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Can't read the first time, what do you read "Dream of Red Mansions"?


I read Zhou Yichang's article many years ago, saying that the first time I wrote it was not good enough. It was only after two or three times that it was getting better. (It may also be affected by the fate of “sweet cane”). I almost missed it for many years. I found that the book is more exciting than the first.

Now I feel that I really want to read the Dream of Red Mansions. The first time is the touchstone . The grand layout of the book is completed in the first five rounds. The first time is the most important thing, directly clarifying the general purpose of the book.

Beginning with a wedge to tell the origin of Baoyu, the general context of the whole story and the author's evaluation of the book. There is a strong generality, all fables.

The surviving sacred stone of the Nuwa's Tiantian became a later "Baoyu", which refers to both Jiabaoyu and the "Tongling Baoyu" that he wears, and may also involve Yubaoyu. Stone Sifan, the second immortal teacher warned the stone in advance: although the red dust is happy, but can not always rely on it, and the lack of beauty, the music is extremely sad, after all, to the first dream, the situation is empty... When you don't care, don't regret it. This is the general outline of the book .

The sorcerer's exhibition illusion turns the stone into a beautiful jade, so that the world knows its preciousness. The second sage is now the brand planner and packaging designer. If it is still a stone, who will pay attention to it in the world? But even if it is a stone, it is the remaining of the son-in-law, but it is because it is useless. This is the author's self-deprecation and the author's own responsibility.

This text is dictated everywhere, and the grease is prompted.

Stone and jade are symbols of freedom and desire. One is the essence and the other is the illusion .

The stone can be changed into jade for a variety of interpretations, such as the love of the world, the gentle jade, the shining diamond, its essence is nothing but a stone, its "value" only carries the endless desire of human beings, everything is illusion phase……

At the beginning, the style was very high.

The beautiful jade has gone through the sorrows and joys of the world, and after returning to the original place, it has returned to the stone. This is the essence of it, here is its hometown. The stone is engraved with words that describe its journey of the illusion. This is the origin of this book.

The author then elaborates on the book through a dialogue between the stone and the empty airway, which is much like an unnamed author with his own work and the publisher's dialogue. Some people think that this paragraph drags, to know that "Dream of Red Mansions" has innovatively changed the writing style of previous novels and legends, and the author needs to make a statement. In the end, "Cao Xueqin has been reviewed in Yu Hongxuan for ten years, added or deleted five times...". This kind of writing has not been in the past novels. In the future, no major writer dared to write this. Fortunately, I directly pointed out Cao Xueqin, otherwise, perhaps until today we are not sure who the author of "Dream of Red Mansions" is.

The next story really begins. There are two important figures, Gentleman, Jia Yucun.

Before analyzing the two characters, let's talk about the author's writing style. In the history of human civilization, there is only one kind of person who is second only to God, that is, those artists whose talents are different and they are free from the secular shackles through extraordinary wisdom or imagination. Cao Xueqin is undoubtedly one of them. Cao Xueqin, who holds the pen and writes a book, is like God, depicting all beings with compassion. To be precise, the author portrays not human beings, but human nature, or some social attributes of human beings ; this leaves readers with more room to interpret because each character does not have an accurate label and also leads to Readers are more likely to understand according to their own understanding. This is also one of the charms of "Dream of Red Mansions".

For example, Gentleman, the impression he left on the readers is probably: nothing, fate, kindness and pity, unlucky and useless fat old man...

We still have to interpret the original text carefully. He is "small and indifferent, not by the name of the work", the so-called "first-class fairy god", this is a big hidden in the city. It is also a type of Chinese ancient intellectuals, Tao Yuanming-style characters. They advocate the freedom and free and easy of Zhuangzi, and believe in the philosophy of birth. This is the same value as Baoyu or the author, but the author does not comment.

In fact, it is still not indifferent, "there is no child under the knee, the United States is not enough", in the world, who can detach?

Then Shi Yin made a dream, the first dream in "Dream of Red Mansions". I dreamt of a pair of two immortals who appeared in the wedge. Here, I contacted the previous article, and I confessed that the two immortals brought the "Tongling Baoyu" with the stone illusion to reincarnation. At the same time, it was also for the jade jade, and the grass was the jade. When you see the "true, false, or not" couplet, wake up. I didn't get into the illusory world. It was because the spirit of the sorcerer was gone, the time was not yet reached, and the more important thing was to pave the way for the fifth time. After the fifth time, I began to write a pen to write a illusory reality. And here so far, it is for the pen. The full text of all kinds of free writing skills, need to be carefully read .

The dream of the sorcerer met the Lai head monk and the lame priest. This is the illusion of the two immortals who are "extraordinary bones and good fortune" in the world . The stone and the beautiful jade, the immortal teacher and the martyrdom, this group of contrasts is a sarcasm to the world. How many girls admire the straw bag that has a skin bag, but turn a blind eye to the real man around him. In the dream of the secret, he hoped to be spotted by the two immortals. When the immortal teacher really came to him, he ignored it. After all, he was still a vulgar eye and could not know the truth. Anyway, Yinglian’s fate is destined to be lost. Why not give it up now? Since it is destined to enter the empty door, why not lay the cliff now?

We can't see the future. Even if the outcome is already doomed, but we don't experience the moment when we happen, we can't give up, we can't wake up. What's more, we are blinded by the world and can't see the truth of everything in this world .

