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The domestic drama "Deep Night Canteen", a slap in the face. . .

Telling the truth, remake the Japanese TV drama, and shoot a dead one. Each nation has values ​​that have been passed down for thousands of years. Most of the values ​​are reflected in literature, painting, and costumes, including the current film and television works. The three views reflected in the Japanese drama are inconsistent with our inherent three views. Film and television workers must be treated rationally, but in contrast, China’s film and television companies, regardless of the three or seventy-one, have been forced to use it directly. More money, but also more, is to tell you that "I bought money for Laozi, and plagiarized to give me a death." It can be said that hooliganism is not terrible, and it is afraid that there will be money and culture. This remake of the "Deep Night Canteen" is a good place to go to the restaurant, the restaurant setting of the izakaya, the style of the boss and the cooking style of the Japanese version, and the supporting role of the localization of brain damage, especially the "cooking, cooking" You can't say "eat a leek, make a leek", and feel that the word "cooking" is extremely tall and has the same thing. You have to say that the current domestic film and television works are not as good as those of Europe and the United States, not as Japan and South Korea. Now it is not as good as India. We recognize that after all, the domestic film and television is in the middle of it, but your drama is called "Deep Night Canteen", which has "Canteen". The word refers to the "eat" that the Chinese people care most about. Then we have to talk to the product side and say a word. "The food and restaurant style of this drama are not grounded, and completely out of the current Chinese society." Buying copyright, it is only to reflect the respect of the "rights" of the product, and then you must make a second creation of the theme, telling the truth, if I am the main creative, I will directly put the "late night canteen" The name of the play has been changed, because directly applying the original title is too deceptive and will mislead the Japanese version of the fans (taking this into consideration, I think the producer is deliberate), which led to a series of social platform discussions. With the topic, with the flow, the producer is earning, how to shoot, how the actors perform.

Let's go back to the episode itself. Since only four episodes have been broadcast, you have to be too embarrassed. Some people will definitely retort "it is forced to force it when it is not finished, black and black", yeah, it is indeed broadcast. Four episodes, it’s really bad, but domestic film and television works have a magical power, that is, “you don’t have to look at it to know that it’s bad, let alone endure the first few episodes”. Huang Lei is the only protagonist. From the knife on his face, he can see that he is a storyteller. He plays very lightly. It makes me overlook the fact that he has nothing but cooking. What else? Perhaps, he strives to express this kind of "lightness", a feeling that "I have a story, but Laozi only does not say when cooking." Many Japanese TV dramas are very indifferent. They also deliberately avoid "drama conflicts". They like the Japanese TV dramas. They can be said that this is a domestic drama. If there is no conflict, you will deliberately pretend to tell the story. Then what do you think of you? It is better to revisit the Japanese version. From the first protagonist, we can see the failure of the adaptation, which is not in line with the Chinese audience’s habit of watching the domestic drama. Huang Lei’s people who have been shaping the “good husband, good father, double business” in recent years are really set up. Too disappointing me. In my previous impressions, "He can be a gentle and fluent Xu Zhimo, he can be a singer and a singer, but also a sneak peek in "Farewell My Concubine", but now he is too To manage and maintain the existing people, forget that he is a teacher who teaches and educates people, and forgets that he was the most actor in the country. Huang Lei is really a pity. . . Of course, in this drama, all the characters who come to the star of the guest are the people who have the story, but I don’t want to hear your story when I look at the so-called “cooking” that is not in the middle of the day. I didn’t want to play a strong show, and I want to fan you a few big mouths, especially the three “leftover women” who tried to get rid of the singles in the first two episodes. Go home to sleep, don't fuck in the middle of the night, eat instant noodles late at night, you are not afraid of fat into pigs, but also his mother missed the skin regeneration time, people are old and yellow, no one wants. . . Who is in the third and fourth episodes, who feels that they are different, feel that they have acting skills, and that the scriptwriter has given them a role that suits them, and they just went to the hotel to install and pretend that your story is really touching and finished. Let the rice roll, the boss has to wash the dishes and wipe the table.
At the same time, the current advertising of domestic dramas is shameless, and the appearance of the gold can not satisfy the appetite of the gold master, but also how to pretend to be a science popularization, even if you say that it is healthy and delicious, I only remember the doctor said The phrase "excessive intake of pickled foods, easy to cause cancer." Also, cola has been drunk, causing loose teeth, loose bones, and obesity. Domestic drama has become a platform for all kinds of advertisements to enter, not to mention fashion dramas, costume dramas can give you a shameless mask advertisement. Too much impact on the viewing experience, garbage, slag. Japanese TV lovers know that it is extremely rare to insert advertisements in Japanese TV dramas. Because at the beginning or at the end, the name of the advertiser will be broadcast, that is, the propaganda will be promoted to the owner, and the viewer’s viewing experience will not be affected. It is worth learning. what! ! !