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Another "Holocaust" in Nanjing in 1937!



December 13

National Day of the Sacrifice

It is the day to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre

In this issue, Yunbei will use this heavy feeling to tell you about another "Holocaust" in the darkness of more than 40 days and nights in the history of human civilization .

The following is a very serious text

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Ancient temple was destroyed in war

"The 440-year-old temple in the Southern Dynasties, how many buildings are in the rain," Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, was once a well-known and prosperous city in Asia. Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River, Niushou Mountain, and Fengtai Longzang smog, accumulated thousands of years of cultural essence. However, in December 1937, Nanjing and the surrounding areas were another scene. At that time, when the Japanese army marched to the vicinity of Niushou Mountain , they arbitrarily set fire to the Manshan Ancient Temple . The reason was that they were thinking about it, from the ambush of the Chinese army.

Yuxi Temple

In this way, Niu Shoushan, the source of Buddhist cattle heads, was burnt into a barren hill in the raging fire. The cultural monuments such as Yuji Temple, Wenshu Cave and Guanyin Cave, which were built in the Southern Song Dynasty and the Song Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty (459 years), were all destroyed .

There is also the sweeping leaf building of Qingliang Mountain in the west of the city . It was first built in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. It is the retreat of the famous painter "Half-acre Garden" - Gong Xian, behind which is the Temple of the Good. On December 14, 1937, with the same excuse, the Japanese army set it on fire and smashed many ancient inscriptions and pillars.

The above is not an isolated case, the Ming Dynasty Flower Temple in the suburbs of Nanjing, the mosque in the west gate of the city, the mosque in the mature town of Jiangning Lake, the Huaguan Temple under the Hualuanggang in the south of the city, and the Jin Lijun. They are either bombarded with artillery or burned , and cultural losses are immeasurable.

Japanese occupation of the Purple Mountain Observatory

According to incomplete statistics, within the three months after the Japanese army captured Nanjing, there were more than 220 cultural monuments in Nanjing that were destroyed . The efforts and wisdom of many generations were burned.

Golden Lily Project

Speaking of Japan’s cultural looting of Nanjing, it is necessary to mention the “Golden Lily” plan . Its mission is to search for wealth for the Japanese royal family. One of the important figures is the son of Yu Yufu, the godfather of the Japanese gang, and one of the founders of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party. That's right, the Liberal Democratic Party that Abe is now in power .

Yu Yu Yufu (right)

During the Nanjing Massacre, Yu Yuyi wore a Japanese military uniform and joined the "Do not move team." They specialize in detaining the property of all national governments and looting bank treasury. It threatens, blackmails, and robs gold, gems, jewelry, and art in the surrounding wealthy homes. Even the large tombs and the golden teeth of the dead have not been missed.

Transformed into a ruined Nanjing

After the "Special Action Team" conducted an inventory of Nanjing City, Japan dispatched more than 1,000 experts and scholars from China to Nanjing, specifically Nanjing libraries, universities, art galleries and ancient temples that have not yet been burned. Their task is not to study, but to assist in robbery .

The most shameful scene in the history of human civilization, once again staged in Nanjing City, a group of experts and scholars who have received formal and higher education have incarnate "birds" in a flash , becoming the fascist's running dog , an accomplice of militarism.

Nearly a million books are lost overseas

Yunbei, a book-like life, is only based on books. Before the war, the number of books in public libraries in Nanjing was about 1.42 million. However, when the National Government moved westward, they did not fully consider these books. Therefore, until the Nanjing City, all kinds of libraries were generally looted .

According to Japanese scholars statistics

Books looted by the Japanese public library during the war:

The total number is 844,060 or more

In addition, the Japanese army also looted

Nanjing Folk Collection 53118

The total of the two is as large as 890,000 volumes.

More than 850,000 volumes in the Imperial Library of Tokyo, Japan

As for the collected books, they were sorted, numbered, packaged, and shipped to the Japanese royal family. They were piled up with gold and jewels that were also looted by the Japanese army. Others are directly scraped by Japanese government agencies, academic institutions, and individuals.

Nowadays, Chinese scholars study their own history, but they have to go to the Japanese library to find information, and they can only take back the miniature film , which is a lament for culture!

The road to returning to China is very difficult

As mentioned above, the number of "cultural assets" that Japan has looted from Nanjing is huge and shocking, and no one can ignore it. Therefore, after the war, Japan had asked Japan to return the looted cultural relics, books, etc., but the results were not significant. During the US military occupation, Japan returned about 158,873 books to China , which accounted for only 17.8% of Japan’s plundering of books from Nanjing and 6% of Japan’s looting of books from the whole country .

Japanese Oriental Culture Institute

This is not only because the civil war has disrupted the rhythm, but more importantly, the United States has sheltered . Let's look back at the founder of the Liberal Democratic Party mentioned before - Yu Yuyi. It was alleged that he provided valuable intelligence to the US intelligence services after the war, and thus escaped court trials and even swayed for Americans. So where does the money come from? Nature is plundered from China!

Yu Yu Yufu (left) and Ishii Shiro (right)

Both of them evaded the trial by bribing the US military.

Many Japanese war criminals have regarded gold, jewellery, cultural relics and books plundered from China as “free gold medals”, and the bribers naturally have a number of high-ranking officials such as MacArthur . For this reason, the road to returning to China from these Chinese cultural relics and books in Japan has been difficult and has not been resolved to this day.

This article concludes the compilation of multi-party data by the military editorial department.

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