The martyr gave him four rumors, the so-called "Linghua Kong to Snow" refers to Xiang Ling (Ying Lian) finally met Xue Yu. "After the Lantern Festival, the smoke is extinguished", the following is the Lantern Festival. After the "Yuan Lan Festival", the fat batch reminds: "Before the cloud is not in front of the cloud, but after the cloud, it is the knower" means: not to say before the Lantern Festival, but after the Lantern Festival, I do not want to let the people who know it read out, there are experts based on historical data. It is inferred that the Cao family was copied to the home before the Lantern Festival. The following fire broke out one after another, and the fat batch also showed a hint. The implication is that the Cao family was copied because it was implicated. These are the secrets of the author's family.

Next, Jia Yucun appeared, Jia Yucun was a declining poor Confucianism. He began to write that he wanted to "go to Beijing for fame and fortune." Compared with the gentleman, Jia Yucun is another type of intellectuals in ancient China. Reading is for the benefit of the world and for the realization of personal life value. The belief is based on the philosophy of joining the world. This is also a value that most Chinese people recognize: self-cultivation, family, governance, and the world.

The intellectuals of ancient Chinese elites have only two ways to go out: to be born or to join the WTO . These two people whose values ​​are completely different have become friends, and their exchanges are quite gentle. The rich people hide there is no coldness in the world, and the poor village of Yucun also maintains the style of the Hanshi. The details of the two people's contacts are just right.

Yucun took the fifty-two silver gifts given by Shi Yin into the Beijing Imperial Examination and took the first step of success. In the next, Shi Yin was badly beaten, first lost his daughter, then lost his house, then lost the field, and finally saw everything, through the "good song" suddenly realized.

Baoyu and Shiyin have the same similarities. They don't have a reputation for their work. They all have a rich life. They have also experienced life or death, and they are not used to their livelihood after they have been struggling. They have experienced a chilly state. Even if there is Su Hui, I still can't understand it without experiencing all of this. Therefore, it is extremely contradictory to let Bao Yu take the fame and then go out of the house after 40 years of compensation. We usually think that it will be perfect after the success of the fame. The gully that does not know the desire can never be satisfied. The more the person becomes famous, the more he can not afford to obey.

" Good songs " we all know, but they can't be broken, and the gentleman's commentary on "good songs" has its own deep understanding and needs to be read carefully. In addition, it should not be restricted by the fat batch. It may imply the fate of the characters in the book. Perhaps it is only the author who compares the endings of the characters in the book. In fact, its pattern is larger, and it has a high degree of generalization of the society and the laws of life of everyone, not just the characters in the book . The author uses a broader dimension and a longer time span to resolve all of this, which requires a certain degree of worldview or cosmology.

The empty room was empty and the bed was full.
The grass is dead, and it used to be a dance hall.
The spider's silk is full of carved beams, and the green yarn is now on the window.
Say what fat is thick, powder is fragrant, how to make two frosts?
Yesterday, the loess gimmick sent a white bone, and now the red light is lying on the bottom.
The gold is full of boxes, the silver is full of boxes, and the eyes are full of people.
I am sighing that others are not long, and I know that I am coming back!
Training is very good, and it will not be strong in the future.
Choose the cream, who is expected to live in the fireworks alley!
Because the hat is too small, causing the lock crowbar,
yesterday pity broken cold, this is too long.
I will sing in the chaos and I will debut, and I will recognize my hometown as my hometown.
It is ridiculous, and in the end it is to marry others.

In general, this commentary reveals the distribution and change of wealth and power, and has its own laws. The smallness of human beings is powerless in the face of this powerful natural and social law, and the pursuit of various desires to satisfy desires. It is all in vain. Wealth, power, beauty... All of us can't stay, but we are still obsessed .

The ending of this time: the lonely gentleman went out of the house, and the once-drinking Jia Yucun was a post-secondary high school official, and the fat batch of clouds: the so-called "chaos, you sing me to debut" is also. Immediately use reality to emphasize the comments of Shi Yin.

Let's take a look at the two people in the lowest valley of their lives. The choice of each person, the gentleman who believes in the philosophy of Laozi and Zhuang chooses to break into the empty door. You can see it as an escape from reality or as a spiritual perfection. Jia Yucun, who believes in Confucius and Mencius's philosophy, is unyieldingly climbing to the peak of success. You can regard him as a model of successful learning, or you can understand that you cannot escape from the sea of ​​suffering because of desire. This is not only the difference in values ​​between the two. At first, the author made logical arrangements for these two characters. Shi Yin has experienced a wealth, and Yucun has not experienced it. He pursues things he has never had before he can satisfy his desires. . And the understanding of all of this depends on how high and broad the readers stand. At the same time, this explains to a certain extent why the Lao Zhuang philosophy satisfies our spiritual cravings, but has no practical guiding significance for our present life, and the Confucius and Mencius philosophy is exactly the opposite . Where is the mystery of life?

And do not mention "to hide the truth" "fake language village".

The story of Gentleman is a small freehand brush before the opening of the drama, purely symbolic, and his story condenses the story of Baoyu.

Jia Yucun is a clue to the whole book, leading people. He has brought out two female lords in the book - Lin Daiyu and Xue Baozhen. After the fourth retreat, it is still hidden from time to time to remind the reader of the existence of this person. Thinking of his pursuit of success is ultimately nothing more than an empty one. The story begins with him, and it is up to him to end. The last few dozens of the original pen will definitely appear again, and he will be responsible for the full text.

In the first time, the gentleman has already realized the truth, the so-called "truth", and the lost of Jia Yucun has just begun, and led us to appreciate the magical journey of the stone, the so-called "fake." There are many interpretations of the "true" and "false" intentions given to the two, and they need to be carefully understood.

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The essence of the book is here, and it’s hard to do it.

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