degree of cooperation. However, logic and mathematics are her weaknesses, so it is not suitable for judgment and Decision making work.

Liu Ying’s previous work is more similar to the mix of “transaction mode” and “professional mode”: writing materials belong to “professional mode”, which requires strong logical thinking and high independence; chores belong to “transaction mode”. According to the program, you don't need much collaboration.

It is not difficult to see from the analysis here that Liu Ying’s root cause of suffering is that her talents and characteristics and job requirements do not match, and it is imperative to change careers.

For Liu Ying, the most matching professional mode is the “mixed mode”: it requires multiple people to work together, and the work content has rules to follow, and it is not necessary to make judgment decisions.

After some consultation, Liu Ying said that she probably knew what to do and understood her approximate market price.

Liu Ying sent a feedback to our studio not long ago. After the consultation, she made up her mind to quit her original job and tried it according to the ideas she had at the time. She finally applied for a company to start the conference work: her interpersonal intelligence I have been fully utilized, and many things have been arranged very well, and I have been praised by the customers. At the same time, her ability to respond to the situation has also been greatly improved and improved.

Now Liu Ying’s status is very different from before, and people are more confident and happy.

Fourth, inferiority is a springboard, let us jump higher

In fact, I am greatly encouraged by the changes of many consultants including Liu Ying, but at the same time, I also know that there are too many people in the world who are as inferior and confused as Liu Ying.

Perhaps you are just like Liu Ying, who is afraid of failure, afraid of others' eyes, lost courage in the negation of others and self, and dare not take the pace of change.

Please remember the "pot law" in the previous article: Life is like a big pot. When one is already at the bottom of the pot, no matter which direction the TA is working on, it will be better than now.

If you can objectively analyze yourself and find out your own characteristics, using the four-quadrant method mentioned above to analyze the current occupation, you can easily find the crux of the problem and make a relatively rational decision.

Finally, add that no matter how perfect the analysis can not replace the action, only action can change the fate, in order to dispel the shadow of inferiority, in order to let yourself bathe in the sun to thrive.

the above.

I am sharing with you.

PS: New Year's heavy welfare

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In order to save my friends the time wasted to search for articles, I have reorganized the basics of this year's work, and picked out some representative articles for you to review and read. It is a gift for all of you.

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