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If you are King GM: How to end the season of 12 seasons?


Foreword: Since the offseason, the main reinforcement operations of all teams have been basically completed, and most of them have entered a stage of running-in and recovery training. Also before the start of the season, do a look-ahead series of 30 teams to warm up for the new season. (This article is original, for Sina NBA draft)

Last season's Kings ended with a record of 27 wins and 55 losses. Despite the rarity of the record, the good luck of the lottery draws the Kings to the top of the list and picks up the future star Bagley from Duke. Plus last year's No. 5 show Fox, rookie MVP Bogdanovic, and a group of demons on the bench, this potential reserve can be said to be quite attractive, if these players can realize their potential, then the Kings The future development prospects are considerable.

Of course, the premise is that management does not continue to make something ridiculous.


Sign less people, sign people

I originally thought that the management of the league's bottom line had the Nets, Magic, and Kings, but now it seems that the Nets, where Max is sitting, has to exclude this queue. A good decision-maker has a huge bonus to the team. For example, Ujeri’s construction of the Raptors, the Celtics under Anji, and the Warriors’ dynasty created by Miles are all referenced. Positive example.

But the same, the management's operation can also make the team into a dilemma, just like the Nets spent several seasons to solve the historical problems and re-enter the direction of team building.

For the king, Divac is far from being a wise manager. The king under his management has not been able to get rid of the level of the bottom team - overdraft future draft picks, give premium contracts, hoard a large number of players in the same position, are the "works" that Divac handed over to the king.

However, Divac's tuition fees are not in vain , at least from this offseason, the king is not as quick and ridiculous as before. Although Zach Lavin and Jabari Parker were still pursued in the free agent market, in the end, they only raised the price, and did not make the already crowded lineup become the subway entrance and exit of the morning and evening peaks.

Although there are still operations like the three-year 20 million signing of Licha, it is actually innocuous. It is an improvement to give a big contract that affects the team. In contrast, the two premium contracts for George Hill and Randolph last season were simply confusing.

In fact, the king's progress in the operation of the team seems to be related to the assignment of the position - last season, Divac hired Brandon Williams as an assistant, and he is also the deputy of Divac, responsible for helping Divac handles most of the day-to-day affairs; while another assistant, Catanella is focused on basketball, the signing of the free agent market and the strategic development of the team.

If Divac is gradually devolving power and allowing the aides to gain more freedom in their operations, this seems to be in line with the logic of the Kings' progress in their operations. Of course, it is not denied that this is the rise of Divac after eating various lessons, but there has been such an evaluation of Divac in the workshop--"It is said that any GM needs to understand something that does not understand", it seems that Di Watts needs more experience packages to become a truly powerful decision maker.


Continue to pay for Divac

The king of the new season has plenty of potential reserves, but the potential does not mean that it is stable, that is, the combat power. If you want to win, it is too immature to see the king's current lineup.

Obviously, giving the potential players more freedom and trial and error opportunities, let the players feel like they are winning and winning around Fox and Bagley in the exercise and growth. This is also the new season plan that fits the King's ideas.

But what is embarrassing is that the King of the new season can't implement such a plan. They also need to pay for Divac 's behavior of overdrafting the team's resources in 2015. At that time, Divac was trying to clear the premium contract within the team. Use Stovaskas to trade with the 76ers in the first round of 2017 and 2019. Then, the two draft picks went through the trade to the Celtics, the King’s 2017 draft pick was converted to Tatum by the Celtics, and the other first round was if the King The pick this season is better than the 76ers, so the King will hand over the pick to the Celtics, but if it is the No. 1 pick, it is 76.

So, no matter what the Kings play in the new season, their draft picks are for other teams.

As a result, the King of the new season has no reason to continue to rot, and this is also the motivation to force the team to start winning. Although winning is the ultimate goal, it is not a bumper harvest, but a seedling. If the King wants to win in the new season, then their fault-tolerant space will inevitably decrease. As a result, Joel, who has a record requirement, will be scrupulous when using people, thus using a veteran with better execution. Obviously it is not good for the potential stocks of the king.

The opportunity to play is on the one hand, on the other hand, there is the locker room atmosphere, and the impact of winning pressure on the spiritual attributes of young players. Giels, who took the season's injury, is an example. After a big injury, Giles needs more trial and error opportunities. He is familiar with the NBA-level confrontation intensity in the game and gains confidence through positive game contributions. . But if the King of the new season can't give Giles ample rotation time, then this is also a question of his ability to some extent, which is also adding a layer of psychological burden to him.

