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How to treat the "Liu Qiangdong sexual assault" incident?


文 | 蔡垒磊

Big cockroaches are also planted. When I saw the news of Liu Qiangdong’s sexual assault yesterday, I was not surprised at all. I don’t say that the possibility of being surrounded by the big men is much higher than that of ordinary people. It’s also a big possibility to be recognized and then sit on the ground. Most of them, but most of them chose to be more comfortable.

Many people have decided that Liu Qiangdong has been set up, but even if he is set up, at least it is awkward. Is it okay? Still married. So under a lot of Weibo, it triggered a fierce battle: If today's protagonist is milk tea, look at what will be sprayed, why is the standard deviation of social treatment for men and women derailed so much?

Indeed, if it is milk tea to raise small fresh meat, it will be affirmation, but it is not because of men and women.

Although the derailment is not right, but we are different in the tolerance of different people in the marriage , such as Lin Dan derailed, it seems to be okay, Ma Rong derailed, then sin is not blame, because Lin Dan is a man? ? That Chen Sicheng is also a man, why has he been being shackled?

Our tolerance is not changed by men and women, but by the “personal difference” between husband and wife.

Pay attention to this difference, you will have no charm. If your other half is more attractive, the difference is still very big. For example, Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang, the difference is very big; Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong, the difference is slightly smaller. However, Wang Baoqiang is a well-known star after all, and his family basically makes money, so it is also very big; Chen Sicheng and Yan Liya, the difference is smaller, even in the eyes of many people, Julia is more attractive - also makes money beautiful (In fact, the proportion of family assets from Chen Sicheng should account for more than 90%), so Chen Sicheng "looks" is more unforgivable than Lin Dan;

Since the above is basically the man's main earning money, if you feel that it is not convincing enough, you can look at the comparison between Bai Baihe and Ma Rong. From Chen Yufan's post-drinking mantra, at least he did not forgive Bai Baihe at the time, claiming that Bai Baihe would wear him. A big green hat, so whether it is a compound now, whether it is a statement that "has been divorced", Bai Baihe's probability of derailing during the marriage is true.

and then? The photo shoot, the mirror shines, and the show is not down. Why don't everyone spray? Because she was earlier than Chen Yufan, and changed to the white debut who just debuted to try it? Trying to change to Ma Rong?

People often think that they have different preferences or dislikes about a certain behavior, but in fact, there are still differences in the heart.

Most people's brains judge the basis of things from self-substitute . Most men will be substituted into men, and most women will be substituted into women. If I am TA, I think this is unfair.

When the victim is the one with the lower glamour value, he will think that although the other party is too much, at least I get a lot of other benefits, and then I will find out that my partner is not derailed but has a good time. It seems that there is no good for each other, so the sympathy is reduced.

When the injured person is the one with higher glamour value, after self-substitute, I will think that I am so frustrated that my partner is good to me. If I become a millionaire, or if I look so good, the other party is still derailed? This is too unforgivable, so I feel more sympathy for the other party.

It is the same for the party that hurts others. If it is a high value of charm - well, I am too far from the TA segment. Maybe I am almost at that time, so I don't condemn it; if it is charm The value is low - if I have such a good other half, I still want to derail? Therefore, "do not know how to cherish" became the culprit.

Liu Qiangdong is a world-class top rich. We all think that such people "should" have the right to have more mating rights. We will not say it because it seems to be trivial, but our performance shows that all:

When a person like Liu Qiangdong is single-minded about a woman, we will praise him as a crazy person, but if an ordinary person picks up milk tea and is single-minded with her, we don’t think there is anything strange - you are so frustrated, To be a loyal dog is justified, how many people want to be her loyal dog, cheaper you.

So this matter has nothing to do with men and women, no accident, Liu Qiangdong did not have an accident at the end, milk tea will smile back and welcome the husband, and said that everything is a misunderstanding, and he absolutely trusts him.

There are women, Liya, and Xie Xingfang. I believe that this time, I will also sip milk tea, saying that they have indulged the scum males to break the social atmosphere. But if you are a milk tea, would you leave Liu Qiangdong? I do not believe.