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Civilization - some inevitable conflicts and development


It has taken a lot of time to play civilized games recently. This game does have some kind of fun to build. I will talk about some experiences in combination with some books I have seen before:

1. The most important country in the primitive accumulation stage is land and population. The so-called geographical determinism, the country born on the sea will naturally want to develop navigation; in the early hinterland countries, the various surrounding farmland, livestock, and countries with rare resources are bound to get better; the countries with the most important traffic are more vulnerable. .

2. Land is most important under the same technical conditions, so looting and war are inevitable. The countries in the original state are a bit like the "dark forest" rule in the three bodies. To deal with another civilization, we must be prepared.

3. Whether there is a swap or not, the overall business is improving.

4. Religion has its instinctive instinct since its birth, so the contradiction between Christianity and Islam in the world is irreconcilable.

5. Once the technology is leading and the military is leading, there will inevitably be an impulse to invade neighboring countries. Far from close to attack, the ancients will remain unchanged.

6. The development of civilization to the later stage, especially the cost of a full-scale war between major powers is very high. Therefore, as long as the military is equal between the major powers, it is difficult to have a full-scale conflict.

7. Culture and tourism are a pleasure in the Civilization series, but this is from the perspective of Westerners.

8. The stupidity of the "Civilization" series of games is that there is no bottleneck in the development of science and technology in every country, but the biggest difference in the real world lies in the fact that developed countries can surpass developing countries and even in some areas Locked up. In the real world, once science and technology open the gap, it will always be at a disadvantage.

The above is just some thoughts, the game is a good game, but it can only be a game. The contest of various forces in the real world is far more than that.