Another point to understand is that although the Nets had a similar dilemma last season, the Eastern Conference’s competitive pressure in the East was less than that in the West. Under this premise, the Nets sent an eight for the Cavaliers. The first round of the number. So, how many wins can the King win in the West?

So, another dilemma that the Kings might have in the new season is that even with the better-executing veterans, the Kings may not be able to get too high a ranking, and then wasted potential stocks for a season and returned to Kyle. The special person sent a high-order pick.

In this case, it is better to focus on training new people than to be bothering on both sides. Compared to the potential stocks hanging out, the Celtics who have no direct competition with the Kings have a much higher impact on the team.

So, if the king does not become a pedestrian West, their first task is how to build around Fox and Bagley applicable, consistent team system, while allowing potential shares have a reasonable manner through mutual competition, a team potential, in The option to lay out the lineup puzzles at the beginning of the team - Bogdanovic, Hilde, Giles, Cowley Stein, Justin Jackson, Frank Mason, Rabbisier are all good The potential; of course, it would not be surprising if Bogdanovic played the core of the backcourt.

The King has a large number of outstanding potential players, but the same, how to assign roles and rotation time to these small beets, Jogel needs a clear and clear idea, they did not do well in this regard last season.

In the backcourt rotation, Fox and Bogdanovic are not too suspense as the main force, they will be the main offensive organizers of the team, and the Kings have no players who overlap with the two players, so the two players will have a new season. The team positioning and rotation time should be sufficient and stable. And in some respects, Bogdanovic is more comprehensive in terms of dominating the ball than Fox. If the king can take advantage of his combo guards, it will be the king's treasure.

Frank Mason needs to compete with the newly joined, similar Ferrer, a substitute position. From the point of view of the combat power, Mason's attack power is no more than Ferrer, and it is mature in the control field. A lot of stability. In terms of potential, Mason is the more worthy of the King, and is used as the sixth man of the team, similar to the Celtics Rozil.

But from the rotation of last season, Hilde is the sixth person in the team. Although in the Cousins ​​deal, Hilde was seen by the top as a "small Curry" potential, but with the Kings' current lineup configuration, there is a dual-energy Bogdanovic, and small When Mason also has the ability to play the ball, Hilde's development towards a more pure scorer and pitcher is more conducive to his thinking.

First, Hilde is efficient as a pitcher -- last season's regular season, Hilde ranked fourth in the field with more than five 3-pointers per game. Moreover, the three-point shot in the dribble state also reached a hit rate of 34.7%.

The shooting ability of the Kings' backcourt and flank is not outstanding. This is the unique competitiveness that Hilde has, and the competitiveness is the basis for the players to get the opportunity to play. For example, Clay simplified the attack after the arrival of Durant. Playing, focusing on 3D, Clay is still the indispensable core of the team.

If Hilde can maintain such a style of play and then improve, it will not only be good for personal development, but also provide more possibilities for the team's tactical arrangement. Therefore, Hilde's pitcher positioning is the correct idea, and the correct thinking is also the foundation of the team's construction. And this is what the King has always lacked. Conversely, the King of the new season should try to avoid mistakes in his mind --for example, Divac once said that he wants Bagley to try to play the 3 position.

The most suitable location for Bagley is the 4th and 5th positions. But in terms of the King's lineup, Cowley Stein's comprehensiveness is more suitable for the position of the top to the fifth position to play the scavenger, with Bagley, to help him deal with some details.

The most attractive part of Bagley is the harmony of his skills, body and consciousness. It is also the biggest highlight of my opinion as a rookie. In fact, Bagley fills in the vacancies in the Kings' starting lineup. Fox and Bogdanovic are not the players who scored as the director, and scoring ability is the core competitiveness of Bagley - his freshman season. The goals of the sports battle and the field goal percentage are the first in the ACC league. Coupled with his outstanding athleticism, he has the ability to rush on the offensive end. Bagley, who scored 132 offensive rebounds throughout the season, is also the frontcourt rebounder of the ACC League.

Some media believe that "the King has two best rookie competitors in the new season" - Giles and Bagley, but my opinion is somewhat different. I personally think that Bagley will not have too much in this award. Competitiveness. Ayton, even Sexton's data will be more visually impactful. However, I think Bagley's stability will be higher than most lottery rookies, and his eating attributes can make his data look efficient.

If Bagley wants to compete for the best rookie, then two points are more crucial: First, what kind of tacit understanding he and the two ball-handers can play, whether Fox and Bogdanovic can form a "feeder" with him. The unique chemical reaction with the "cake maker"; the second is whether his defense can improve.

