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When my master said that when Huai Huai was not met, he could not blame the people.


My master said:

It’s not enough to have a good fortune.

Can not be blamed on the outside.

If you blame everyone, your heart is full of guilt,

It will only hurt the blessings.

"There is no way to go, and you are asking for yourself."

Do not oppose the outside world,

Reflect on your own physical and mental behavior and improve.

When the cause is not enough,

Just sinking hard,

Growth ability, cultivation of fortunes.

You can't be quick and quick.

My master also said:

Plan and re-implement.

Don't be too full and too thin at first.

Don't overestimate your self-control ability.

Make a plan that is easier to complete,

Then go and finish it.

A sense of accomplishment, a sense of fulfillment and a growing self-confidence will help you stick to it day in and day out.

You can also pull a friend to help supervise yourself.

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