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Material professional Xiaoshuo autumn stroke 14 offer history


I have always been a person who likes to summarize, the autumn trick is finally over, write this article to commemorate his career, and hope to help the students who are preparing for a job.

I am an undergraduate of Nanchang Aviation University, a common one, Master Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 211 colleges.

I have always been a person who likes to summarize, the autumn trick is finally over, write this article to commemorate his career, and hope to help the students who are preparing for a job. Now prepare a big paper, the picture has time to add slowly.

I am an undergraduate of Nanchang Aviation University, a common one, Master Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 211 colleges. The article does not have SCI, level 429, only one English international conference paper. Research direction Metal materials surface science and engineering.

A total of 14 offers were received during the entire autumn recruitment period, including 5 of the world's top 500 companies (2 AVIC, Geely, SK, Bosch) and 2 of the world's top 100 enterprises (SK, Bosch). Write in the order in which they were given.

1. Shenzhen Longgang company

I want to think about it in order not to have any impact on their company. I still don't disclose the name of this small company, although my friends around me know it. The offer in June, a very small company in Longgang, Shenzhen, was internship at the time, thinking about taking an offer before the autumn move to protect the bottom, so I saw that this has a less intense recruitment demand, I feel like they More want to have experience. For die-casting aluminum, the total number of companies plus general workers may be less than 100. The position is a material analysis engineer, which is biased towards their quality analysis. During the interview, I asked a lot of questions similar to what I had done with SEM. The interview is mainly about technology. After the end, I told me that the salary is 8,000, and there are more overtime work and no overtime companies. At that time, I told me that I could rent a house in the rented house, and then I could go to work with the car they led to the company (the leader did not buy a house? Also rent a house?)

After the autumn move, I found that the casual family is much better than it.

2. Bosch - BSH

Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH in Nanjing is part of Bosch. It used to be a subsidiary of Bosch and Siemens Group. It is now wholly owned by Bosch. It mainly develops and produces various white goods and small household appliances from Bosch and Siemens brands. Internship company for summer vacation, because I started internship in June, I basically had five days of attendance every week in June and August, and my work was more satisfactory to my superiors. At the meeting, a presentation related to my profession also smothered them. The person with the mechanics background, the expert with me throws an olive branch to me. Later, he learned that he recruited a master's degree from South Polytechnic last year. After graduating, one or two weeks before the date of entry, the student broke the contract and wasted his quota. Then he went to recruit the intern and recruited me. Although the platform is very good, I think the salary is still too low in Nanjing, and the dizziness of the shuttle bus is very irritating every time, so I refused.

The level of modernization is high and there are few people in the workshop. A large production line introduced in Italy.

3. China Aviation Industry Corporation Chengdu Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

From research one to research two, I have always wanted to fly. To this end, China Southern Airlines Chengfei Campus Club was also added. In August, the club had an internal promotion and sent the resume to Chengfei’s predecessors. Later, it was an autumn move, a four-round interview, and then an offer. Since I am a Flying Club, I feel that the interviewer is also taking care of the interview.

Interview interview: The first round of no-lead group discussion, it seems that this year is 2 sets of papers, each set of questions is different. I was lucky enough to be drawn to the question “How to improve the influence of Chengfei’s company on the university campus.” This is exactly what our Chengfei Campus Club has been doing all the time, so I’m sure the problem is not big. Some activities are much more than most students know. Two sides of the human face, three sides of the technical side, in order to improve the speed of my first technical face, the questions asked are not very difficult, are related to the subject, and then asked me to publish the paper, I ... finally she asked I have no problem, I asked where I might go to fly in the future. Personnel because it is known that I am a Flying Club, it is very friendly, and it does not give me pressure, that is, to ask for work intentions, parents and professional parental attitudes, and so on, and then finished. The fourth round is English. The English language started in the first year of last year. It was not in the previous year. Last year, it was a face-to-face. This year, I changed to scan the WeChat small program QR code video, and recorded three video uploads in ten minutes. It is not difficult.

