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2016.6-2017.5 Summary of the wording and method recommendation: the basic stage of the book


Written in front:

Q: Why do you want to practice words?

A: I accidentally paid attention to Weibo@ together, and found that many people who write super-good-looking people punch cards every day;

Q: Do you use electronic products now, do you have the value of handwriting?

A: Of course.

As a hobby, you can cultivate yourself.

See your own words, you can tell yourself: "The word is like someone", hhh

Boys write well, write love letters to chase girls plus points 233

Of course, the most important thing is that you can install B (focus)

Personal situation:

Elementary schools have the privilege of being exposed to serious and responsible teachers and paying great attention to calligraphy teaching, so there is no big problem with the overall stroke structure.

Until high school, the words written are all in one stroke and highlight the body of the pen, in the words of others: very twisted. Yes, paying attention to strokes is bound to be "very twisted", but there is no way. This is a process that I can't get through. 2333

Put an ugly picture:

This word is written in the essay in the college entrance examination. There is absolutely no problem, because it is no one who is neat, but it has less charm and change, it is not good, right?

Some people will say: My foundation is not good, my strokes are not standardized. Very simple, buy copybooks. I don't recommend it here, because everyone likes different fonts, some people like Yan Zhenqing's atmosphere, and some people like Song Huizong's grace. I personally like Wu Yusheng's copybook (should not remember the name 2333). When I was a child, I visited the Xinhua Bookstore. At that time, I also looked at it and thought it was so good. I can write such a word when I buy it back and practice it! The result is not. After practicing for a long time, I didn’t learn a little, and I could only hope to sigh.

I think that Wu Yusheng's copybook is very different from others. His "mouth" box is very beautiful, not awkward, not hard, but just right, and a small one he brought when he wrote it. Hook, I think it is also a pen of God.

  1. 100-day basic 夯 练 练 ( ( (now see only want to delete TAT... )

Not much to say, first on the map. Thanks to Weibo, this hundred days of daily practice has been recorded, so it is very convenient to find :)

The above is in the first stage, that is, the pursuit of strokes is clear, and the words are written in a large and unsightly manner.

This stage is the second stage. It can be seen that the size of the word is decreasing, and more attention is paid to the sense of exquisiteness;

Nearing 100 days, it seems to have finally opened. The small details of some strokes can greatly enhance the beauty!

2. Summary after 100 days (written in 2017.5.12)

At different stages of the hundred days, I can clearly feel the change of words, including how to write, how to construct, how to highlight some small details to make the words have personal characteristics.

Starting from April 2016, the first 100 days of daily practice of a paragraph or a sentence according to the content pushed by Weibo@words, the advantage of this microblog is that the sentences it gives you are often very beautiful, very artistic. This makes people like to write this process (like a young woman who writes novels...)

After the end of 100 days, there is no frequent practice of wording for lazy cancer, but now I want to write a lyric for something. I will find that the change of 100 days is too big. I don’t know if you feel it, anyway. I think...

May 2017 stage:

Key points:

To adhere. Needless to say, don't stick to what you do, envy other people's words, it's useless, you have to practice more;

Look at how others write, here Amway several microblogging bloggers, the word is already written at the level of art, but you can’t play it...

And the most important thing is to have a video tutorial, just look at it on the line ~ (mainly how to run the pen, those small details are handled well)

3. Recommended bloggers

1. The first is @ together with the word and its WeChat public number (same name), will publish homework every day, will also forward the homework (you can see a lot of God's words!);

2. @楷书死忠刘顶峰, this look at the name will know, 楷 writing is great!


4. @陌桑十, wrote "buried flower 吟", beautiful ~


6. @豆在练字



The words are written so well that they are practicing every day! It’s too great~

I am practicing the book now, still taking the time to spend some time every day, I believe that persistence is victory.

Record of 2018.1.26:

Record of 2018.2.6:

Record of 2018.2.7:

Record of 2018.2.8:

I also started to practice English at the end of 2017. I also put a picture for everyone to see. Because it is a beginner, it is dwarfed by the gods:

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Record image source Weibo: _暗香小筑

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