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New product information: Mijia launched electric scooter, Ke Yan's pet care products


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Nintendo's classic game is on the App store, the millet family welcomes new members, as well as 3D printed sneakers and chairs, a minimalist iPhone case, and a skin care product for pets.

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❶ App Store: Run, Uncle Mario!

If you talk about the classic games you played in your childhood, I believe many people will blurt out "Super Mario." On December 15th, the game was on the shelves in the App Store.

It is definitely not an exaggeration to say that it is hot. Nintendo's classic game broke the previous download record set by Pokémon Go in the first 24 hours of the game (the former downloads the first day is 2850000, while the latter is 900,000).

The game has a total of 24 levels, supports traditional Chinese, and domestic players can also have fun. The download itself is free and you can try the first three levels, but the level later will cost $9.99 (or 1200 yen) to unlock.

At present, the domestic App Store is not yet available, you can switch accounts to the outside area to download.

In addition, Nintendo has just announced the release time of the new host Nintendo Switch, which is 1 pm on January 13, 2017, Japan time.

❷ Swatch Festival Watch: Come and fall in love with me at first sight

Swatch watches have always impressed countless girls with high values. Recently, they launched a very fairy-tale festival limited edition watch GOD JUL.

▲ Swatch GOD JUL | Reference Price: 730 yuan

Still very beautiful!

This watch is based on a fairytale light blue color, inspired by the Nordic snow country festival scene.

The straps are the most classic Christmas elements such as snowflakes and elk. The style is very similar to our paper-cut art, and the dial is fixed with a dazzling moment of the Northern Lights.

Even the box with the watch is designed to look like a Nordic hut.

Then look at the parameters of the watch, quartz movement, 3 bar waterproof, case diameter 41mm, thickness 9.85mm. The case is made of plastic and the strap is made of soft silicone.

This holiday edition is limited to 8888 pieces worldwide and sold at Swatch designated stores. The limited edition of China is 1,100 pieces and the price is 730 yuan.

In addition, Swatch also launched the holiday version of the sunglasses THE EYES OF SANTA. Wear it while skiing, cool and protect your eyes.

❸ Mijia Electric Scooter: Travel for your last 1 km

▲ Mijia electric scooter | Reference price: 1999 yuan

On December 15th, Xiaomi released an electric scooter on the official website, which is suitable for short-distance travel, bus and subway connection, and the price is 1999 yuan. This is the third travel tool launched by Xiaomi after the No. 9 balance car and electric assisted folding bicycle.

Divided into black and white styles, the overall shape is not much different from other electric scooters on the market, but for the wires that have to be exposed outside the car, Xiaomi uses a big red eye-catching design. This makes these lines less cumbersome and redundant, and a little cool.

The weight of the car is 12.5kg, which can be easily folded in a few seconds. When you need it, the pressure to take two steps is not too big. However, there is no drag function after folding, which is slightly regrettable.

▲ Energy recovery

Of course, there are also many highlights, such as the ability to have up to 30 kilometers of battery life, as well as the energy recovery function that converts part of the kinetic energy during driving into electrical energy. The throttle uses a push-and-return design that can be accelerated with a single tap.

In addition, there is a fixed-speed cruise function. The signal of the vehicle speed sensor is used to determine the appropriate speed. The vehicle will automatically start the intelligent riding mode at this speed, which can reduce the fatigue of the driver's hand. At the same time, driving at a constant speed is also more energy efficient.

The maximum speed is up to 25km/h, and it also has excellent braking ability: the front and rear double brake system shortens the braking distance to 4 meters, and is equipped with E-ABS anti-lock braking system to make the brakes more stable and safe. .

This scooter can also be connected to a mobile phone to view the current riding speed, remaining battery, etc. in real time on the corresponding app. The scooter can also be upgraded via a mobile phone.

❹ AirPods: Long-awaited

▲ Apple / Apple AirPods wireless headset | Reference Price: 1288 yuan

For the AirPods wireless headset that was released in September, I believe that everyone has already been screened by it. But whether it is to vomit or express love, it is on paper, because this headset has not been sold.

In the past few days, Apple quietly placed AirPods headphones on the official website, and the fruit powders that have been hand-picked must have been placed. Even with the price of 1288 yuan, AirPods is still hot, the current delivery time has been extended to 6 weeks.

According to the news from the Internet, the AirPods headset supports a single purchase. If you accidentally lose one, you can buy it for $69.