In general, Chengfei is a good unit. There are more than 7,000 pre-taxes in the year-end, and there are also a variety of subsidies of nearly 1,000. There are more than 6,000 in one month, as well as high-temperature vacation, annual travel allowance, year-end award, etc. In Chengdu, it is ok. Engaged in production is a bit tired, and finally did not choose to fly because the Chengfei master's undergraduate position is the same, wages and benefits are similar, I feel that reading a master's degree to fly is relatively wasteful (although my undergraduate is impossible to fly into), but also engage in Production, need to be unselfish to work overtime, did not go.

4. China Helicopter Design Institute (China Aviation Industry Helicopter Design Institute)

The helicopter's offer is my most entangled offer, and it is my most difficult to destroy. It can be said that if there is no Hynix's offer, I should go here. The institute directly under the AVIC Group provides business preparation. Five insurances and one gold are definitely not a problem. If you go to a master's degree, it is much better than Chengfei. If you go, it is a designer (it seems to be a “deputy director designer”? I can't remember) The salary is 11-15W, and I am told that it is 12-13W. There is a place in Jingdezhen, Tianjin. The two places are treated the same. I want to go to a big city. I naturally choose Tianjin. Since my parents are all in the system, I really want to be able to go to a good unit in the system. This is one. Daddy has been doing ideological work with me in order to let me go here: "If this unit is not a school recruit, even if you look for a relationship, spend one or two hundred thousand can't get in; how many people want to go in, you have this opportunity, why not go What to go to Tianjin, you just have to go, buy a house down payment without you worry about us, the monthly supply is also us..."

I really made up my mind to let me go. The work is easier than Chengfei. The treatment and the flying are almost the same as or even slightly higher than Chengfei. However, I am still entangled because the personnel relationship is Jingdezhen, that is, the establishment of Jingdezhen, working in Tianjin. Then Jingdezhen's five insurances and one gold...the CPF is different from the local area. If you go to the city where you work, you must reimburse you for a different disease. ! There is also this treatment, which is said to be a bit imaginary. It is said that it has only turned into a month and only has more than 5,000. (Listen to the Internet, I do not know the true and false)

In order to let me go and ask my uncle to drive more than 30 kilometers to the entrance of the institute to see, the building is very good, very new, the surrounding environment is very good, the greening is also good, the door is a small garden, the traffic is not blocked, just The road to repair, very refreshing, really, look at the real TM temptation! ! ! ! !

The interview was very simple. I participated in the recruitment of aviation industry. I saw 602 (China Helicopter Design Institute) posing a sign, then sat down and handed in the resume, saying that I had already applied for it, and then I thought I would start the interview. The professional asked not too deep, but I asked for more than 20 minutes. Then I introduced the unit. I still know the unit very well. I introduced it quite a lot. Then I said the treatment. I asked the two cities to ask which city I like, and then I received the offer in the afternoon after the interview. It feels very fast. But leave the time for me to consider and not long.

Refused, now I am quite regretful, but I always told myself that I might regret it if I chose this.

5.SK Hynix Semiconductor China Co., Ltd.

Finally, Hynix sent me a formal offer, and I was internship in August. I found out that I was the first in the second batch of written test results outside the internship period (the personnel told me after the personal statement). One week after the end of the internship, let the choice of intention, whether to take the doctor to go abroad, and then the physical examination, after the physical examination issued a medical examination through the notice, then official offer, and then signed both sides......

Hynix's treatment is very good, everyone knows, and I don't say it because of the confidentiality of the company. Packed and eaten, three meals are free, meals are better than Bosch.

Hynix is ​​also my final offer.

6. Goer Acoustics

Domestic acoustic giants, Apple's suppliers, and AAC are companies in the same industry. They are not as good as AAC, but they are not tired. Headquartered in Weifang, Shandong Province, but due to geographical restrictions, the development began to move to Qingdao, Shenzhen also has a large branch. I signed the post last year in Weifang and moved to Qingdao this year as a structural engineer.

More processes, online application, assessment, professional written test, interview. The HR people are particularly good and very friendly. They have a good impression on the company. They have asked a lot of professional questions. They may value the simulation software. I don’t know how much. I interviewed the English. Since the BSH internship, I have spoken in the language. Still slipping, giving her a good impression. On the one hand, I will wait for two sides, and the other side will introduce me to the company and the post.

In the end, each person's salary is different. Before signing, there is an English written test. It seems that if you pass the exam, you can get 500 months more. According to the students of Harbin Engineering Materials, they have signed a lot of colleges, there are more than 7,000, and there are more than 8,000. Then I think her salary for me is a very high level.

