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How to judge whether a company is reliable, whether a boss is worth following


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Remember, good companies talk to you about treatment, bad companies talk to you about ideals.

Interview is a two-way process. If you are capable, you will consider how to leave you.

How to keep people is the treatment.

The monster heard the words, screamed, collected the treasure stick, let the wooden fork smashed, and saw the Guanyin Natou bow down, and said: "Buddha, forgive me for sin, wait for me to sue. I am not a evil spirit, I am a spirit.卷 霄 霄 銮舆 銮舆 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只 只The sword came to wear my chest and threatened more than a hundred times, so I was so distressed. Nothing, the hunger and cold were unbearable. In the 32nd day, I found a pedestrian to eat. I am ignorant of today’s ignorance and collided with the Daci Bodhisattva." Bodhisattva said: You are guilty in heaven, and you are succumbing to it. Now this is the same as the wounded. It is the so-called sin and sin. I have received the purpose of the Buddha and I have sought the people in the East. Why don’t you come to me, convert to good fruit, and Take the person to be an apprentice, go to the West to worship the Buddha and ask for the scriptures? I teach Feijian not to wear you. At that time, the festival will become a crime, and you will be reinstated. How about your heart? " That strangely said: "I am willing to bear fruit."

The monster slammed his head and shouted loudly: "Buddha, forgiveness, forgiveness!" Guanyin pressed the cloud head and came to ask: "You are the wild beggar there, the old man who is blaming, dare to block here. I?" That strangely said: "I am not a wild donkey, nor an old man. I was a marshal of the canopy in Tianhe. Just because of the wine and teasing, the jade emperor hit me two thousand hammers and smashed the dust. Truth, actually came to win the reincarnation, not wrong road, cast in a sow fetus, become like this. I bite the sow, can die, squatting in the mountain, eating people Days. Unexpectedly hitting the Bodhisattva, I hope to rescue and rescue." Bodhisattva said: "What mountain is this mountain?" The monster said: "It is called Fuling Mountain. There is a hole in the mountain called Yunzhan Cave. The original one in the cave. Second sister, he saw me some martial arts, recruited me to be a parent, and called for a trick. Not a year, he died, and he will use one hole of the house, and it will be used by me. There is no such thing as a slap in the face, just to eat and eat according to this. Wan Wang Bodhisattva forgives." Bodhisattva Road: "The ancients, if you want to have a future, do not have a future You are both illegal in the upper bound, and you don’t change your guilty feelings today, but you are not guilty of sin?” The strange saying: “If you follow me, teach me the hurricane! As the saying goes, kill according to the official law. Hungry in accordance with the Dharma. Go, go, too! It is better to catch a pedestrian, fat and greasy to eat his mother! What is the crime of two crimes, thousands of crimes!" Bodhisattva said: "People have good wishes, Heaven will surely follow it. If you are willing to return to the righteousness, you have your own body. There are grains in the world, you can eat hunger, why do you eat people?" The monster heard the words, like a dream, said to the Buddha: "I If you want to be positive, you will be guilty of the heavens, and you will not have to pray!" Bodhisattva said: "I took the Buddha's purpose and went to the East to find someone. You can be an apprentice with him, go to the West and come to the West. Fold off, discipline you out of the disaster." That grotesquely said: "I want to follow, willing to follow!"

The Bodhisattva heard this and was full of joy, and said to the Great Word: "The Bible says: 'If you say good things, you should do it thousands of miles away. If you do n't speak well, it's a thousand miles away.' You have this heart. until I went to the lands east Datang people to find a country to learn, teach him to save you, you can be a disciple with him, Bing teach gal who, into my Buddhism, and then corrected fruit, how.? "Story sound channels: "I am willing to go, I am willing to go!" Bodhisattva said: "With good fruit, I will have a French name with you." Dasheng said: "I have a name, called Sun Wukong."

Wu Jing, Wukong, once heard the lower bounds of Guanyin looking for the origins of the people, I heard that Guanyin gave the price of the positive fruit, and immediately willing to return. Wu can be very realistic. What do you say is a virtual future? There is no actual content. I went to eat people. Guanyin took out the actual content, and Wu Neng was willing to return. This can't be completely blamed. Who can make Guanyin speak and gasp? Of course, as a woman, Guanyin is somewhat disgusted with the rogue of Wu Neng.

