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If you are Piston GM: Give you Zhuang Shen + Griffin, how to win with the top salary twin towers?


Foreword: Since the offseason, the main reinforcement operations of all teams have been basically completed, and most of them have entered a stage of running-in and recovery training. Also before the start of the season, do a look-ahead series of 30 teams to warm up for the new season. (This article is original, for Sina NBA draft)

The Pistons under the coach of Van Gundy, I want to use a word to describe, that is bloated. Since the big fan took over the Pistons, although the team looks like a full-fledged team every season, the winning temperament of this team has never met the standards of the regulars in the playoffs. In fact, the four fans of the team In the season, the Pistons only played the playoffs in the eighth place in the East.

The ninth in the Eastern Conference last season was also a typical season example.

Then, after an offseason adjustment, can the Pistons after the coaching change the barrier between the ninth and eighth in the East?


One step away from the playoffs

If you asked the Pistons last season what left a deep impression on the league, then summed up, one is the ninth in the east, the second is Griffin's trade, and the third is Drummond's breakthrough.

First talk about the rankings, the ninth and eighth divisions in the division, although there is only one gap in the ranking, but whether you have a playoff seat will completely separate the two teams. Moreover, compared with the Ninth Nuggets in the Western Conference, the Pistons are still fighting for the playoffs in the regular season, and the Pistons are obviously worse in the wind.

A seven-game losing streak and an eight-game losing streak were one of the key reasons for the Pistons to fall behind. And on the trading day, the Griffin deal with a little "panic reinforcement" did not make the Pistons have too much substance. Sexual improvement, and did not make the future through this transaction.

Moreover, Drummond has demonstrated his ability as a core package in the interior last season, and he has also applied the role of the axis that has been tried before to the conventional tactics. The only six players in the regular season last season who played 10+10+3, Drammond is one of them.

At this time, adding a fourth position that needs to use the ball in the lineup is good for the Pistons lineup?

According to statistics from the official website, when Griffin was present last season, Drummond had 1.1 assists per 36 minutes, less than the average. After Griffin left the game, Drummond reached three assists per 36 minutes.

However, another piece of data is also very interesting. The two towers play at the same time. The team's net win per 100 possessions is 2.3 points. But when Drummond leads the team, the team loses 2.4 points per 100 possessions.

As a result, the deal also thrown a problem - Griffin did not bring a substantial increase, although it has an impact on the team, but it is not too bad to make the team become a loose sand, then how to evaluate the deal? ?

Of course, you can also interpret the deal as "If you have a first-rate star, you can't miss it . " But on the other hand, is Griffin now a good first-class star? Is it really worthwhile for the Pistons to offer quotes for Tobias Harris, Bradley, Boban, and the first round of signings?

Of course, the starting point of the Pistons deal is reasonable. While introducing the stars, it solved Harris's renewal and Bradley's premium contract. But the first round of the sign was really a pity.

Griffin has already had a trust in the Clippers, which is why he will be traded. Now that he has the opportunity to re-certify himself in the Pistons, he needs to do two things under the coach of Casey to repair the wind. One is personal breakthrough, and the other is the team wins.

For the team to win, the Pistons in recent seasons seem to lack a formed, stable system. But the arrival of Kathy coach seems to be able to solve this, the Raptors he led last season became the top team in the East is the best resume. Although it was swept by the Cavaliers, in fact, Casey created a system that was sufficiently economical for the Raptors. This is what the Pistons lacked, and that Van Gundy did not do it during the Pistons' coaching.


How many wins can the twin towers bring?

The new goal of the Pistons in the new season is obviously at least one playoff spot. Whether it is Griffin's joining or hiring Casey, it is all around.

The Pistons have to fight for the playoffs, so Kathy needs to establish a basic system for the team, but most of what he can use is the team left by the Van Gundy era, and the tactical style of the Pistons is also quite different from the Raptors.

Last season, the Raptors were the league's third-best team in every 100 possessions, second only to the Warriors and Rockets, and the Pistons ranked 19th in the league in every 100 possessions.

In addition, the Raptors' offense initiated by Casey was completed by the two backcourt cores, and the Pistons' backcourt lineup does not have a ball-owner who is similar to Lori and DeRozan. Reggie Jackson and Ismail Smith are both monotonous guards, and their ability is not enough to take on the role of the team's offensive core, which is why the development of Drummond's ability to develop.

Therefore, the twin towers are the core of the lineup that Casey must activate. But the problem is also coming. In the current basketball environment, it is less difficult to build a team around the backcourt or the wing players. It is not easy to play an efficient offensive with the inside players as the core, and Kathy’s use of the inside line is not easy. Hesitant, such as last season's Varan Hughes; Casey's defensive requirements for the inside, Drummond meets the standard, but Griffin is not enough.

