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Which problem has it suffered? Feelings are


As for the man who was hanged, answered a question?

This is interesting. As a professional who has studied the history of the pre-Qin in the Qin and Han dynasties, it is sensational to come up with such a conclusion. As for the cross-professional answer for the consideration of the original public, so that the horse lost its forefoot?

The brother-in-law said clearly: If you have carefully read "Historical Records", "Han Shu", and "Han Han Shu", you will find that the Han Dynasty army has never played against the frontal forces of the Xiongnu army. It is easy to say that this public Obviously, I have carefully read "Historical Records", "Han Shu", and "Han Han Shu". Otherwise, it is to brag and lie, that is, to openly deceive.

Then, after reading these three basic history books, can you conclude that there is no war between Han and Hungary?

As everyone knows, a major event in the Han Dynasty to open a country is Bai Deng’s encirclement.

"Historical Records of the Xiongnu Biography": The Xiongnu attacked the surrounding horses, and Han Wangxin dropped the Huns. The Xiongnu received a letter, because of the introduction of the military over the sentence, attack Taiyuan, to Jinyang. Gao Di has attacked the soldiers. The winter will be cold and snowy, and the shackles will be twelfth and three, so they will lose the details and lure the Han soldiers. The Han soldiers attacked and rushed, and they sneaked their soldiers and saw their weaknesses. So Han Xibing, many infantry, three hundred and twenty thousand, north by. Gaodi first went to Pingcheng, and the infantry did not reach it. The four hundred thousand soldiers in the dynasty were riding the high emperor in Baideng. On the seventh day, the Han soldiers could not save each other.

The Xiongnu fine rides 400,000. Is this the guerrillas who are accompanying Liu Bang?

"Historical Records and General Wei Qiu Biography": The generals of the Han Dynasty, Li Li, hit the generation; let the car ride the generals out of the clouds to the west to the high. In the south of Henan Province, as for the west of Fujian, thousands of hunts and thousands of animals were taken, and Aries and Lou Wang were taken. The land in Henan is the county.

Feelings is also the result of combating the guerrillas?

In the spring of the fifth year of the Lantern Festival, the Han commanded the generals of the generals to ride 30,000 and squat; the defending Su Jian was the guerrilla general, the left internal history Li Ju was the powerful general, the servant Sun He was the riding general, and the generation was Li Cai Wei, the general of the light car, all belonged to the generals of the car, all out of the party; large baggage, the shore Hou Zhanggong was the general, and the right Beiping: salty Huns. The Xiongnu Youxian Wang was Wei Qing and other soldiers, thinking that the Han soldiers could not be here, drunk. The Han soldiers arrived in the night, surrounded by the right sage king, the right sage Wang Jing, the night escape, alone with his love 妾 one person strong ride hundreds of gallop, smashed north. Han Guangqi’s school, Guo Cheng, and so on, went hundreds of miles, and he was not able to get the right person, the men and women, and the thousands of thousands of people, and the millions of animals, so they led the troops.

It is estimated that the right-wing king is also considered a "frontal force" of the Huns?

As for Huo to go out of Hexi, he fought for six days, and there were thousands of squats in the Zhishan Mountain. He was short-armed, and he killed the king of Lu, the king of Luhu, the scorpion of the scorpion, the sorrowful prince and the country, the capital, the first eight thousand At the gradual level, the Tianjin people who took up the abduction were extended to Qilian Mountain, and they were given the King of Emirates. The descendants were 2,500, and the head of the sacred 3,200, won the five kings and five mothers. Wu's, the prince's fifty-nine, the country, the general, the head of the family, the Tudors of the sixty-three , the feelings are also hunting games with the Xiongnu guerrillas?

As for the last desert battle in Mobei,

The generals of the generals went out of the millennium, and they saw that they were waiting for the soldiers. Therefore, the generals ordered the Wugang to be self-circulating, and the five thousand horses rode to the Huns. The Xiongnu can also ride thousands. The meeting will enter, the wind will rise, the gravel will hit the surface, and the two armies will not meet each other. It is only because of the Han soldiers, but the Shima is still strong, and the Xiongnu is unfavorable, and the Mo Mo, single in the 遂 by six naked, strong riding can be hundreds, straight to the north of the Han. When the time was faint, the Han Xiongnu took them together and killed them. The left army of the Han army captured the rumors and left without fainting. The Han army was chasing the light for the night, and the generals followed. The Huns also dispersed. Late Ming, two hundred miles, not alone, quite catching the first 虏 馀 馀 遂 遂 遂 遂 遂 遂 遂 遂 遂 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 赵 The military stayed for one day and learned to burn its city.

If this is not the main battle, it is estimated that it is not a big cadre?

