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Is the man a "father" or a "mother"?


I believe that many people have such a kind of men around them. They generally think that men should be a little bit of a man. They are very contemptuous of the "mother-gun" males, their serious mother-guns, those who usually love to be clean, work carefully, carefully, and consider carefully. They think that such people are not like men, not "fathers."

So what is the man?

Shaving the bones, this is the man. It’s a man’s salary. The word of the man, from the beginning, refers to the masculinity, the unconstrained person for the big event. Howl is it a bark? It’s not that men’s people don’t talk about hygiene, don’t do housework, and don’t pay attention to personal instruments. The informality refers to the integrity of the festival, not to the habits of life.

Many men advertise themselves as grandfathers, in order to make their living habits harsh, rough in character, no way to find a way out of culture, often "this kind of thing is not what our husbands should do" hanging on the lips, will be troublesome things Trivial things, boring things are thrown to others to do, this is now the "fathers."

So what is the mother gun?

The mother gun is the opposite of the modern man. In the eyes of those men, those who do things carefully, have good habits, love clean, have a gentlemanly manner, and always think of others around them become a gun. In the mouth of the men, the mother guns are not like men. So what should a man be like? Should men be vulgar, barbaric, and dirty? What kind of retrogression will make men in contemporary society have such a definition for the men?

The movie "Ace Special Agent" is a very good interpretation of what kind of man is the man. In one scene, I clearly remember that in the pub, Harry was laughed at by a group of drunkards and said that he was like a gun, so he took the lesson and told them to know what was the man. This is a very good example. A group of drunkards, drinking and screaming all day, flaunting themselves as grandfathers, and the gentlemen in suits and sorrows become a mother-in-law in their eyes. This is jealousy.

There is such a story.

It is a teenager, because it is considered that the temperament is too "feminine", since the beginning of junior high school has been subject to school bullying, male students always take off his pants on the grounds of "identify the body", so he never dared to go after class. WC. The road from the classroom to the toilet accumulates all his fears. Ye Yongzhi was forced to use the toilet in four ways: to take classes a few minutes earlier, to find a good male student, to use the female toilet after the bell, and to use the staff toilet. In 2000, he took time off the toilet 5 minutes before class, and was found in a pool of blood. When he was sent to the emergency room, the blood in his nose and mouth continued to surge and could not be stopped. The school did not report the case. The blood of the toilet was washed away directly. After Ye Yongzhi’s case was decided, the school not only did not make any compensation, but said that he had no responsibility. He lied that he had heart disease and that he had sealed his mother.

Bullying, discrimination, appear in schools that should cultivate children's three views. What kind of education is missing?

We are born to be human beings. We should not be as bullish as wild beasts. We are born to be human beings. We should understand others, understand others, and help others, instead of building our own happiness on the suffering of others. In fact, "fathers" and "mothers" are false propositions. These are relatively speaking, and they cannot be used to label others, and they cannot be used to ridicule and discriminate against others.

Everyone is an individual and has differences. The so-called existence is reasonable and there is no right or wrong.