Also, how to deal with the key ball with the inner line as the core is also a problem to be considered. Griffin's three-pointer last season had a jump improvement, and could this be upgraded to another way of attacking him in addition to the face-to-face attack?

What's more, Casey wants to solve not only the problem of how to use the two towers, but also how to deal with the positioning of the two. The one is the old qualification from the rookie period, the other is the middle. Joined, and the wind review is not very good.

This point, people can not help but think of the embarrassment of Anthony Davis and Cousins.

In addition, the constraints on the star will also be the problem of Casey's new season. The calm personality of Casey is not the experience of not having a harmonious relationship with the core of the team. The combination of DeRozan and Lori as the all-star level is a very good combination. A good example. But the premise is that DeRozan's character is mild, and Lori is not a star positioning when joining the Raptors.

Drummond will not be a locker room, but how to get along with Reggie Jackson and Griffin is the key to Casey's control of the team's atmosphere, and the atmosphere of a comfortable team is also the basis for Kathy's coaching. .

Then, give Casey a combination of Griffin and Drummond that seems to have a slightly higher talent. How can he use the two-tower combination to win the team? Last season, Griffin and Drummond teamed up with a four-game winning streak, but the next 21 games won only seven games. When Drummond led the team alone, the record was 26 wins and 27 losses.

Also, for the use of the star in the higher level stage, Casey is still in short supply.

Of course, after more running-in time, coupled with the arrival of the new coach, the team's system, the core mix and positioning will change, and how the new season Kathy uses these two inside cores will be Whether the Pistons can break the ninth key in the East. In particular , the overall strength of the Pistons lineup is clearly differentiated, and it is even more necessary for the two insiders to drive the team through individual strengths.

According to SBNation 's interview with Kathy, it seems that he has specific ideas on how to use Griffin. He wants to make Griffin play a coordinating role in the team, doing "Piston's Draymond Green" and activate his passing ability :

"My expectation for him is to make him the best 4th position in the league. This is what he can do."

"People will pay attention to Draymond, or other small ball inside, Blake has The potential to be a good insider, because he is very smart, his passing skills are very good, he averaged 6.5 assists per game in the Pistons last season."

"In addition to scoring, there are many who can evaluate a person's strength, Blake has the strength to do well."

Well, after Drummond has been a seasony all-around center, the new season seems to need to give the position of the axis to Griffin. Or maybe, Casey will still let Drummond continue to be responsible for some of the traditional internal line of the axis of the task, and give Griffin to the outside, the right to do the ball is really handed over to Griffin, let his game The style is closer to the 1st position, more like Green.

Why are there such bold ideas? Mainly due to a problem mentioned earlier - the Pistons' current backcourt lineup does not have a ball-weight dominator like Lori and DeRozan. And who is the most versatile hand in the current Pistons lineup?

Obviously, this answer is Griffin.

"We intend to increase Griffin's freedom to enrich the game, just like the Raptors of the Raptors. He is not just an inside player."

If Griffin is to play Green's role, Griffin's advantage is that he can be like the second position, or like DeRozan to break through, singles, use personal offense to attract defense to create opportunities for teammates. However, with Griffin's level last season, he can't do the same effect with DeRozan, and Drummond is not the offensive point to be able to eat in the paint. So, this is not only a problem for Griffin, but also a problem for the Pistons team - they don't have an offensive strength that can attract doubles.

Also, Griffin's disadvantage compared to Green is defense. His height, defense, and frame are not the standard of the excellent ball inside, nor the defensive attitude of Green.
Therefore, Griffin needs teammates to help, such as the small Jordan at the top of the frame. In the Pistons, the best candidate is Drummond. However, many people have misunderstood Drummond's understanding. His impression is still in his rookie season. He thinks he is a capping machine like Gobert and Jordan. In fact, Drummond is not like Jordan. He has not averaged 2 blocked shots per game so far. Instead, he has more than two blocked shots in two seasons.

In the past two or three seasons, Drummond, rather than sending a cover at the bottom of the basket, is more inclined to advance the card in the defensive round, or to judge the feeding line and complete the interception. In terms of frame efficiency, Drummond is not ranked in the top of the league.

In a way, Drummond has the temperament of a small ball inside. Or, Griffin can be the Greens on the offensive end of the Pistons, while Drummond is Green on the defensive end. This may be a suitable way to use the twin towers.

It is imperative to use the twin towers as the basis of the system, but the key is not only the twin towers, but also the chemical reaction that the role players with them can play. As mentioned earlier, the strength of the Pistons lineup is clearly differentiated. Their backcourt and flank lineup are quite weak. Even Reggie Jackson is a short board with a distinctly low Westbrook – his playing The law is not friendly enough, and it cannot be used to compensate for the negative effects like Wei Shao.

