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Is the company not going to give a raise to jump, think about these three points?


Some people may say, three years? I am always ready to change jobs without a raise for one year. In fact, the three years mentioned here is just a fuzzy time concept. What we are going to talk about today is that employees should not change jobs because they do not raise their salary?

Zhilian Recruitment released the research report on the 2017 White-collar Job Change Index. Nearly 80% of white-collar workers are actively investing in the army of finding new jobs. 49% of white-collar workers choose to quit because they are not satisfied with the salary level.

That is to say, there will be 40% of white-collar workers in an enterprise, and they are ready to change jobs because they are not satisfied with the salary. In addition, nearly 40% of white-collar workers choose to quit because of promotion, but promotion and salary adjustment are also connected.

There may be many reasons for employees not getting a raise, but generally we will think in three ways. That is, personal qualities, internal and external environments.

Personal qualities

  • Did I meet the standard for asking for a raise?

Many companies have a proportional salary increase, not like the general staff. Therefore, before asking for a salary increase, we must first examine whether the quality of each aspect is within the proportion of the adjustable salary. If there is still a gap, the department leaders will not give up the outstanding and key employees and raise the salary for the general staff from the perspective of departmental stability and development. This principle is the same as the "two-eighth rule."

Internal environment of the enterprise

  • What is my salary level?

The average company has a clear salary system, at least the salary range corresponding to the position. First of all, you should know what level of salary you are in, and whether it is significantly lower than the same position or flat with everyone or even higher than others. If you are significantly lower than the same position, you are also qualified for the job. You can communicate with the department head about the issue of salary, and you don’t have to change your salary.

  • How is the company's salary adjustment method?

Individuals applying for a salary increase must also comply with the company's regulations and procedures for salary increases. Some companies require two salary adjustment opportunities per year, and determine the salary increase list and salary adjustment according to the mid-year and year-end assessments. If employees disregard corporate rules and demand a special salary increase, they may not be supported. After all, companies must also consider the impact of special pay increases on other employees.

Enterprise external environment

  • Company salary level in the market

Some companies may not deliberately suppress employee pay, perhaps because of financial reasons. Still others have salary levels that are already high in the market. High-level corporate employees also need to consider opportunities in the market when choosing to quit. Can you get the salary you want because of job hopping, and also consider the stability and durability of the new opportunity.

  • Position salary in the market

Some employees only see that they are less and less valued in the company and are often ignored by salary increases. But there is no concern about how his position in the market is. It is because the position is increasingly marginalized or gradually replaced by emerging positions or other reasons. If you are already in a decline position in the market, there will be no good spring even if you change jobs.

You have to figure out why you are migrating.

Personal career development reasons, the following situations can be considered to change jobs

  1. New opportunities are emerging industries and have more development prospects
  2. Jumping from a small company that is not well-known in the industry to a well-known big company in the industry
  3. Old and new businesses are similar in all aspects, but the job-hopping is a promotion jump
Don't leave because of a bad salary

In this case, you are not recommended to gamble on your career development. If you "resign without pay, you will resign", you are not the first one and will not be the last one. But the results are often unsatisfactory.

No boss likes to be "threatened" to make a decision. If you didn't give you a raise before, then if you don't have any ability to change, you will have to give you a raise because you have to resign? This is almost impossible. After all, the boss must also consider the internal atmosphere of the entire enterprise, this kind of bird can not raise.

But some people may say that the one I know is to raise the salary after resigning. This may happen, but the boss does not discover your "beauty" because you have resigned. It is the boss's need to maintain a short-term balance within the company. This does not mean that you are irreplaceable, but you need to be in your position in a short time. But after this salary increase, the boss and other employees will change your opinion. At the same time, in the future, when your stay will no longer affect the company's balance, your "no remuneration, resignation" will no longer have any effect.

Everything in the workplace must be rationally analyzed and resolved through communication. The temperament is the courage of the husband, the battlefield in the cold weapon era may be effective, but in the Qing drama, there are only two episodes. “Resigning without paying a salary”, in addition to threatening your own career development, has no effect on others.