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"Yang Beyond" phenomenon and middle income crisis


"Yang Beyond" is just our own fulfillment and calm face to ordinary and mediocrity.

Recently, at around 8:00 on Saturday night, my wife will always watch a network variety show that makes people have nightmares.

- "Create 101."

It is not an exaggeration to have a nightmare.

After watching the third period, I had a nightmare all night. When I dreamed of my elementary school, I would like to sing and dance when I participated in the Children's Day on the Children's Day. I didn't learn how to learn. The impression was so deep that I woke up in my mind and echoed the melody of "Little Apple."

And this person who made me a nightmare is called "Yang Beyond", a fast-track anchor who participated in the women's group, and entered 101 in the name of "the hope of the whole village."

After watching the show, my feelings for her, three words can be summarized: very annoying.

Compared with many young ladies who are good at singing and jumping, this "village flower" business is in a poor level and does not say that it is not hard to go forward, it will collapse and drag the team. However, the popularity is very high.

Some people say that this is a mockery of those talented and capable sisters. In fact, one-sided, I think this is also the affirmation and fulfillment of our mediocre ordinary people.

In the past few years, a popular word called "envy and hate", it is not unreasonable to link these three words together. After all, there are a few people who are born with white and beautiful long legs. When the stars bear the aura, they must stand the consumption and gossip of the audience. After all, it is unfair to be envied by others but not to hate.

And Yang Chao is a very good consumer product. Although you are a "flower of a village", it will be lazy, collapse, and helpless. The more you are unbearable, the more you feel that you are cute and grounded. The more you are grounded, the more the audience feels that they are enjoying the past from spending. In the end, these seemingly contradictory emotions of "envy and hate" can be vented happily on this individual.

On the other hand, those very good young ladies are inevitably unable to withstand such "love".

This is the phenomenon of "Yang Beyond" that I want to say. Our affirmation of ordinary mediocrity is only to fulfill our own "envy and hate."

The connection between the "Yang Beyond" phenomenon and the middle income trap will also start from my nightmare.

For example, in my elementary school, if you can't learn something, the hind legs of the team will not go up, and you will be blinded. Because the social media and network of the society are still not developed enough, the mainstream values ​​are positive, higher, faster and stronger from top to bottom.

Nowadays, with the advancement of the Internet and the media, the middle and even the bottom have a sufficient voice channel, then the voice of most people will become the mainstream voice of the society. The result of a network variety vote actually reflects the "mainstream" voice more or less: the best is not necessarily the best, but the more grounded and more unbearable may make people more comfortable and more popular.

There are many similar voices around us, such as "I don't envy those rich people, because I laugh most purely." "Those who are in the north are too tired to live. I live in my home for thousands. The block-flat house is more comfortable. "He is so smart, not the same as not getting rich." In the end, it is a denial of the elite and an affirmation of ordinary mediocrity.

And aside from the mentality of "I can't eat grapes and say grape sour", it actually reflects the current crisis: the so-called elites are solidified, thinking about circulating traffic and cutting leeks all day long. The good thing to say is Internet thinking. In fact, integration Integration is still in the hard-earned money of the wage earners. The mainstream voice has been squandered by the price and taxation, and has gradually lost the ambition of challenging the elite. It is willing to be sure of mediocrity and ordinaryness, and spend some small money in entertainment programs and games to find spiritual comfort. Tencent’s father seized the business opportunity, and the danger may have just begun.