❺ Adidas 3D Runner: precise comfort

▲ adidas 3D Runner | Reference Price: $333

During the Rio Olympics this year, Adidas presented some newly developed 3D printed running shoes to some of their signing athletes. The first person to receive shoes was New Zealand women's rugby player Tyla Nathan-Wong, who won The silver medal for your own sports.

On December 15th, the shoe was finally mass-produced and released, and the name of the shoe was changed from Futurecraft 3D to 3D Runner.

Specifically, 3D printing technology is applied to the hollow sole and heel bracket sections, and the upper is still the classic Primeknit fabric look. Therefore, this shoe is not only fashionable, but also the soles that are accurately manufactured by calculations make the shoes more fit and lighter.

The interlayer of the sole is also made of 3D printing technology, which is a mesh structure, which requires a region with higher strength support and a denser mesh.

The shoe is priced at $333 and is currently only available in New York, London and Tokyo, and needs to be registered and booked on the Adidas Confirmed App before it can be purchased. I have to wait any longer in China.

宜 IKEA PS armchair: I also play 3D printing

▲ IKEA/IKEA 2017 PS Series Armchair | Reference Price: £125

In addition to Adi, there are 3D prints, and there are IKEA people who like to see and hear.

IKEA used 3D printing technology on the PS series armchairs this time. Using a computer-controlled 3D printing weaving machine, we directly weave fabrics of a specific shape, color, size and density, and a complete seat on a steel frame. Precise molding control technology allows this chair to better support the buttocks and back.

Available in grey and fuchsia, this armchair is part of the IKEA 2017 PS Collection and will be officially sold in 2017 for £125.

❼ NARS 腮 Red plate: This plate is enough in winter

▲ NARS NARSissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette | Reference Price: $59

NARS recently launched two NARSissist Unfiltered series of blush disks.

Each has 6 colors, some with a pearl effect and some with a matte effect. Five of them are limited edition colors, and one is the classic color of NARS.

You can choose these two blush trays according to your skin color. You can use one color alone or superimposed on the makeup - it depends on your mood and creativity.

❽ Mod-3 mobile phone case: carry the minimalist to the end

▲ Mod-3 RADIUS phone case | Reference price: 79.99-89.99 USD

Speaking of the iPhone case, Mod-3, if you say that you are the second to be simple, I am afraid that no one dares to call the first.

The classic X-shaped mobile phone case is fashionable, simple and atmospheric, and has also been favored by many stars.

▲ Mod-3 Alt Phone Case | Reference Price: 79.99-89.99 USD

Mod-3 recently introduced a new version of the RADIUS phone case and Alt phone case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The new phone case uses a high-strength but relatively soft-touch polymer material that makes the phone case lighter and better protects the phone.

The center of the Alt phone case is a magnetic piece that, in conjunction with the Mod-3's on-board base or wall mount, makes the iPhone easy to use in the car, at home, and in the office.

❾ Honeywell Heater: Small and efficient

▲ Honeywell/Honeywell Ceramic Heater | Reference Price: 245 RMB

Everyone knows that Honeywell may be because of his home air purifier. In fact, Honeywell also has other household products, such as humidifiers and heaters.

Recently, Honeywell has released a small, simple-looking ceramic heater. This heater has a heating power of 1500W and is suitable for quick heating in small rooms. There are a variety of heating modes, you can choose to warm the entire room, heat the floor, or just warm yourself.

Support for timed shutdown, and a 2 hour transition period allows the room temperature to gradually decrease. There is a special silent mode, suitable for use at night breaks.

In terms of safety, the outer casing is made of refractory material, the machine has an overheat protection mechanism, and if the heater is accidentally dumped, it will automatically shut down.

Now I can buy this heater from Amazon. The price is around RMB 245, and the shipping and taxes are around RMB 96.

❿ Ke Yan's Pet Series: Let the dog use better than you?

If you have a cute pet, you can pay attention to the three new pet-specific cleaning products that Ke Yan's newly introduced.

This range of products was developed in collaboration with professional pet groomers, including pet hair cleansing sprays, body washes and supple milk.

▲ Ke Yan's pet hair cleaning spray | Reference price: 150 yuan / 237mL

The hair cleansing spray is a no-clean product, which can remove the odor of the pet and solve the problem that the cat and the dog do not like to take a bath.

▲ Ke Yan's pet hair shower gel | Reference price: 180 yuan / 355mL

The formula of the shower gel is mild, which can effectively remove the dirt on the pet.

Soft milk adds chamomile extract and palm oil to make your pet's hair smoother and feel better.

▲ Ke Yan's pet hair softening milk | Reference price: 180 yuan / 355mL

Guess, will your cats/dogs like them? Will you buy it for your pet?

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