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Higashino Keigo, "Relief of the Virgin"


This should be the work of my last look at Higashino Keigo. Whenever the book is out of the way, I will skip the list and see the name. First, because I am not interested in the "Saints", I have heard about the contents in many book reviews. If so, why bother to see it.

Coincidentally, the old tower that I like in Himalaya, the work of Higashino Keigo he read is somehow removed. I can only listen to this one. It doesn’t matter if I listen to it. The right to pass the time, I was like this. want.

Until I heard the prologue

Obviously a pair of happy men and women, the subconscious mind told me that it may have been. Just a few words of the phrase, just as listeners, can also feel their respective personality charm. Then, next, is Higashino Keigo telling me that there is a dirty past under the beautiful appearance, and I have some resistance.

Sure enough, extramarital affairs...

And even the murderer I know, it is the wife who is betrayed. I remembered the story in "Who Killed Her", and remembered the heroine who was the darling of the time, the actor who was heart-wrenching and heart-wrenching, and the feeling of the so-called "beauty". This feeling is not very good.

I found that in the world of Higashino Keigo, there is no happy marriage life, only the excessively enlarged human sexual desire. Perhaps I still have a little yearning for the good, and I am so reluctant to continue listening to it with a feeling of resistance and rebellion.

However, the situation improved when the grasshopper police officer appeared on the scene.

"When I want to die, I will die at any time." I laughed at this classic time. When I was suspected, I really liked the police officer set up by this stupid white sweet, and I really didn't let me down.

When I got to the back, I was very convinced that Higashino Keigo, he arranged that the grasshopper liked the sound of the real firewood, so that the police officer who was very appreciative of the female assistant before, because of his doubts about the voice, tit for tat, like all falling in love. The same as a stupid man. The reader's perspective of God, I am full of sympathy for him. The previous love made me secretly hope not to let him end up hurting, even though I know that this possibility is very small.

A noble, elegant woman, the whole article does not have a specific description of her appearance, but can compare another woman written by Higashino Keigo before this - Ruoshan Hongmei

At this time, the attitude of the grasshopper is very general, he immediately began to question the "skinny" woman.

The next day, when he saw the sound of real firewood at the airport, his attitude was like this.

The textbook version fell in love at first sight.

He never thought about going to suspect this woman. When she handled the case, she went to water her. She also bought a big watering can and replaced the simple water bottle that she had made before the voice. At that time,

Also because this idea is complacent, never thought about it, it is this move that helped him to smash this perfect crime in the end, and also smashed his love.

But is this love?

Whether it is the grasshopper's voice, or the voice of the righteous filial piety, strong self-pressing the heart, desperately beautify the person in the imagination. Once disappointed, the whole world will collapse.

Doesn't the voice know the filth of Yixiao to Runzi? She knows that Hongmei used selfishness to describe herself in the days when she recalled her degeneration and filial piety. This is not the voice of the time. Because of the feelings of righteous filial piety, she is desperately trying not to look at the heart of her friends until she slowly alienates, she is obviously such a clever woman. So, when she put the arsenic in the water purifier, I can understand her mood. I am desperate for a good result. If I can't do what I want, then I would rather die. The so-called redemption has not been successful until the end. The voice did not get rid of the obsession with righteous filial piety, nor did he retain the man who did not love him at all.

Finally, the grasshopper stood in front of her door and everything was over.

I knew from the beginning that although there was resistance and unhappiness at the beginning of the story. It seems to be the revenge of a wife who loves her husband but is betrayed. No matter how deep the affection can't change. But in the end, Higashino Keigo will tell you all the causal cycles.

But now, my heart is still not happy.

Perhaps it is not enough age, I hate the indifference of Zhen Chai and Yi Xiao to feelings. I hate the refusal of Ruoshan’s grand beauty, and I hate the pretense of my voice. I don’t know how to make it.

But I also sadly predicted that I might make such a choice in the future.


Forgot where you used to see it, never test humanity.

Maybe I have a thousand choices, a thousand, etc., and so on is just a lesson, and I may, of course, not repent.