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Daming 1566: Unfinished palace


Daming 1566: Unfinished palace

"Da Ming Dynasty 1566" is a very interesting TV series. From the perspective of a history enthusiast, I would like to describe it in four words: paradox .

From the perspective of textual research, this drama is called a loophole: in the characters, a few masters of the light, when Zhang Juzheng was appointed as Yu Wang, it was already 1564, and Hairui became the county of Di'an, but as early as 1558, Qi Jiguang’s last fight in Zhejiang was a matter of 1561. At the time of the event, Wanli was born without Ruixue and Jiajing’s palace celebration. The officials did not have to be collectively scepter to stop the palace, and Hai Rui did not Buying two pounds of beef and disturbing Hu Zongxian, as for the core plot of the whole drama, "changing rice into mulberry", it is all illusory.

However, this TV series can indeed call itself a "fair drama". At the same time, Jiajing, which is flickering and unpredictable at the same time, is soft and charming, but also sultry and sultry. In fact, Hu Zongxian, who has skills but also has a skill, is as straight as a sword. They are also savvy, like Hai Rui... They are shaped in TV dramas, which can be said to be extremely lively, extremely vivid, and in line with history books.

As for those events that have never happened: Wanli was indeed not prayed for by Ruixue at the time of his birth, but in 1531, when the eldest son of Jiajing was born, there was indeed an incident of "praying the rituals and rituals, and descending from the snow"; The court officials did not go to cry the palace gate and were therefore collectively swallowed, but in 1527, when the "great ceremony", the then officials were indeed crying outside Zuo Shunmen and thus were collectively scepter; Rui did not touch Hu Zongxian because he bought two pounds of beef, but he did marvel Hu Zongxian because he bought two pounds of pork... "Da Ming Dynasty 1566" is a sophisticated tailor who took the most typical events of these people. And the most striking features, condensed into the shortest possible time and the narrowest space, triggering the most intense conflict and the most powerful impulse, so there is this TV series. It is true that we cannot say that such a thing happened in history, but we can say that those people are almost like that.

...... endless repair Longevity Palace, also with such a " paradox " of the event.

At the beginning of the whole drama, the reason for the financial deficit refers to the construction of the palace. The construction of the "two palaces and two views" runs through the whole drama. It is the cause and the result. Until the end, Hai Rui "cleans the family" The trigger point of the sparseness still falls on the congratulatory table of the palace. In the play, the Yan Party, through the process of repairing the palace, took up the hand and made a fortune, and eventually caused the anger of Jiajing. " ...Leave a million yuan for the repair of the Wanshou Palace? They took two million. Twenty million, and thank you! "

From the plot, this is a very delicate and important event, which has played a significant role in the development of the plot and the intensification of contradictions. However, if it is verified from history, this incident is the same as that of Hairui's beef and Wanli's Ruixue. No, it is not only a vain, but it is already upside down.

"The emperor lived in the Yongshou Palace disaster, and lived in the Yuxi Hall. He was very eager to build a building. He asked for it. Please don't hesitate, the emperor is not awkward. Ask the order, please use the three halls to reclaim the book. Lei Liying, can count on the moon. Emperor Yue, such as the stage. Life ranks Shang Baozhen and the head of the Ministry of Industry, Dong Qiu, ten days and success. The emperor lived in Japan and ordered the Wanshou Palace. order loyalty, into a small division, and branch book of pension, to a child in the book Scheeren. Fan also super pull the child too often Shaoqing. Song Qu is the day. "

In the last section, from the "History of the Ming Dynasty", "Xu Jie Gao Gong Zhang Juzheng", in the real history of Jiajing forty years (that is, the year when the TV series began), Yongshou was fired, Jiajing had to move to Yuxi, narrow and inconvenient, so I wanted to have After the revision, he first asked the first and strict Yan's opinions. Yan Yan suggested that he still lived in Dazhong (Jiajing as a famous emperor emperor, who lived in Xiwan for a long time, and vacant inside), instead of rebuilding the palace, which made Jiajing very Satisfied, I went to ask the opinions of the second sub-Xu Jie. Xu Jie stated that he should rebuild and recommended his son to preside over the project. After that, the hundred days of success, the emperor's heart and joy, the Xu and his sons and sons have more than a reward, and the sternness of the rebellious sin of the heart is " the day is bent ", the market is watching day by day.

According to the history of Ming Dynasty, it is only a matter of fact, and the history of private history should be more detailed, for example:

" Jiajing Xinyi, Xiyuan Wanshou Palace disaster, the Ministry of Industry Lei Li said: 'This palace is the ancestor of the ancestor of the ancestors, the king of the clock. Today, the emperor of the emperor, Dingxin 丕基, should be in time to camp, to Cheng Tian 'On the top of the answer, the speed of the preparation of materials for construction. Since the glory of the matter, before and after. "

The last quotation from the "Wan Liye was compiled", the recorded work department played the sparse, can be said to be the "Quyi Feng Ying" four words to the extreme, and it is relying on such a completely inferior to the sturdy and sturdy means of fine and refined揣 揣 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , It can be said that the entire resurrection event of the Wanshou Palace was carefully arranged by Xu Yiyi and controlled by one party. In the end, it began to destroy the trust relationship between Jiajing and Yan Yu. It was a fierce battle and a victory on the battlefield. As for the TV series, " The 2.3 million is still a million yuan for the Treasury. I received the Ministry of Industry. I sent it to the palace 500,000 years ago to give the emperor a reward; the remaining 500,000, after the year I will help the emperor to repair the Wanshou Palace that was burned last year ! "The greed of eating... As mentioned above, the Yan party simply could not participate in this reconstruction incident, and from there to get up and down and make a fortune."

