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How to be a person who can chat


I always feel that talking and talking are a very important skill.

Whether it's work, life, or falling in love, we use language to express what we think, share emotions, and learn the skills of this one, whether it is for love, relationships, or the workplace.

1 , listening

All the guys who talk and hate have a common trait, that is, "do not consider the feelings of others at all."

Before any conversation, please remember to listen to each other instead of talking nonsense.

2 , do not spit

Probably the atmosphere of the spit is too heavy, so everyone began to think that "spit" is a very cool thing.

Sometimes, it's pretty cool to see the sloping section, but it's not the same thing to turn to yourself. Especially if you are not close enough, you will be very angry.

3. Understand the information of others

You have to have a calmer mind, know how to change your position and listen to what others have said. You know that different answers will have different effects. You will let yourself say the answer that makes the other person satisfied in the first place. Therefore, you should constantly develop your own insight and thinking skills, listen to more, think more, and look at various issues from different angles.

Slowly become a habit, so long can be a good conversation with others.

4 , accurately express opinions

Some people say that "good words, three winters, and bad words hurt people in June", some people more popularly say "a word can make people laugh, but also can make people jump up."

Those who can't talk, "can kill people", the person who can talk, "can live the dead". The purpose of speaking is to "clarify your meaning clearly and accurately."

5 , experience each other's feelings

Sometimes, “being recognized” is the best healing medicine; for a troubled friend, “I know you”, “Don’t cry, have me” is more comfortable than any reprimand.

Whether you believe it or not, language is a very important thing after all. It has both the power of warmth and the ability to make you feel painful. It is not only unpredictable but also unpredictable.

Through communication with friends and lover, we gradually began to believe that "I am not alone in this world", so please cherish this special skill of human beings, carefully grasp it and treat it.

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