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How can I appreciate you? The sour taste in coffee


When it comes to the fine coffee that has been popular in China in recent years, it must not avoid the sour taste.

As one of the five basic flavors, sour taste has an irresistible taste enjoyment in life.

Most of our early coffee drinkers in China began to taste from bitter coffee, and experienced a sweet coffee with cream and syrup until the popularity of fine coffee was discovered. In addition to bitterness and sourness in coffee.

Today, let's just abandon the other flavors in the coffee and talk about the sourness in the coffee.

Bakers who have studied professional coffee tasting must be familiar with the chemical terms chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, formic acid, acetic acid, phosphoric acid, etc. Coffee roasters also use different baking methods according to the characteristics of these substances. Look for your own baking style.

But if our bakers think about it, as a consumer, should I need to understand this? Can also be understood that there are so many kinds of acid in coffee and consumers have a wool relationship with coffee? I came to the coffee shop for coffee, not to listen to the barista to give me a chemistry class. What's more, most of your chemistry teachers are not very professional.

Is the sour taste a devil or an angel?

I want to analyze the problem first with some understanding.

There is already a slight acidity in human saliva, in addition to sourness, there is sweet sugar in the saliva, bitter-smelling urea, salty sodium chloride, and umami amino acids. In the food processing industry, the value of 0-14 is generally used to measure the acidity. This value represents the concentration of hydrogen ions in food or beverage, referred to as PH value. Acidity below PH7 is alkaline, and alkalinity above 7 is the pH value of water. 7, so we usually drink water or rinse before we taste the food to balance the pH value in the mouth.

What does this have to do with coffee?

We know that the black coffee that is hand-punched is an acidic beverage. The pH value is not the same as the baking degree. It is probably between 4.5 and 5.5. It seems that this has only a numerical difference of 1 and the difference in pH 1 represents the difference in acidity. Times. This is also the reason why we are drinking a light baking that is significantly stronger than the sour taste of deep roasted coffee. The pH of the milk is about 7. If the PH7 milk is added to the PH5 coffee, the resulting beverage will have a PH value higher than 5, and the milk will be used to alleviate the coffee, which will make us taste less acidic.

Now we seem to have a clue to deal with the acid in the coffee.

In the food processing industry, the dessert chef and chef are very good at handling sour taste. Think about the sweet and sour pork ribs in Chinese food. This is a classic match of sweet and sour. Use a lot of rock sugar to balance the sour taste of vinegar. The sour taste of lemon juice balances the high concentration of sweetness; the winemaker uses acid to inhibit bacterial growth, while the high-sweet wine is refreshed and refreshed because of its acidity.

Good food is always sweet and sour.

In the sports world, we often see basketball players playing football. They have been chewing gum during the game. I was very curious when I saw this phenomenon. Why do athletes like chewing gum so much? Later, I learned that there is a chewing gum called “Quench”. Through chewing, it will continuously release sourness, so that the mouth will continue to secrete saliva, thus solving the problem of athletes' dry mouth.

However, the sweetness of most coffee does not balance the sourness.

The acid in coffee, do we want consumers to face it directly?

The barista and the guests will introduce the acidity of a certain coffee to the high-quality fruit acid. The coffee should have the tonality of the fruit, but it often ignores the consumer's feelings. The consumer smiles and drinks the sour taste. Coffee with fruit acid, but the heart is shouting, I do not like sour.

With a smile, it is purely polite.

This is a real thing. When I drink a special sour coffee in a coffee shop, I don't want to add milk. I will add some water to the coffee, dilute the coffee, make the sour taste less awkward, or add a little bit of sugar to balance the sour taste. I won't be able to endure myself when I drink a cup of sour coffee, because I am coming to the coffee shop to drink coffee, not to find a pottery to challenge my endurance.

The barista should not shun the sour taste in the coffee, the sour coffee, and must be instilled into the consumer. This is a high-quality fruit acid. You think it is too sour that you won't appreciate it. I have also seen some barista competitions. In a coffee description of the game, coffee has nearly ten flavors, from hot to cold, from dry to wet, raspberry, tropical fruit, passion fruit, tree. Raspberry, apricot, white peach, brandy, etc., sourness is always rising in his mouth. Are you sure that the consumer sitting in front of you has eaten food that you may not have eaten before? The flavor is small, this is the so-called fine coffee?

Finally, I feel that no matter whether the coffee in a coffee shop is good or not, as long as the person making the product has the heart, I will think that it is a good cup of coffee, which deserves my respect and taste.

As for coffee, how to taste it, it is my business.

Also, don't despise me to add sugar and water to the coffee.

After all, I paid for it.