A good company I have contacted, if the treatment is not better than other companies, will tell you directly. Come to our company, mix with me, for a few years, roughly what treatment.

Companies that dare to throw away their treatment directly, if they are not self-reliant, are companies that are more confident in their own treatment and are also well-run companies.

If you can't take care of your treatment, you will usually talk to you about your grand dream. There is not enough bread, so I have to paint a cake for you.

Song Jiang met, hurriedly went down, drunk the army, and dismissed his bond. He helped Guan Sheng to be in the middle of the chair. He bowed his head and bowed his sins. He said: "Desperate madman, offended Huwei, and hopes to forgive." Guan Sheng quickly replied, closed his mouth, and was helpless. Hu Yanzhuo also came forward to sin: "Small can be ordered, not afraid to follow, and the generals will be exempt from sin." Guan Sheng saw a group of leaders, loyalty, review and praise, Hao Siwen "We are here, what are you doing?" The two replied: "And listen to the order." Guan Shengdao: "No face to Beijing, three people are willing to give a death!" Song Jiangdao: "Why do you say this? If the generals don't give up on the slightest, they will do the same for the heavens. If they refuse, they will not stay hard, but they will be sent back to Beijing." Guan Shengdao: "The person is called Zhongyi Song Gongming, and the words are not false. Today I have a family to run, there are The country is difficult to vote, and it is a small pawn in the account."

Guan Sheng took 15,000 troops, the level is roughly equivalent to the deputy army, and it is one step away from the provincial military level. It is estimated to be between the major generals and the university. Liangshan is also a bit of a resource, but it does not compare with the court. It is a bit difficult to arrange at the same level, so if you want to sway, you must give the position of the owner of the cottage to Guan Sheng. Guan Sheng is also smart, knowing that it is nonsense, knowing that Liang Shan will not let him go, and that he is put back, and he is not clear. Song Jiang took out a painting cake for the heavens. Guan Sheng is on the slope.

In the Songjiang Army, because of this heavy snow, Wu used this strategy to capture Suo Chao in the snow. The rest of the military horses fled into the city and reported that Suo Chao was detained. Liang Zhongshu heard the news, and he couldn’t help him. He told the public that he would just stick to it and not be allowed to play. Intended to kill Lu Junyi and Shi Xiu, I was afraid of annoyed Song Jiang. The imperial court was in a hurry to rescue the troops. The disaster was more and more urgent. Only the instructors guarded the two, and then reported to the capital, and listened to Cai Taishi.

And said that Song Jiang went to the village, the Chinese army sat down on the account, and there were already ambulances to solve the problem. Song Jiang met with great joy, drink back and retreat, and solve his bondage. Please enter the account, treat the wine and treat each other with enthusiasm. "You see my brothers, most of them are court officers, and the court is unknown." Indulge in the abuse of the official, defiled and dictatorial, and harm the good people, are willing to assist Song Jiang, for the heavens. If the general does not abandon, with the loyalty of the main." Yang Zhi forward to another ceremony, and persuaded a lot. Suo Chao is the number of the stars, naturally make do, and drop the Songjiang. When the night account is placed in the wine to congratulate.

Use the painted cake for the heavens again. Suo Chao is on the slope.

In fact, most of these officers are in Cao Ying’s heart in Han. The reason why they are in Liangshan is that they are stained and can’t go back. Therefore, Zhao An became an important topic of Liangshan and was put on the agenda and received strong support.

Of course, there are even worse, no resources, only rely on flicker. It’s just a matter of drawing a cake, and it’s easy to end up. Such a boss, don't follow. Don't go to such a company.

Of course, the reality is to draw a cake, not what the other party said is, but also to combine the strength of the other side and the performance of the past.

To solve a golden fruit, for Xitian, it is equivalent to solving a committee member or a provincial level. It is not difficult. It is not difficult to take a lead in Liangshan, drinking in a large bowl, eating meat in large chunks, and distributing gold in large scales.

Therefore, you can know that Bodhisattva and Song Jiang do not fool people.

Hit the local tyrants, divide the fields, and talk about it. Therefore, the fellows believe in the Red Army.

As for the strength of the other company and the past performance, you still have to do your homework in advance. If you want to change jobs to a place, you should first understand the general resources and history of the other party.

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