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The Rain of Symphony: The Scorpio about the Soul

If you can only play a music game in this life, then my choice is "The Rain of Symphony."

After landing on Steam last night, I habitually pulled down to see what new work was done. When I saw Dorothy, I almost doubted my eyes! Then look at the name of the game, it really is "Symphonic Rain", SR actually landed on steam on June 15!

Just seeing the familiar female lords has already made people feel a lot of emotions; when they heard the familiar music in the propaganda film, the tears will fall. I have never had a game rework that made me so excited, I bought two copies now.

Many friends know that "The Rain of Symphony" is a love adventure music game released by Gongzhutang in 2004, which tells the beautiful fairy tale that happened in Yucheng. The songs elaborated by the late music producer Okazaki Riko made SR a generation of musical works; even if the interest in music is not great, the excellent story atmosphere is enough to make you feel uncomfortable.

SR has a special meaning for me, she can be said that I entered the network of writing the first teacher. Although from the junior high school, I like to write novels and diaries indiscriminately, but that is all for myself. The black belly of the law was deeply shocked by me, and I had the desire to confide on the Internet for the first time. Since then, indulging in the network can not extricate themselves, embarked on the road of irrigation and no return ==

If you are an old player of SR, you are now discounted 15%. It is excellent to buy a "symphony rain" as a memorial.

If you haven't played a similar game, Symphony Rain will be an excellent choice for you to enter the pit.

If you like the theme song of "Fruit Basket", then you will love "The Rain of Symphony".

After finishing the advantages, I have to mention regrets.

The biggest regret is that the old version of CG was redrawn and made clearer. This is generally a sincere performance, but because of the changes in style, many old players feel uncomfortable. The biggest change is that the eyes of the female lords in the new CG are generally smaller, closer to the real proportion of the human eye, but less sprouting. If you haven't played before, there won't be any concerns in this regard.

The official comes with traditional Chinese, you need to right-click in the game library.

I know that there is a problem. What is the feeling after my own hobby becomes a public?

"The Rain of Symphony" is a small music love game, but if I work through it, I will become a little bit more popular. For me, I have successfully shared my happiness :)

There is a slight spoiler below, please read it carefully!

As a full-age Galgame, the five female lords of the Symphony of Rain are very impressive.


The lovely girl next door, the twin sister of the male lover, considers many things intimately for the man. She is surrounded by sunshine, but she has many unexpected secrets. Can she confide in her boyfriend?

2. Yahweh

The lover of the man, like Dulu, is also the sweetheart of the man. Because she stayed in her hometown to work, she only came to school every Christmas to see the man. Is such a love really a big man?

3. France and Greece

The former student president, who has excellent talents, is a first-rate singer, gentleman, and good at cooking. In addition to being thoughtful, it can be said that there is no fault (of course, the mind is not necessarily a disadvantage). What is the real purpose of her approaching the man?

4. Reese

The famous musician Gu Lawei's daughter, who is small and delicate, is very poor in school because of her strict father. Can she change her destiny with her male boss?

5. Fuling

The leprechaun who accompanied the man’s life, no one other than the male owner could see her. Why is the fairy who is detached in the original position very concerned about the lifelong events of the man?

Personal advice, do not check any Raiders in a week, choose with your own real ideas. If the playing of the character Ludeng is really hard, you can choose to play automatically, without affecting the story experience.