... However, this does not mean that they are qualified to scream for it. As mentioned above, the setting of this plot is, in my opinion, "like paradox ". Indeed, in history, the Yan party did not take advantage of the construction of this palace, but it is only " This time, "But it."

When it comes to the construction of the palace, Jiajing was placed in the top three years of the Ming Dynasty. It is also the top figure. Since he entered the Beijing from the Xingxian Wangfu, he has been stubbornly treating the palace as a beloved weapon. The ministers repeatedly fought: In the early period, he showed his attitude and implemented the will by building the palace of the temple and the mother. In the later period, he built the huge and magnificent palace view to weigh the ministers and seek the fairyhood. Beginning with the contested temples and Renshou Palace, Yude Hall, to the three halls, the nine temples, and the invisible Xiwan during the complete uniform of the imperial court, until the Wanshou Palace or Yongshou Palace . The construction of the palace has run through the entire period of Jiajing's forty-five years of rule. Yan Yan’s defeat of Xia Yan’s upper position at the beginning was the beginning of the mistakes made by the other party in the construction of the Tai womb and the Daxiang Temple. At that time, probably no one could think that after 20 years, Yan Yan would also make a mistake in the construction of the palace. And therefore, it has also begun to lose the trust of Jiajing... It can only be said that the wonders of creation are as good as ones!), and the reason why it can be trusted is that it can’t be separated from the three halls and nine The temple, and even the view of the Temple of the Immortals, and so on. As for the process of eating in this process, he and even the party members under him, another material is a good illustration:

"Xiyuan made a new pavilion. It didn't happen in time. The emperor climbed high on the day. Seeing that there is a sorghum in the west Chang'an Street, ask who is the house. The left and right 曰: 'Zhao Shangshu's new house is also." One person next to it: "The Ministry of Construction is big wood, half for Wenhua is the home, He Weiying new cabinet.'"

The above also comes from "Ming History", which is contained in Zhao Wenhua's biography. He was Yan Yi, a portable, and once presided over the southeastern military administration. Hu Zongxian was admitted to the strict vision through his careful flattery, and he finally got to work in the southeast. At that time, Zhao Wenhua had just made a meritorious deed, the chief laborer, responsible for the creation of the palace, but the big wood and the beautiful materials, all for their own use, the Jiajing Palace was delayed, and their own Huawu was built early, and therefore offended. In this case, in the TV series, the arbitrariness of the party was made by the excuse of building the Wanshou Palace, and it caused the anger of Jiajing, which made it extremely reasonable.

After the incident, Jiajing "evil" and "sui", soon, Zhao Wenhua will be exempted from government and squatting. However, just as shown in the TV series, Jiajing is not strict with the party, but still takes it as the first assistant. Pet credit, not bad. The reason for this is that, after all, it is still strict and rigorous, which can make Jiajing comfortable.

At the end of the TV series, Jiajing did not live in the "two palaces and two views" of his heart, and in history, although Jiajing lived in the Wanshou Palace before Yan Shizhi, there was no view of the heavens and the Xuan Duo. In his last time, he was still stubbornly building a new hall... and eventually he could not stay.

" Forty-three years, Jiazi, rebuilt Huixi, Chenghua and other temples, Baoyue and other pavilions were completed, Huixi was changed to Yuanxi Yannian Temple; forty-four years of the first month, Jianjin Temple was in Yuandu Hall, thank you Tianci Pills in the Taiji Temple and the Purple Emperor's Hall, this three halls were pioneers; the 44th year of the reconstruction of the Temple of Wanfa, the name of which is Shouyi, Zuofu Fushe, right Lushe, the project is very large, the ministers In the forty-five years of the month, the temple was built, and the palace of the purple temple in April was completed. In the event that the event was rewarded, it was not hesitant. In September, the temple was built. In October, Zi Yan Gong Cheng, Bai Guan said on the table, when the disease has been paralyzed, although he may not be able to imperial. "

In 1564, Huixi and Chenghua Hall were rebuilt. In 1565, the temple was built. In 1566, in the last year of Jiajing's rule, he also built a series of palaces such as Zhenqing, Ganguang and Zijing. In the TV series, waiting and waiting for the group to slap the slapstick's congratulatory book, and unlike the TV series, he was not prevented by these rumors from moving into the new hall, but because "the disease has been paralyzed ."

In the winter of 1566, the Jiajing Emperor's forty-five years of governance finally came to an end, and the endings of his beloved palaces, temples, temples, and churches were also close to the strictness he loved and credited and the outcome of his party.

" Since the Sejong was promoted to the next month, the palaces and the doors were first hoisted, and the timber was gradually dismantled. Mu Zong wanted to rebuild the Xiangfeng Building with the purple pole material, because the engineering department gave the ability to Feng Cheng. Only after a few years, only the gangue is broken. "

Almost after his death, these palaces were abandoned. They began to remove the plaques. Later, they removed the large woods and used them for other purposes. After a few years, those were once majestic. Mysterious, representing the supreme authority, the palace that has had a lot of fate and fate, only left the " bad shackles".

......The room is empty and full of bed!

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