Look at Han Shu

"Chen Tang Chuan": Singing to the Han Hanbing, he wants to go, suspected that he is resentful, and he is responsible for Han, and he also heard that Wusun’s soldiers are all in the air, and they have nothing to do. The shackles have been released, and they have been repaid. He said: "It is better to stick to it. The Han soldiers are far away, and they can't attack for a long time." Shan Yu is the upstairs, and all the ladies of Zhu Yu are shooting the outsiders with bows. The outsiders shot in the nose, and the ladies died. Single riding down, passing the battle inside. Halfway through the night, the wooden city is worn, but the middle man enters the earth city and rides the city. At that time, the Kang Jubing 10,000 rides were divided into more than ten places, surrounded by the city, and also corresponding. Night, the number of camps, unfavorable, oh. Pingming, fire on all sides, gentleman hi, shouting and screaming. Kang Jubing cited it. The Han soldiers pushed the scorpion on all sides and merged into the Tucheng. More than 100 men and women went into the big. The Han soldiers set fire to the squad, and the gentleman rushed into the battle. The military waiting for the 丞 Du Xun 斩 于 于 , , , , , , , , , 斩 斩 斩 斩 斩 斩 斩 斩 The brines were won by the winners. Wherever, the princes, the princes, and the famous kings were 1,500, and 145 were born, and more than a thousand were descended, and the kings of the city were given fifteen kings.

Single, Yu’s skull is gone, and all of them are guilty of strong Han. Although they are far away , the feelings are not called frontal battles.

Look at the "Han Han Shu", telling the truth, reading "Han Han Shu" can ignore Dou Xian Chuan, ignore the big news of Le Shi Yan Ran, it is also a very magical thing.

(Dou) is afraid of the constitution, and seeks to attack the Huns to redeem. Huinan was asked to go to the Northern Expedition, but to worship the generals of the squadron, the gold-printed purple scorpion, and the official syllabus, and the singer of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect. , and Hu Hubing out. Next year, Xian and Bing will each take four thousand rides and the South Xiongnu Zuoguyi Wang Shizi Wan rides out the square chicken deer, Nandan in the Tutu River, will ride more than 10,000 to the full valley, the Dali general Deng Hong and Yuan Bianyi From the hustle and bustle of Hu Hu, and Zuo Xian Wang An Guowan riding out the yang plug, they will all be evil mountains. The constitutional deputy school vice-president, Sima Yi, Sui Tan will Zuogu Yu Wang Shizi, right Hu Yan Wang Shouqi, etc., the fine ride of more than 10,000, and the North single in the war in the mountains, the big break, the public collapse, single Yu Yu walked, chasing the ministries, and approaching the private channel than the Bohai Sea. The name of the king has been tens of thousands of grades, and he has earned more than a million heads of horses, cattle, sheep and goats. So Wen Shu, Xie, Wen Wu, Fu Qu Wang Liu and other eighty-one departments led the drop, more than 200,000 people before and after. The constitution, the Bengbu Dengyan Mountain, to the three thousand years of the stagnation, engraved Shile Gong, Ji Han Weide , the class made a name for the Ming: In the autumn of July, the first year of the Yongyuan, there is a Han Yuan 舅曰 骑 窦 窦 宪 宪 宪 寅 寅 Shengming, the winged royal family, was placed in Datun, but Qingxi Xi. It is with the implementation of the ruling of the ruling, the patrol of the squad, and the martial arts in the squad. Ying Yang's school, the tiger of the tiger, the six divisions, cum Nandan, Dongwu, Xiqiao Hou Wangjun long, riding 30,000. Yuanxiao light Wu, long hub four points, cloud roads, roads, thousands of times. Le is in eight bursts, smashing with the gods, Xuanjia Yaori, Zhu Qiyu. Fuling stilts, under the chicken deer, through the simmering, extremely desert, 斩 禺 禺 衅 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,. Then the four schools are squatting, the stars are flowing, the depression is miles, and the wild is intestate. Therefore, the domain destroys the area, and it turns back and forth, and examines the map and looks at its mountains and rivers. 遂 遂 涿 , 跨 跨 跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 ​​跨 On the high, the literary anger of the literary ancestors, the ancestral spirit of the ancestors of the ancestors; the lower part of the Angu, the revival of the realm of the universe, the sound of the heavens.

The master of the big lyrics, is it right to go to the bottom of this monument for three days?

I am very convinced that I can read Xianbei as a Southern Xiongnu.

It is strange to sum up. If the doctor seriously read "Historical Records", "Han Shu", and "Han Han Shu", how did he come up with this kind of theology? If you haven't read it, then where is the confidence of the people who teach others to read?

What's more interesting is that after the public was hanged, he did not admit his mistakes, and he did not explain it. He deleted the account. Really the account is gone, actually went to Douban to go to the main street of the title:

After the stuffing, simply threaten you, start Schrodinger's question-cutting function. What do you say? Can you tell me? As far as this level of posture is concerned, it is really a slap in the face of the hard work of the peers under the title, and has lost the grandeur of your school.

A Chinese history professional can release such an earth-shattering satellite. The band is also shackled by the medieval Mediterranean culture ticket buds of the chemistry profession. After the shackles are shackled, the scorpion is destroyed and the sacred sect is the shrewd street.

Sad, it is sad _(:з"∠)_