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The vision determines the scenery you see


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Ten years ago, I graduated from college and thought that it was an opportunity to decide the fate of life. Later, I found out that it is not an opportunity to decide a person, but an eye-seeing after seeing the world.

At that time, I had a colleague Xiaoying, who was handsome and worked hard, but she didn't look at it.

One year later, I entered a listed company in Hong Kong and married a good Hong Kong husband. Many people suspect that she must be a good person or a good luck.

Later I learned that they met in a trip to Europe, when everyone was rushing into the Louvre, but they both wanted to take the same angle to shoot the sunset.

The two men smiled and agreed to dinner. The more they talked, the more speculative they were, the more they found the place they wanted to go, and they came together.

Many people think that there will be no such stories in the city. But in fact, behind many coincidences in life, it is not just accidental.

At that time, I also asked her, so she fell in love at first sight. She smiled and said a story. In the later journey, the car he rented broke down. They could only stop at the roadside and wait for rescue.

For four or five hours, they talked about the most embarrassing events they encountered during their trips, and they felt that it was really not bad.

Shortly after returning, he expressed her willingness to propose marriage, because he always remembered the laughter of that night, and felt that even the future would be very bitter, because it would be less painful for her.

What is the eye, that is, some people like to squeeze in the crowd to grab the discount, and some people only choose the one that they want to buy.

In the eyes, some people believe that this is really unlucky, and some people can talk and laugh.

I have seen a story online before, saying that a swimmer crossed the English Channel twice, but failed for the second time.

The reason is that when the second time is not far from the destination, it is foggy. He can't see the destination. The result is more and more panic, and he gives up when he has no bottom.

If he knows that the destination is not far away, he will definitely stick to it. No matter what he does, it is very important in his heart. The other side is the heaven and the earth. If you have seen the heavens and the earth, you can make a person know what you are.

The vision will determine the scenery you can see.

Ma Dong said that our life often overlooks a river because we saw a boat. When we first entered the society, we often heard people complaining, complaining about the false and ugly of the world, complaining that this society has no poetry and distance.

Because we have never seen the Northern Lights, and we don’t know the spectacular volcano of Kilauea. I don’t know if it’s just because I can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Not without scenery, just not high enough.

People need to live at a comparative level. If it is not found that the meat is cooked, it is delicious. Until now we are still barbarians.

Because Xiaoying had known the Louvre, he did not rush to line up and encountered something worse than the car breakdown, so he was not flustered because they had a common vision and they met under the same sunset.

Because they have a common vision, let them identify each other in a bad incident.

Wang Jiawei said that people's life is to see the world, see all beings, and see their own process.

I have seen the world with an eye, but there is not enough vision. Only by understanding the suffering of all beings can you understand your sweetness.

Just as many people did not expect Xiaoying to marry in Hong Kong, he still had a happy marriage and soon had his own circle of friends. They will not even know that some people are indeed people who are favored by God.

Because their "eyes are low" - the eye is high, but the hand is very low.


Once, Xiaoying accompanied Mr. to travel, accompanied by Mr.'s customers and their wives.

In a luxury store, there is a Mrs. Lin in the wife group who wants to buy a limited-edition bag. However, Mr. thinks that the style is similar and the price is so expensive.

She stood next to her and said with a smile: It is too hard to raise two children. You really deserve the best. The gentleman heard this sentence and said nothing, paying for the card.

Another wife arguing for the difference of several hundred yuan in front of the counter, everyone felt shameful, only Xiaoying helped to counter-offer.

Later, I asked her why she didn't say it, after all, it affected her mood.

She smiled. I know that the mood is the most important, but I also know that the "career" is a full-time housewife. I spend a whole day with the rice and oil. In her eyes, a few hundred yuan is not a trivial matter. I can understand her.

This journey, only her, bought a camera and lens with the money to buy two bags.

The ladies were shocked and secretly said to her: "Are you stupid? What is the use of a camera? Of course, you should buy bags and cosmetics." She did not explain.

I praised her: "Your emotional intelligence is too high."

She said: "Going to many places, I found that the world is full of people and things that you can't understand, but full of incredible goodwill and goodness.

I didn't deliberately please anyone, but I really felt that everyone was not easy.

Of course, she also knows that her colleagues in the past have said what she is behind. Of course, she also knows that when she first went to Hong Kong, her friends didn't like her and said she was a foreign girl.

This is what is happening every day in different parts of the world.

Must be married before the age of 30, must have a child when married... These sentient beings have been quantified by society as a standard.

Parents can't accept their children's choices. They can't understand why they don't want to get married or want to have children. That's because they haven't seen the world. I don't know. There are many such women in this world who are living for themselves. It is not bad to live.

Everyone is accustomed to using their own perspective to evaluate everything. Everything must be right or wrong, and argue right or wrong.

What can be right, what is wrong? Like to buy a camera, it is no better than buying a bag, but the angle of each station is different.

This is the "high-handedness" that has been brought to people after seeing all beings. People should spread their hands and don't be busy accusing them, so that they can stand up to God's preference.

Life is like a journey, leaving only fellow travelers.

Some people can only walk with you for a while, don't blame them, because they choose to go to different places and be attracted by different goals.

What is left in the end is only those who have the same vision and can go on the road together.

There will be fewer and fewer left, and the rest will become more and more important. You have seen the heavens and the earth, seen all beings, and started to see yourself.

I understand more and more what I want, including life and the other half. In the final analysis, let one understand: Don't expect others to understand you. The only thing you need to understand is what kind of life you have thought about.

When you think clearly, after making your decision, your life will be different.

For example, Xiaoying, such as countless girls like Xiaoying, who are better than most people, because their eyes are wider and wider, they find that many things can be put down and abandoned.

A work like a chicken rib, some irritating words, inexplicable gossip, inexplicable incomprehension and accusation are not big things, and can't stop them from moving towards a better life and a better self.

Some of them went to volunteers, some went to Europe by car, and some took pictures of animals in Africa. In addition to the ABCD cups, they also had different brains and feet that walked different paths.

So their husband often receives envy from friends: How can you find such a temperamental and interesting wife.

In fact, they are not so different. They just walked more ways than others, met more scenery, met the heavens and the earth, passed through the sentient beings, and finally decided what they wanted to be.

I have been impressed by knowing that there is a problem. What has been seen in the big world?

Will pay attention to, can be, can enjoy the best, can also withstand the worst, they have seen the world will naturally dissipate a different temperament in the crowd, gentle but powerful, humble but connotation.

I lived in a super five-star hotel and slept in the tent in the snow. You can walk through the city gracefully in high heels, and you can walk the world with a few kilograms of camera.

How many roads have passed, how many people have met, and eventually you will see yourself, and you will gradually liberate and indulge yourself. You find that your temperament comes from your heartfelt love for yourself.

You have seen the best, have enjoyed the best, and when you look back, you see the past when you yell at the road: I want to be a better person.

You smiled. You also began to regret a little, why not go to the world earlier, waste so many years, go to tangles, regret, go to tears, it is better to go on the road earlier, there are so many wonderful people in the world, waiting for you to meet .

Q: The vision determines the scenery you see?

~: It’s too important to see a dead person in person. A person who has seen the world has traveled more than others and has seen more scenery before finally deciding what kind of self and what to be. Companion together. Life is like a journey, leaving only fellow travelers.
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