In particular, both of the inner cores now have the ability to use the ball, and Jackson needs to try to integrate into the Kathy coaching system with a more friendly and efficient play. Kemba Walker, Teague, and Rozier are the subjects he can learn. Signing Calderon in the offseason seems to have also meant to guide Jackson.

From the temporary view of the current lineup, there are three players in the five positions of the Pistons who need to use the ball. The pitchers and flanks who are good at offense are the essential configuration of this lineup. And the interesting part of the Pistons' lineup is this – they have pitchers such as Kennard, Bullock, Loyle, Allenson, and defensive locks like Stanley Johnson, but these players are It's a single player. The Pistons need a truly comprehensive flank starter. This is the Pistons' ability to solve the lineup balance.

You can also understand that they need a Stanley Johnson who makes a shot.

This is also the gap between the Pistons and the Raptors. Last season, Casey had Anunobi and CJ Myers, and Deron Wright could also top it. On the bench, Norman was abandoned. Powell. Now Kathy needs to dig out a Piston player worthy of his trust and become the "new Anunubi" in his system, and this seems to be the key to the team's new season.

Speaking of the Raptors, the deep second team is also the team's advantage, which is also the selling point of Casey and Ujelli's multiple seasons, and this is what the Pistons do not have. But from another perspective, the Pistons' second lineup is not without the potential for Casey to play - Kennard, Alanson, and Neuer are all capable of activating.

If Kathy coach can use the existing reserves to lay a trustworthy bench, it is not only the boost of the Pistons' competition in the playoffs, but also the long-term positive infrastructure for the Pistons. But Casey has Ujery’s operational assistance, so who is Kathy’s helper in the Pistons?

If the Pistons are to reach the top eight in the Eastern Conference, they also prove that they need to pull at least one team in the original postseason. Therefore, their potential opponents should be Cavaliers and Miami. The two teams are offseason. There is no added strength, and it is also in the internal adjustment phase of the core replacement in the team, which is inferior to other teams.

But don't forget that the Pistons are also in a new phase of running-in and trial-and-error. From the players to the faculty, it is a turbulent, unstable rhythm.


Contract year

In the front, the short line of the piston is in the back field and the side wing, so the reinforcement is in addition to the team to tap the potential, it is a deal. But in terms of the current lineup of the Pistons, if you want to trade upwards without moving Drummond and Griffin , the Pistons’ trading chips are not enough – except for the first round picks, the Pistons It is Kennard, and there are three expiring contracts, namely, Ismail Smith, Stanley Johnson and Brock.

These assets are also part of the team's future potential. The Pistons have already overdrawn in Griffin's trade last season, and if they continue to send draft picks and potential players, then the long-term construction of the Pistons is not good.

The current Pistons are already in a situation where they need to replenish their potential. Except for the Twin Towers, none of the players have a clear potential to become the core of the team, and the two contracts of the Twin Towers already account for 5,000. Ten thousand dollars of space, especially Griffin's big contract will only expire after three seasons. If Griffin does not improve, even if he still has the performance of the all-star, then the contract for the Pistons is also Premium.

Next, the Pistons have five expiring contracts that need to be renewed. If Stanley Johnson and Reggie Bullock are left, the team's total salary will basically exceed the luxury tax line. If the two players are released, the Pistons will not have enough flank reserves to make up for the vacancies, and there is not enough room to sign a high-level flank.

Also, if we look a little longer, it is not limited to the new season. Then, in the 19/20 season, Reggie Jackson, Galloway, and Loyle’s three less-than-friendly expiring contracts began to reflect the value of the transaction, and even if the Pistons allowed their contracts to expire, they would be able to make a lot of Salary space.

The 19/20 season is a node for the Pistons that needs to determine the direction of the future. Not only is the contract expired, but after the end of the 19/20 season, Drummond can also choose to jump out of the contract and test the free agent market. If the Pistons let Drummond go, then the team's competitiveness will be greatly reduced and it will enter the reconstruction phase.

Of course, the Pistons will not have reservations about Drummond in terms of contracts, but the key is that Drummond's willingness to leave the team, in addition to economic income, and personal value. We really don't know Drummond's thoughts, but an objective fact is that since Drummond was selected by the Pistons, he only played once in the playoffs.

The current situation of the Pistons is a bit like a shackle, and Drummond is also in a Davis-like dilemma.

The same overdraft potential to exchange for the stars, but also need to win the game to stabilize the scene, with the record to retain the team's sign. Moreover, the gradual decline of the industrial city of Detroit also means that the Pistons need stars and victory to stimulate the box office. This is also the problem of the small ball market jointly owned by the Pistons and the Pistons.