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Today, when you mention Xiaomi and Xiaomi 5, what can you think of?


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The question I want to throw at the beginning of the opening is: If you mentioned Xiaomi or Xiaomi 5 now, what words would you think of in the first place?

My answer is: I don't know.

At least, it is definitely not a "fever", and certainly not a "black technology." Most, my mind may think that this should be a good price-performance phone.

It’s just that I don’t know, I think it’s the most terrible place for Xiaomi now – that means users are losing their awareness of the brand. This feeling is similar to the giants of IBM and HP in recent years.

The meaning of cognition usually lies in the fact that with cognition, users have a usage scenario for a particular product. The more specific and deeper the cognition, the more clear and urgent the user's desire to think of products and use products in a specific scenario.

I have a friend who used to be the marketing director of the place. It is said that once I went there, I went from the establishment to the listing of all brands and PR.

Once I asked her: What should I do with branding and PR?

She replied: Brand and PR, in fact, the core is to help users build a cognition. This cognition must be a word or a point. You'd better find this point, and then you should do all the resources to do it.

For example, in the early days of where we went, the point we actually found was “cheap”. With this point, everything goes all around "cheap", for example, operations and BD must be able to get cheaper tickets, product design and expression must be able to highlight our prices and Contrast between other competitors, and when marketing activities and PR communication, we must focus on emphasizing our "cheap". This matter, we continue to do 3-4 years, almost even if it is.

At that time, listening to this, I have a feeling of sudden realization.

In retrospect, when I first started using it in 2006 and 2007, the true impression and perception of it was cheaper than Ctrip and eLong. This impression has continued to this day.

Some things, in fact, the avenue is one. The reason is clear, but in fact, it has returned to the "concentration, extreme, reputation, fast" that Lei Zong has no one knows.

Xiaomi once wanted to "fever". In the original Mi 1 era, their operations, copywriting, and even the products did reveal a succinct and somewhat "feel" of Geek Fan.

But obviously, after many opponents have been struggling to catch up, the millet on this road has gone far. Compared with where to go when playing "cheap" and long-term pouring, at least, starting from a series of price-performance products such as red rice and Xiaomi's "ecological chain" layout, Xiaomi may have gradually lost its "focus". "and "extreme".

Speaking back to yesterday's press conference, the word that Xiaomi is focusing on today is undoubtedly "black technology." I feel that this should still be a very cool, very horrible word. But at least today, for a user who is not so familiar with "black technology" and not so sensitive, Xiaomi's "black technology" really does not shock me at all, nor does it make me so convinced. .

When I saw the following vomiting on Weibo, I also believe that Xiaomi’s “black technology” may not be able to convince many people.

So, this is why I think there is some confusion about the perception of Xiaomi mobile phones. You know, when a mobile phone brand has lost the original "fever" feeling in front of you, and the new "black technology" has not been able to convince you, you will always feel a little bit about how to recognize it. confused.

If the mass users now mention the hammer mobile phone, they can think of "artisan heart" and "feelings". When Iphone is mentioned, it will be "cool", "tidal" and some kind of identity, then people When I mentioned the Xiaomi mobile phone, what should I think of?

Perhaps this is the problem that Xiaomi and Lei Jun are most concerned about right now.

Oh, please don't treat me as a standard Mihei. In fact, our entire family is now using Xiaomi mobile phones.