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Whose morning tea, can you eat chicken soup and crab yellow in one bite? | China's best snacks


This is the "China's best snacks" series.
If someone asks you to invent a food, you need to combine the following three delicious foods:

Scented old hen soup ✔️ hot buns ✔️ many crabs and crab jaundice

Sounds impossible? But someone invented it...

This kind of steamed buns condenses the wisdom of this people. In order to pack a full soup, each one is as big as a palm.

Picking up the skin, there is a small forest of crabs.

Taking advantage of the launch of the hairy crabs, we specially went to Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province, and under the leadership of the local propaganda department, we visited the experienced soup chef and filmed the whole process of making the soup bag. 👇

1 minute full of beauty. Try it.

Jingjiang Crab Yellow Soup Bag Standard

Skin is thin, soup is like spring, crab yellow is fresh

Come and come and suck with me!


Sexy soup bag online!
The fascinating thing about the crab yellow soup bag is that it will sway! The light is good and you can see the soup flowing in the buns.

The skin should be as thin as paper. The surface is bright and shiny, almost transparent. The pleat pattern at the top is clear, "the shape is like jade."



How should the soup be poured into the steamed buns?

I like this picture too much, then I will play it again~~

A soup bag, the soup is very particular. I don't know who invented the soup in the buns first? Now, this is the morning tea of ​​the people in Jingjiang. In the morning, there are soups with steamed buns and crabs. This is also a beautiful day.

The soup uses old hens, pork bones and pigskin, which is a pot of thick and thick, full of collagen soup.

Why are there pig skins? This is the key material for the inventor of the soup package. After the old hen soup containing pig skin is cooled, it is naturally frozen. This is called skin jelly. and so:

  • When the buns are wrapped, the solid soup is frozen, and when the cage is steamed, it is completely reduced to soup~

In addition to soup, there are hairy crabs in the buns. Most of the hairy crabs in the south of the Yangtze River are in the lake. After Jingjiang is paying attention to it in October, it is necessary to make a soup bag with mature crabs:

The crab meat that has been removed is called "crab powder". It is fresh enough to be removed. The master of the soup package is a master of crab removal. The crab legs are directly ground with a rolling pin:

In the late October, the crabs of the female crabs are extremely strong.

According to the Jingjiang soup bag production standard, a cage of soup (6), at least two to two (125 grams) of crab yellow + crab meat.

The broth is frozen and chopped, and the crab yellow and crab meat are mixed and seasoned, and it becomes the filling of the crab yellow soup bag.



The bun skin can blow the balloon, and the number of pleats is specified.

To pack so many soups in the buns, the buns can't be ordinary leather.

The leather of the experienced soup bag master is amazing and can blow out the balloon.

Crabs and skin frozen are wrapped into tough and tough skin, a bun 30-32 pleats.

This is a wrapped soup bag with a small fist:

Each soup shop will strictly control the time according to the firepower of the steamer. To put it in when the steam is full, remove the soup bag after 4-5 minutes.

Steamed soup bag, like a full moon, fresh broth with crab's sweet and fleshy aroma, but refreshing and not greasy, suck ~


Knowledge point

Learn, it's easy to eat!

The crab yellow soup bag was voted as the food that foreign friends would not eat.

How to completely eat such a sexy soup bag with a thin skin like a paper, a soup like a spring, and a fresh crab?

One catch: the waiter wears gloves and grabs the soup bag and delivers it to you on a small dish. The soup bag must be intact at this time. If it is broken, it means that the steamed buns are not ready, and the store is responsible.

Two turns: Pick up the plate and turn it around. You can see that the soup inside is full of rolling, the skin is even and thick, and it can transmit light~

Third tone: Crab yellow soup bag will usually be served with ginger vinegar.

Ginger is placed on the soup bag and vinegar is added according to personal taste.

Four to eat: only eat a small hole to eat!

Find the commanding height on the edge of the soup bag, gently poke a small hole in the mouth, then gently suck the soup inside, and simmer the crab with the broth of the crab to satisfy the sense of invasion.

Researchers like to pour a little bit of vinegar into the soup bag, which is very refreshing.

The autumn is sultry, the crab cream is fragrant, are you still not leaving?

Outside the title
  • Thanks to the small partners of the Jingjiang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the masters of Jingjiang Riverside Garden Hotel showed us the whole process of making the soup bag and showed the highest standard of a good soup bag.
  • In addition, we went to the "Nanyuan Hotel" that we wrote last year. The quality is still good, recommended.
  • More Jingjiang cuisine, poke our Jingjiang guide:

One can only move the crab yellow soup bag, two fresh puffer fish in the market, three bowls of fragrant meat chop

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