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Less than 140,000 Volkswagen SUVs who said that they can't drive a German car without money?


In 2017, the sales volume of domestic SUV models has reached 10.43 million units, and the sales volume in 2018 is expected to exceed 11 million units. The battle for the compact SUV market is already in the heat stage. With the recent launch of FAW-Volkswagen's first SUV T-ROC, the hacker and XR-V have added another pressure, which also indicates that a new round of compact SUV battle has started, T-ROC It is still too early to tell whether the song can be settled. Let's take a look at the characteristics of its models. (Test drive model: FAW-Volkswagen 2018 T-ROC Detector 280TSI DSG four-wheel drive luxury, this article referred to as: Detective song)

Let's talk about the space first. The overall interior space of the songs is good. The experiencer with a height of 1.75 meters feels more comfortable in the car. The front and rear rows don't feel compact or cramped. In addition, in the details of humanization, the performance of the songs is also satisfactory, for example: the front and rear rows are equipped with USB sockets, the rear row has air conditioning vents and through channels, these details are plus points.

In terms of wheelbase, the public is very aware of the needs of domestic users, and the wheelbase of the songs has been lengthened. It has surpassed the guides and hackers. In the space, the passengers who are 1.75 meters tall feel no pressure, and the recess in the rear roof The slot design also gives the head space a better experience. The overall performance of the songs is relatively good in the same level, and the daily storage in the car is also considered more comprehensive.

We can see that the luggage compartment of the Detective Song is generally loaded under normal conditions. It can be seen that more space in the compartment is given to the rear passengers, and when it is necessary to actually load large items, the seat needs to be extended and expanded. The load space becomes quite impressive.

Let's talk about another concern: vehicle fuel consumption, the songs from the MQB-A1 platform are equipped with a 1.4T engine (high/low power version), and match the 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox, single Look at this powertrain and you know that the fuel consumption will not be too high, and the actual experience has also been proven. In the Beijing area where the summer is congested, the level of fuel consumption of 9.2L per 100 kilometers is expected. On the smooth highway, the fuel consumption will drop to 6.3L per 100 kilometers, which is believed to be satisfactory to most car owners.

After calculation, the comprehensive fuel consumption of this song in the hands is 7.8L per 100 kilometers. According to the calculation of 75,000 kilometers of vehicles, the total fuel cost is 46,332 yuan, which is believed to be within the reasonable tolerance of many consumers.

In addition to the manual version, the whole series adopts the former McPherson rear multi-link independent suspension, so it performs well in driving quality and vibration isolation, especially when the vehicle passes through the speed bump and gravel road, the vibration can be calm. Most of the vibration is filtered or absorbed by the ground. After passing through the pitted road, the car does not feel extra bounce. The suspension of the songs is neutral, although it is a household attribute at the price level, but it does not blindly pursue comfort, but strikes a balance between comfort and movement. When the vehicle is cornering, the suspension can be seen. The suppression of the roll is better, and the response speed of the suspension is also fast during daily driving.

In order to explain the braking level more intuitively, there is no star show here, but other models with similar results can be seen through the table below for reference.

The average braking distance of 38.7 meters is in the middle position in the leaderboard, and the braking performance is in line with the normal value. When the brake pedal is fully pressed, the front suspension provides a good supporting force, so that the front of the vehicle does not sink excessively, making The vehicle's braking attitude is well controlled. In addition, since the product positioning of the songs is biased towards youthfulness, the driving experience should also be one of the concerns.

The song is paired with the EA211 1.4TSI engine and offers two different adjustments. The peak torque of the 280TSI version is 250Nm/1500-3500rpm, and the low-power 230TSI version has a peak torque of 225Nm/1750-3000rpm. Use, high power is the icing on the cake.

The high-power 1.4TSI engine has obvious dynamic characteristics. Whether it is standard or sport mode, you can feel very powerful in the front acceleration. When the speed is increased, the turbine will start to work, there will be a significant torque burst, then you will feel The acceleration is very brisk. We tested the four-wheel drive high-power top version, which matched the DQ381 seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox to withstand 420 Nm of torque.

The top-of-the-range singer is equipped with a 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, which comes from the fifth-generation Jude Haldex full-time four-wheel drive. The normal front and rear axle power distribution ratio is 90:10, and the center is electronically controlled multi-plate clutch type limited slip differential. The wheel is controlled by EDS electronic limited slip. This four-wheel drive system can reduce the over-steering of corners on daily mountain roads, increasing the confidence of drivers when cornering.

Although the high-power version of the song is also a 1.4T engine, there is no need to worry about the power. High-speed overtaking is not a laborious task. The Volkswagen combination of gold shifting speed and throttle response are in the middle and upper reaches. Getting started is the first impression of this car, and the choice of a variety of driving modes also injects some fun into daily driving. If you do not have to choose a four-wheel drive, you can consider the 280TSI DSG two-drive comfort model with a price of 175,800 yuan. The overall configuration and power are sufficient. When the price is loose, it is more cost-effective. Finally, in contrast to competing products, such as: hackers, Binzhi, C-HR, etc., from the hardware matching and actual driving experience, it seems that the advantage of the song is more obvious, coupled with the public brand effect, it seems that it should be recommended.

Summary: Since the introduction of the compact SUV in 2010, Volkswagen has not had a new generation of compact SUVs. There are not many models of German SUVs in this field, and the arrival of the songs has obviously given consumers more select. Through the characterization of this article, we can find that Tango is a model with balanced performance in all aspects. Its design style is designed for more young users, coupled with Volkswagen's brand premium, against the Japanese compact SUV. There is also enough gas in the product. Finally, whether the song can sit on the way to the past, it will take time to testify.

Author: Liu

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