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From the contractor to the first job of the program (9)


The days are flying fast, and the blink of an eye is half a year. This semester is coming to an end. The teacher urged the students to pay the tuition for the next semester, but I saw it enough. Some of the classmates have been unable to keep up with the curriculum, and they are disheartened. Even the girls who have been renting with Li Dian have found a cashier’s job overtime; some of the students have made up their minds to study on their own, such as Li Dye and, of course, me. There are only a handful of people who really stayed in the third semester. I was more surprised that I actually convinced Zhang Yiqi, she also dropped out of school, haha.

Then I immediately looked for a job.

Because the state at this time is wonderful: I learned a bunch of things, but I don't know how to use them. Although I have done two projects in the school, I don’t always think it is the same thing. I also heard people say that the ones we do are all "toys", but what about the toy project? If you don't go to work, you will never know.

And the teacher who did not have the training class was staying by, and self-study began to become difficult. Although I chose the easiest to get started with ASP.NET However, there are still many problems in it that are very difficult to solve. I was particularly impressed once. When I watched the video, I followed the teacher and the database was dead and could not be connected! It’s almost going to collapse, Baidu is searching everywhere, all kinds of attempts, nothing; csdn post, online, etc., the following bunch of answers, useless; also anxious to be wise, simply find QQ group! Finally, I finally met a good person in the group. At the beginning, we also typed a screenshot. You came to me and worked for a long time. He was also caught in a fire. "I will give you a remote look!" It turns out that my computer is equipped with SQL Express that comes with VS. There is no SQL server, so the link string should be written as server=.\express. It’s really a dog... I have delayed my study time for several days. ! At that time, I really felt that every day was very precious, and the result was wasted on it.

At this time, you will naturally think: If you are in the company, there is a big god "with a belt" around you, how cool!

Of course, I also know that it is very difficult to find a job in my current situation. I have no education, no experience, no technology, but it is hard to get it! Li Shu’s mantra, “There are conditions to be, and there are no conditions to create conditions.” In any case, even if you are asking for a stone, you must first cast your resume and say it!

To submit a resume, you must have a resume.

I pulled out my resume and graduated from the International Trade Center of the University of Political Science and Law. I have worked as an English teacher, a lawyer, and a decoration company. Now I am applying for a programmer. I am looking straight and frowning. What messy things are there? And at the beginning, it was silly, and I also added the effort to train in the north of the country for half a year. Study the recruitment notice again and see what is required. One by one, technical, Html, CSS, JavaScript, then ASP.NET Finally, SQL sever, sloppy, at least touched. The trouble is "two years of work experience", what about this? !

Hardly scalping cast a resume, there is no news in the stone.

It seems that there is a problem! I am not ashamed to ask, simply post the resume and ask it online.

Then someone got the idea: first remove the training class for half a year! "Ah?" I used to think of this as a life-saving straw. I thought it was the only plus item. "When did the family ask me how to learn programming?" I am embarrassed! "Just say that you are self-taught." People answered the light and light, well, I will try.

Then, streamline your work experience and don't write about those jobs for a few months. I understand this moment, high!

Next, the home improvement company should not write that it is the boss of its own business, think about it, just promote it on the Internet, so gradually and gradually touch the development of the website, it is also natural. I am afraid that the employer will verify it. Haha, the company is closed, verifying the fart...

After some "repairing touches", I began to have an interview notice.

At that time, in July and August, when Chongqing was the hottest, I wore shirts and trousers to run in Chongqing. From interviewing others before, to being interviewed by others, the position has changed, and the things I see are different. The deepest experience is that the interviewer's arrogance is actually to say, it is ridiculous. There is a company, in fact, a small workshop. It is estimated that the main business is the "800 yuan to build a station". A young man interviewing me is not looking at me. In fact, if my previous company had to spend 5,000 yuan to make a website, it is estimated that he would run away. I think, fortunately, I didn't have such a look when I interviewed others before, but wait, have I ever been too hard and impatient? It seems that there is still it... Self-cultivation is not enough.

It didn't take long before I found my first job. I summed it up for two reasons:

1. This work is not too good. The company is in the suburbs (in fact, it is a newly developed industrial park), and the bus can't be reached. I got off the bus and looked at it. It was really uninhabited. Fortunately, there are a few scattered "Motor" in the pull, I spent another 5 dollars (of course, was slaughtered) before arriving at the company downstairs. Because the transportation is too far from the city, the company has a group dormitory, and I can only return home one week.

2. The second day after the interview, I took the initiative to call the company, pretending to ask the situation, and immediately touted the company's vitality and prospects, and said that I am very willing to go to work. Chen Hong did not do this before, hehe. Sure enough, the company soon notified me to go to work.

Upon receiving this notice, I am of course happy. But happy, I can't help but worry about this company. Ugh……


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