Although the defense is a shortcoming of Bagley, he is not the basic condition for not being defensive, but his lack of concentration and enthusiasm on the defensive end. How to mobilize Bagley's attitude on the defensive end is a question that the Kings coaching team needs to consider. However, the King did not need Bagley to immediately become a defensive darling, so the King seems to let Cowley Stein play the role of Wendell Carter.

Also, back to Divac's question about letting Bagley play the 3 position, I actually think he has a flank attribute - his three-point field goal percentage is also 39.7%, which is why I think He is like Chris Bosh for the reason of Stoudemire. But in the same way, Bagley is still the inner frame and the inner line. The 4th and 5th positions are the ones that maximize his role. If Bagley changes to the 3rd position because of the rotation of the lineup, Then obviously it is the practice of putting the cart before the horse.

In the case of Bagley, the king did not need Randolph to start the game. And there are Giles, Rabisier, and Belica on the bench, so there is no need to let Randolph take the rotation time.

So, is it better to use the transaction value of the Randolph expiring contract before the trading day ? In the same way, the same is true for the expiring contracts of Shumpert and Kufus. Whether it is to change the draft pick, or to package the potential stocks in the team to go up trading, the king can consider.

How to make the best use of existing resources and build a foundation for team building is a topic that the Kings need to learn, especially in the absence of a precious first-round pick in the new season. For example, for this starting point, the King can play him. The penultimate advantage of the league's total salary is to collect valuable first-round picks when eating some bad contracts that do not affect the team's development.



Is the king a bad team?

From the record point of view, it seems that this is the case - they have not entered the playoffs for 12 consecutive seasons .

At the same time as the rotten, this team seems to be a rookie black hole. From 2007 to the King's lottery rookie in 2014, only one Cousins ​​was actually played. Other lottery shows, Hawes, Thompson, Fredette, Thomas Robinson, McLemore, and Stauskas, all failed to meet expectations.

It was a waste of a high-scoring sign, which is why many people think that the king's decay is horrendous .

The King chose such a lottery show and only played one Cousins. If you add a second-round show, Isaiah Thomas, you can find the commonality of the two - they all have Being confident by others. And this seems to lead to a question. Is the fall of these lottery shows related to the king's locker room atmosphere?

Here you can cite a discussion about the discussion of King's locker room by Kings broadcaster Grant Napear and ESPN expert Jay Bilas. Jay Bilas mentioned - "The Kings have a record of 59 wins and 155 losses in the past two seasons. They have not made the playoffs for 12 consecutive seasons. On average, they have lost more than 50 games per season. There is no winning culture, locker room. There is no winner atmosphere."

This kind of environment is obviously not friendly to any player, especially rookie players who have just entered the league and need to establish values. As a young player-based team, there must be a veteran to let these players know how to face the underestimation of the team, how to persist in training in the face of adversity, and obey the coach.

So, letting away Temple and Carter may be a problem.

Of course, this team is also making progress. As Grant Napear said - "Fox is not in a bad locker room atmosphere, and now the King's locker room atmosphere is the best in the 21st century . "

But again, there may be cited once again the words of Jay Bilas - "may now be the king of the atmosphere is better than before, but still not good enough" .

"It is still not good enough", this is the problem of the king now. However, they can't make a splash because of this. If they give a series of premium contracts in the free agent market, then this team will have to waste the positive attitude that has just been established.

What the king needs to do now is to wait for the growth of potential stocks under the premise of making fewer mistakes, even without making mistakes, to establish a good atmosphere for winning, to maintain a good locker room environment, to enter the free agent market when the time is right, to use them. Ample salary space attracts high-level players.

The stars in the free agent market of 2019, 2020, and 2021 are all options that the king can try. But high-level players naturally have a market, and Sacramento is not a city that is popular with free agents, it is relatively remote, and California's taxes are also high. In fact, this is also a "difficult road" for Sacramento .

Bagley, Fox, Bogdanovic have just started to implement the rookie contract, the king also has the second lowest salary space in the league, which is their advantage, if these three cores can lead the team in the rookie contract The level of the playoffs level will be further demonstrated by the role of these rookie contracts in balancing the salary space. This is also the basis for the formation of the super team, the Warriors and the Celtics have already shown to the league.

Compared with the eagle and the Nets, which are both bad teams, the King’s potential reserves are enough, and there is already a clear core of the team. But their shortcoming is that compared to the Hawks and the Nets, the management of the Kings with Divac is inferior to the construction team.

However, as I said before, the current king is better than before. Then, to maintain such a refreshing state and avoid stupid big contracts and transactions, the new king is still more anticipated than before.

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