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Women are bitter, these three kinds of men can't marry, they will regret it for a lifetime.


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Original author: Feng brother - emotional psychology, read minds, criminal psychology researcher

There is a saying that "pay is great, and it is the most sincere and beautiful in the world", but the more you pay, the more men are disgusted with you. Why is this?

We are thinking about whether you will cry in love, "How do I cherish a relationship, how to pay for my heart, and how I am willing to give up my family's expectations of my family."

In your spare time, we should reflect on it. In the emotional world, have you lost yourself, maybe everything you want is just a desire in your subconscious, but what you do in real life. Everything is just your wishful thinking.

Therefore, women are suffering again. These three kinds of men can't marry. If you marry, you will regret it for a lifetime.

[01] The feelings are not specific, and the flowers are everywhere.

If a woman encounters such a man, don't say to marry him, that is, love should also be avoided. It is a man who is not specific to his feelings and is surrounded by flowers.

Under normal circumstances, a woman who meets such a man will be blinded by his sweet words and slick tongues, and will fall into the man's well-designed trap. I don't know why, even if others advise her not to fall into it, she will be indifferent, maybe she still accounts. Whether it is more than others.

There are always many setbacks in life. The same is true for love. Only when a woman is deceived by a man can she know how stupid she is, so even if such a man is good again, he can't be handsome.

[02] Everything is loved, and my heart is smaller than the tip of the needle.

We have always said that the woman who is jealous and cares is very annoying, especially the kind of woman who is very strong and has some eyes, but you never think that there will be such a person in the man’s ethnic group. I love to care, my heart is smaller than the tip of the needle.

If a woman really encounters such a man, she must be careful, because if such a man falls in love with him, he will make you feel better than death, because you will never make a point in the emotional life. No, a word and a line with the man yelling all day!

[03] Lazy, temper is super bad, big manism is serious

There is a kind of man, a woman will be very disgusted when listening, that is lazy, temper is super bad, big manism is a serious man, I believe no woman is willing to marry such a man!

As long as a woman is with such a man, the family must be all she has, even if the woman is willing to do this for him, but at the same time as she pays, as a temper, he is slightly careless for all her efforts. It will become a thankless, long time, a girl who was once beautiful and lively, so under his supervision, it becomes a human being, and a ghost is not like a ghost. It is really helpless and pity.

[Feng Ge analysis]

It is really important that women must establish a correct view of love. Love is good for everyone, but good things will be full of temptations, as long as you are slightly careless, you will fall into this bottomless abyss.

Once a woman establishes a correct view of love, she will form self-discipline in the face of love. She will use the standards of her own needs to measure the good and bad of the man in front of her. After finally forming a conclusion, she will guide her to do what?

Every time a woman establishes an emotional relationship with a man, she must have a foundation. As the saying goes, it is necessary to know the roots of marriage. In fact, love is the same. Only you know him well. If you still like him, then Everything that is paid for him is worthwhile and valuable.