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What pits do programmers with a monthly salary of 30,000 avoid?


Programmers' salary is high or low. Some people may take 30K or 50K a month. Some people may only have 2K and 3K. A programmer who also has five years of work experience may take 20K per month and 5K for one. What causes this difference? I deliberately summed up the nine behaviors that are likely to lead to low salaries. Avoid these big pits, and you are not far from high salary.

Habitual immediate return

He doesn't know that only spring sowing will harvest in the fall. Just pay a little bit, even if you haven’t paid, you want to get a return. The technology has just mastered, and I can feel how much money I can get when I work on Baidu. I have to think about how much money I have to find a job. I have been thinking about how much money I have to add after I have been working for a few months. After a few months of work, if the salary has not gone up, I will give up and prepare to go through a job-hopping job. Often, there will be complaints about the lack of salary and the work will be perfunctory.

The value of a programmer is reflected in the value he brings to the company. It brings value to the company first, and then it will in turn reflect its value on the salary. The company is very realistic, rarely paying for your potential, giving you a high salary when you have not yet demonstrated value.

In life and work, you must know how to pay, don't be so quick and quick, and immediately want to get a return. There is no white lunch in the world. If you want to get something, you have to pay for it first. Only plant seeds, then water, fertilize, weed, kill insects, and then wait to harvest.

Lack of learning passion

There are very few people in the position who need continuous learning like programmers. The technology of software development is changing with each passing day, and each technology is often profound and profound. It is difficult to master without continuous and in-depth study, let alone mastery. If you can't understand a skillful application of a technology, and the level of performance is just to work and okay, it is hard to say that the company will pay a big price for “okay”. Only when it stands out, can it be highly valued. .

If you are not interested in learning, mastering, and proficient in technology, there is no desire to learn in the face of the emerging new language, new technology, and new framework. However, in terms of software development, you are not only likely to get a high salary at the moment, nor will you meeting. In such an era of rapid change, only continuous learning will not be abandoned.

Not working hard enough

Although we all know that hard work can change our skill level, we can continue to make unremitting efforts to make ourselves a success. However, there are still many people who have tasted it. After three days of fishing, they will be able to run the game for two days.

The gap between people and people in intelligence and intelligence is not as big as imagined. Even in many cases, from the perspective of the low level of effort of most people, there is no such thing as a talent. If the strength of two people is half a catty, those who work hard and insist on it will be more likely to succeed.


Doing things is light and afraid, and is unwilling to challenge. I don't know the ability to be experienced in the process of constantly challenging and constantly breaking through. In a company, programmers who often take on difficult tasks must grow faster, and salary growth must be faster. The more difficult things are, the more they reflect personal value, and the more they can bring to personal growth.

Everything is difficult, don't be afraid of difficulties. Things are not doing well because they are not capable, and they are mostly due to lack of perseverance. As long as you are not afraid of difficulties and stick to the front, there will be different gains.

A career is like a woman, whoever pursues, who can succeed. The same is true for money.

Lack of responsibility

No matter what the job is, it is not your own business, it lacks the sense of responsibility. It doesn't matter if you do it well. You don't care about the promise of delivery and the quality of the product. Nothing can make him feel good.

The responsibility of a person determines his attitude at work and determines the quality and success of his career. If a person has no sense of responsibility, even if he has great ability, he may not be able to make good grades.

Negative, complain

If the work is a little unsatisfactory, the grievances will be boiling. How is this going, how is that going, and how can I do this, the task is unfair, the resources are unfair, then who does not support me, then who does not cooperate...

Complaining can't make things better. Conversely, it can spread negative emotions, eat away your energy and time, and let you produce lower. Successful people never complain, and complainers never succeed. Stop complaining immediately, stop one minute early, and you are close to the target for one minute.

No time management concept

Everyone has only 24 hours a day, and the difference between people is how to use time.

Some people have goals every week, and they have plans every day. In the morning, they will think about a few important things to do today. In the evening, they will review what they have done today, and summarize what they have done and what they have done. Learn new knowledge and new skills, so that you can continue to persist every day, every day is efficient, and every day is moving toward a richer and more perfect self.

And some people have no purpose, where to go, to the company, the morning can basically do nothing, until the afternoon did not know what to do, at night, how to kill time...

Working for salary

Although the main purpose of the job is to get a salary, to support themselves and to supply the family; but this is only the most direct compensation for the job, but also the lowest goal.

If we work for a salary, we will be doomed to be short-sighted and will be destined to suffer the most damage. If you don't see anything other than salary, and care about salary, welfare, position, etc., the slight breeze from the outside world may make you float like a duckweed, you will soon lose balance, lose confidence, lose enthusiasm. Lose peace, and always take an attitude that deals with things when you work. If you can do less, you can do less. You can avoid it and feel that you can afford to pay for your own salary. In the long run, the high salary you are pursuing will not be available.

We work in a company for ourselves, not for salary or for others, more important than salary, and the opportunity to grow and achieve ourselves. We must understand that companies, enterprises, and organizations are the platforms for us to train ourselves and cultivate ourselves. We are not working for salary, not for the boss, not for the family, for working for self, for perfection. Work by yourself.

Only when there is a high degree of aspirations can you be popular in the world.

I don't really like software development.

Some people are engaged in software development work, not because they like it, nor do they do it. They may be like the high salary that comes with software development - the average salary is higher than other industries. When people do things they don't like, they don't have a sense of closeness in their minds. They don't think about how to do things better. They tend to be almost the same. They are unlikely to have a quest for excellence. Because when you do something you don't like, you are emotionally refusing, and you want to escape emotionally. You always want to get down early. Every day you go to the unit is not full of expectation, but all kinds of worry, irritability, fear. When you arrive at the unit, if you have a little difficulty or not, you will be negative, complain, resist, refuse...

Do what you like, you can maximize your potential and enthusiasm, and you will be the fastest to succeed. What you don't like, at the beginning, is doomed to half the effort, and in the end it is often painful or halfway.

Author: An Xiaohui
Source: Mu Course Network
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