Finally, I still don’t think that Qingdao is too far away from our two homes. Although I think the city is good and the work is promising, I may feel that the treatment is a bit low.

7. Geely Automobile

I rented a large venue at the stadium, dozens of small tables, and the number began to interview. Most people were one-on-one, and they could hear that they had been using English. Later, I was a three-person person who didn't know what the situation was. One person and two technical ones mainly asked me about my internship experience at BSH. I also asked if I was making my own standards, and I was able to do this (slightly suspected). I may feel that my oral English is not good for me. At the end of the half hour, I was given a notice. The personnel said that I was very satisfied with the bulabula pile, and then signed the two sides and said that they would offer the offer at night.

In the evening, I saw the offer stunned, 6000, the trial period is 4800, although there are still hundreds of subsidies, but...

In fact, this is still very promising. The Meishan automaker, the Lectra car, has just invested. When I graduated from next year, I started mass production almost. I also got a lot of new equipment SET UP. I feel that I can learn a lot of training. But the treatment, forget it.

8. Nanjing Quanxin Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

To do military cable, state secrets, listed companies, private enterprises. It's quite big, because it's not as big as the Far East cable because it is used for military purposes. The job position is technical management.

One side is in Jiangning, the place is a bit biased, the subway station is a lot of three rounds, and the subway is next to the bus. On the one hand, it seems that the BOSS of the cable business department should be a director-level person, and maybe even bigger (deputy general?), the interviewer who is in contact with such a high position for the first time is a little scared. Dahao was more comfortable, didn't give me any pressure, asked about technology, asked about life, asked about my wife's situation, and provided my girlfriend with very helpful work advice, standing at the company level. Professionals are not very good, they need more polymer materials, but they are more concerned about the learning ability of graduate students.

On the other hand, in the Jianye District, the office building in the city, using their computers to register information, personnel, simply chat, feeling that the personnel face is not good, but it should be a big decision to decide everything, after all, the position is very high. That is to say, let me go to the scene of their presentation. The feeling of giving the offer is slightly higher than the one I mentioned with him. Maybe the boss is taking care of it. It is indeed a high level in Nanjing.

9. Ningde era CATL

The position was transferred, and the material/cell research and development category was invested, and it was transferred to become the position of “manufacturing production supervisor”. Net Shen, then one side of the hotel, asked me what I used to be as a student cadre, and then did the interview after the interview, go back and wait for the notice to get the offer to sign up. After coming over, it is said that it is biased towards management positions. The master's degree management is two lines, and a total of about 100 people are to be managed. The annual salary is about 16W (the year-end bonus is calculated according to 3 months, the general year-end award is 3-4 months). It is not high, because there is no salary for overtime work, and it is said that there is more work overtime. It is said that it takes 0.5-1 days per week and is off work every day.

I don't like to manage the post. I only look at the performance of the indicator. I have too many problems to consider. After signing the offer, I waited for half an hour and then ruined it. If it was not destroyed at the time, it seems that signing the offer without signing the three parties requires compensation of 5000, which is not a small amount for our students.


Quanfeng is still quite a good company. It is like a power tool, garden tools, auto parts, etc. It is like Bosch in China. The platform is good, because 80% of the business is exported to Europe and the United States, so the popularity in the country is not too high.

When I was the campus ambassador of Quanfeng, I posted a poster to promote something, and then I took the direct pass card directly, so I didn’t know how to start. The end is talking to a technical person, asking me questions, asking me about my internship experience, then describing my internship experience and doing things in English, feeling better than Gore, but he also said that my oral English is a bit lacking. Practice before you join the job. The position is a customer quality engineer, and the European and American customers will call and send emails and so on, so the English requirements are better.

Quanfeng's year-end award is 3 months, and the monthly salary is almost the same as the whole letter, a little lower. Quanfeng auto parts last year's year-end award for 5 months, but it is hard work, a lot of overtime work, it can be regarded as a point of hard work.

The company opened the factory in Quanfeng on the open day, the degree of automation is very high, and the monitoring is very perfect. It was also quite shocking at the time. Of course, it is definitely not as good as BSH. After all, Bosch is the boss.

