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Islam: a great religion that cannot be underestimated


Some people say that I am against Islam.

Otherwise, in fact, I respect the fear of Islam than any multicultural advocate who claims to be inclusive of Islam. Because few people like me can be deeply aware of the greatness of the Prophet Muhammad. He accepted the head of the Omar, cited as a confidant; forgive the deadly enemy Su Fuyang family, so that the famous Mu Aweiye, Khalid is for their own use, the mind is broad, rare in ancient and modern; only slightly sharp, the world is nothing. The so-called conquest of Genghis Khan has become a thing of the past, and the conquest of Muhammad has never stopped; the party of Lenin has long been dry, but the church of Mohammed is still strong.

And those who are multiculturalists claim to be inclusive of Islam, rather than respecting Islam, they say that they have mercy on Islam. Behind this kind of pity is that they put Islam in the position of the weak - to some extent, they are fundamental It is impossible to respect Islam and never face the power of Islam, just as they never understand the power and majesty of Muhammad. They are so arrogant that they regard the great religions that sweep away all civilizations in Europe and Asia as a generation that needs to be given relief – how superficial and narcissistic it is.

The Machiavellians were never narcissistic or arrogant. The true insights and cautions kept him a keen sense of the strong, and fortunately avoided the arrogance of intellectuals. Because he has seen everything in the past from the gaps in history: how the great Persian civilization gradually dissipated in front of God; how the majestic Byzantine civilization surrendered to Islam until it died; how long the ancient Indian civilization is in the sword of jihad Kneeling and stealing.

Underestimating the power of a great religion is not only a stupid act, but an unforgivable sin. The East Romans and the Persians paid the price of vanishing, and the Indians became a slave to the millennium. The Europeans feared for ten centuries.

It should be noted that the ten "single-only" cowards are enough to convince a thousand intrigues. Only by recognizing this is the minimum respect for a religion that once conquered the world.

"Kussie (the Persian emperor) ruined the letter and tore the letter. Saeed Bin Museibu said: 'The messenger has prayed for Allah to completely destroy Kuss and his followers.'" "Bukhari Hadith Record")


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