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Honest fox


One day, the little fox Xiaofu picked up a pink egg in the forest. The egg is round and rolls on the ground with a slight push. Xiaofu likes this egg very much. It took the egg back home and excitedly said to her mother:

"Mom looks at me, I picked up an egg!"

"Child, where is this egg coming from?" said the mother.

"I got it in the forest."

"That is the egg tart of someone else's family. If you lose something, you must be in a hurry. Let's go back."

"But I want this egg," Xiaofu said.

"If you don't want it, you can get it back."

So Xiaofu went back to the forest and put the eggs in the original place. It waited for a long time, and no one came. Xiaofu thought: "Since no one is coming, I will take it back." But it thought again, my mother told it that only people should not take it back. The clever little blessing thinks that if it can find the owner of the egg, you can know if the family is going to be.

Xiaofu carefully held the egg and looked around the forest for the owner of the egg. Two mosquitoes are not far away, whispering: "Is it? The fox stole an egg." Xiaofu’s ear was especially spiritual, and he heard the conversation of the mosquito. It was full of grievances and said: "I didn't steal, it was me. Oh!" Two mosquitoes were shocked, then they held a big belly and laughed: "Yes, the thief said so."

Xiaofu shed tears, and it feels that these two mosquitoes are too unreasonable. The mosquito saw Xiaofu crying, but he fell proud and flew to the side and sang:

"Little fox, stealing things,

Run to the east and run to the west.

Steal the egg first, then steal the chicken,

Every household should pay attention.

Xiaofu runs all the way with his eggs and wants to escape the two mosquitoes. Inadvertently, it hit the tiger's stomach. Tiger Tagore asked what happened to Xiaofu. Xiaofu told them about the ins and outs. Two mosquitoes are still singing in the distance:

"Little fox, delicate,

Used to get rid of temper from childhood.

When others say it, they are in a hurry.

Crying, no one cares.

"Child," said the tiger. "What you are doing is the right thing, not what others say."

Xiaofu nodded. It wiped away the tears and continued to search for the owner of the egg. It first found the eagle.

"Uncle Eagle, is this your egg?"

The eagle was feeling hungry, saw the egg in the hands of Xiaofu, and flew down from the tree with excitement.

"It's my egg," said the eagle. It grabbed the egg and knocked it with his mouth.

Xiaofu thinks, why should the eagle lick its own eggs? This must not be the egg of the eagle. It shouted:

"The eagle eagle, the tiger is coming, run!"

When the eagle heard it, the claws were loose and flew back to the tree. Xiaofu picked up the egg and immediately ran away. It ran and ran, and met the Goose. Goose Gonggong saw the egg in Xiaofu’s hand and asked Xiaofu: “Xiaofu, are you coming back to me?”

Xiaofu listened, and he was very happy. He thought, "I finally found the owner."

Goose Gonggong stood up and said, "Come here, put the eggs here." There are eggs of various colors in its nest.

Xiaofu thinks, how can a male goose hatch? So it said: "Goose father, you lied."

Goose Gonggong said a bit slyly: "Xiaofu, I am a special collection of eggs."

Xiaofu ran away with the egg. It first hid the egg and went to find the chicken mother. The chicken mother saw Xiaofu dancing with a big tail and bounced to her, and her heart was very nervous. She moved her body and sat more stable. Xiaofu came to the mother of the chicken and said, "Auntie hen, can you show me your egg?"

The mother of the chicken said: "Xiaofu, what kind of fox brain are you moving?"

"I picked up an egg and didn't know if it was yours."

"What kind of egg is it?"

"You tell me what your egg looks like?"

"This little guy is quite smart," said the chicken mother. "My egg is a white oval."

"Oh, disturbing the hen's aunt, I am not your egg."

Xiaofu holds the egg and continues to look for it in the forest. Then the sky came and screamed. The eagle descended from the sky and took the egg from Xiao Fu.

"Little guy, even I can dare to lie!" said the eagle.

"Oh--" there was a scream of anger in the forest. Tiger Tagore jumped out of the forest, and it jumped up and slapped the eagle. The eagle quickly flew high. The pink egg fell from the air and bounced several times on the ground.

"Ping - Ping - Pong - Pong -"

It turns out that the tiger is not at ease, and has been behind Xiaofu. At this time, Goose Gonggong also came over from a distance, and it said to Xiaofu:

"Child, I just want to tell you, it is not an egg. It is human table tennis."

"Table tennis?" Xiaofu is very confused.

"It's an egg that I play specifically. I am getting older, or you guys are going to play."

Xiaofu looked at the tiger. The tiger patted its head and said:

"This egg is probably not for humans. If you like it, just take it and play."

Xiaofu has a new toy and is very happy. The tiger and the goose fathers praised Xiaofu for picking up the money. The eagle on the tree heard that the egg could not be eaten, and he echoed and said: "I just wanted to play with Xiaofu. Xiaofu is really a child."

The two mosquitoes followed all the way, all in the eyes, feeling very ashamed and singing again:

"Little fox, really sultry,

Looking for the forest and still things.

Picking up gold is not good quality,

Everyone loves the little fox.

Tiger Tagore squeezed his eyes at Xiaofu and asked, "What sound have you heard?"

"Well, the voice of you," said Xiaofu.

[People's education version of the primary and secondary school class statistics]

| 年级     | 上册 | 下册 | 合计 | 比例  |
| 一年级   | 168  | 79   | 247  | 71.4% |
| 二年级   | 38   | 31   | 69   | 19.9% |
| 三年级   | 3    | 1    | 4    | 1.2%  |
| 四年级   | 4    | 6    | 10   | 2.9%  |
| 五年级   | 4    | 4    | 8    | 2.3%  |
| 六年级   | 0    | 0    | 0    | 0.0%  |
| 七年级   | 0    | 0    | 0    | 0.0%  |
| 八年级   | 0    | 1    | 1    | 0.3%  |
| 九年级   | 0    | 0    | 0    | 0.0%  |
| 课外生字 |      |      | 7    | 2.0%  |

It is recommended that children in the second grade and above read.

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