Did not go because I don't want to do customer quality, but also want to do practical technology. Moreover, the salary level in Nanjing is really low. It is good to learn accounting here. Because the lady is studying accounting, I simply asked about personnel. The personnel said that the minimum salary of the financial accounting graduates is 6000-6500, and the year-end award is very high. . Moreover, it is a manufacturing-oriented enterprise and an export-oriented enterprise. What accounting can be learned should be clearer than me, and I will not repeat it.

11. China Graphics Technology

Semiconductor private enterprises, in Dongguan, technology is relatively backward, ruby ​​substrate materials, mainly to do 4 inches, is developing to 6 inches. QQ video interview, asked a lot, said a lot of conscience. It is acceptable to accept that. The platform is also not good, the hourly salary is not good, it is not a good choice, and immediately refused. Overtime work also frequently shifts frequently.

12. CLP Panda Display (Chengdu)

When China Southern Airlines took the interview, it was more than 30 minutes on the side of the interview. It was more acceptable to me. Personnel introduced me very much very frankly about salary, treatment, opportunity, etc. I also told me that if I went to research and development in the previous year, there would be no chance this year, but I might change the post internally.

In the afternoon, the lectures were invited to go through one side. The presentation was about introducing enterprises, state-owned enterprises, locations, products and what was more attractive. The end of the lecture was directly in the classroom. When I was on the second side, I didn’t ask much. I said that I was already familiar with it. I also said that he was most satisfied with the present, but the company’s regulations are impossible because I am very satisfied with the salary. Let me go back and wait for the notice. Then I got the offer, think about it or refused it, very honest people.

Because I feel that going to here is not as good as flying at the time, the treatment is similar, and there is no need to shift. 4 white class - Hugh 2-4 night class - Hugh 2. Salary varies from school to school, 985 is 500 higher than us, we are 6500+1800, and overtime is 35 hours. It’s OK to go to fly here, after all, there are many opportunities for the new factory. Nanjing Panda and Chengdu Panda are treated similarly, which is 300.

13. Huatian Technology

Kunshan's company, semiconductor company, mainly does package testing, and does more processing on behalf of the processing. Telephone interview, not long after the end of the offer, the salary needs to talk for themselves, the trial period of three months, work year after year has a year-end award and dividends. The advantage is that the material profession can do research and development. The bad thing is that the company platform is still a little small. In the future, the job hopping may be that the salary increase may be relatively large, and the packaging test is currently mature in the domestic wafer manufacturing, and it is not as good as the sea. Lux refused.

14. Microspectral technology

The last offer, micro-spectrum technology mainly to do third-party testing, analysis and testing. There were not many people going to the lecture, so I talked a lot with me. The key point is that this treatment is still very good, in the chemical industry, the top 5% salary level. Headquartered in Shanghai, you can also choose to go to the Suzhou branch, but staying in Shanghai for two years and then going to the branch should be better for career development. Suzhou's salary is lower than Shanghai's 500, and the price/performance ratio is still very high.

Video interview, 50 minutes, directly a manager and I communicated and asked a lot. The main experiments, the used instruments, are very fine and fine. Then the next day she also called and asked for nearly 30 minutes. An offer was issued later.

The phone said that the interview was over, asked me to expect salary, I was hesitating, then she said that it is okay to just say it, I weakly said 9000-9500, the result! Give 1W me to go!

Therefore, it is really a conscience company, third-party testing, prospects are acceptable, treatment can also be, double break, can be regarded as a dark horse when I met in the autumn, the key quotation is higher than I expected, I think of Geely trial The pre-tax salary of more than 4,000 yuan.... Yes, the micro-score and the year-end award. Conscience company.

Why didn't I go, I don't know, I still feel that I want to go directly to semiconductor manufacturing. Anyway, I chose to pick it up or feel that Hynix is ​​good.

Sorry for all the companies that I have not been able to go, thank you for your recognition, and thank you for your support and attention.

The most regrettable is still the China Helicopter Research Institute. In Tianjin, the work is not busy, career establishment, research, stability, and perhaps another completely different life.

Beautiful helicopter station

Still, I regret that I have no choice but to regret it. In the process of job hunting, I learned to make choices and also refused. I hope that in the future, I will be very pleased to see the choices I have made today. Anyway, I am innocent in my heart.