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After the old godmother, another aunt who made the Americans crazy, relying on selling big chains to dominate the American hip-hop circle!


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In the dark trade of American prisons, many people have resorted to the means for the old gods.

"It's not just food. It's a hard currency. You can use Laoganma to buy any illegal products and services - cocaine, sex and killer."

This group of people was fascinated by the old godmother.

But recently, a new aunt of Guangdong Chaoshan has emerged, becoming another middle-aged woman who made Americans crazy after the "old godmother" Tao Huabi.

She does not sell chili sauce, does not dance in square dance, but sells a big gold chain.

How can I sell Americans with a big gold chain to make Americans crazy?


By selling big gold chains to dominate the US hip hop circle

Beyonce is her frequent visitor

Aunt has a very foreign English name Eva Sam, a Cantonese Chaoshan person who immigrated from Macao to New York City in the 1980s.

At that time, it was the era when American hip-hop culture began to prosper. Many black singers in the rap world like to wear flamboyant costumes, wearing a big gold chain and a big gold ring.

Let's just say that the big gold chain is their protective color.

Wu Yifan loves to wear a big gold chain.

1. The big singer of the rap world comes here.

At the time, 26-year-old Eva Sam borrowed $100,000 from relatives and opened a jewelry store called "Popular Jewelry" in an inconspicuous position.

It is said that the jewelry store is actually no different from the domestic small commodity wholesale market. The store is extremely small and the items are messy.

In the first year, the store business was flat.

But in the second year, the business suddenly got better. Cappadonna, a member of the famous hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, visited the store, bought some gold ornaments, and took a photo with the aunt.

It doesn't matter if you don't know, just know that he is very good.

After that, many people came here. Today, the aunt has contracted the gold ornaments of the Rapper in the United States.

The New York Times, Vogue, and HYPEBEAST have all reported on this magical hip hop jewelry seller.

The store has such a wall, which is full of her photos with the stars.

Who are there on the wall?

(The following names may be strange, but it doesn't matter, it's still the same, remember that they are very cattle in the rapper world)

Macklemore has won many "Most Popular Hip Hop Artists" awards; there are 3 million fans of new rapper Ski Mask the Slump God on IG.

There is also one of the raptors in 2017, Smokepurpp; Loco, the first season champion of the show in South Korea's rap show Show Me The Money.

On the tubing, the Atlanta rap star Playboi Carti broke through 70 million hits; and the Ayo&Teo brothers who ranked 20th in the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States with the Divine Comedy Rolex.

There is also the player from the "China New Rap" Zhou Tanghao.

If you want to judge that your love is not red, look at this wall.

And on the streets of New York, there is a way to quickly judge whether a person is a circle or not - for the secret number:

- "Want to ask which jewelry is strong?"

- "Chinatown to find Eva sister."

2. The entertainment industry and the fashion industry are all her regulars.

If you don't know the rapper mentioned above, it doesn't matter, Beyonce, no one should not know, a large number of necklaces on her world tour concert are from the hands of the aunt.

Not only captured a group of rappers, stars, aunt's forces have spread to the fashion trend.

The founders of the fashion brand Fear of God came to visit.

Ava Eva Sam is also invited by the trend brand Stussy to create a gold necklace for the spring and summer 2017 model.

Not only a lot of red people are looking for him to make gold ornaments, but there are even the stars who help to manage the store - Rocky in the A$AP Mod hip-hop group. He often goes to the store to be a salesperson when the aunt is too busy. Face proudly in her work, Amway's aunt's jewelry:

Wearing aunt's jewelry to shoot MV.

Also wrote the aunt into his own song...

In 2014, Popular Jewelry was in a fire, and many well-known Rapper learned that the news was all about helping the aunt to rebuild the store. As you can imagine, how important is Popular Jewelry for Rapper.

But why is this small jewellery shop that is as small as a grocery store so explosive? There are two main points.


Subverting traditional jewelry stores, what do you want?

In the fiercely competitive US market, it is very difficult to survive.

The Chinese jewels near the aunt closed down, and the shops that survived were also bleak.

But the aunt’s jewelry store not only survived, but also lived very well.

1. Hip-hop + jewelry, selling points

According to Kearney Consulting, a quarter of any consumer behavior in the United States is related to Hip-Hop, and the potential of the hip-hop culture market is enormous.

To what extent does the hip-hop culture fire? Out of thin air gave birth to a new business - two sets of pants.

This kind of trousers that like to put the trousers under the waist and have to expose half (or the whole) of the underwear is a kind of expression of hip hop, called "sagging".

In the United States, in almost every city, people wearing sagging are strolling down the street.

Justin Bieber

Some people invented a new way of dressing in order to make themselves hip-hop and look awkward: sewing the outer pants and underwear together and making two fake pieces.

amount. . .

These two sets of trousers are enough to prove how enthusiastic they are about the love of hip hop culture.

Aunt is seized this opportunity, selling in her store is not a rich and expensive, dragon and phoenix gold ornaments, but jewelry + hip-hop fashion accessories.

2. Quality thief

Don't look at the store's many things, but the materials are definitely real gold.

It’s not the kind of shower that can float.

3. Only you can't think of it, no she can't do it.

The style of the store's accessories is fashionable and avant-garde, and there are all kinds of styles. Don't worry about wearing a silly son who will become the landlord's house.

What style does it have?

There is a Chinese style of extreme tide.

There are also a variety of Nordic myths.

There is also a man's gangster.

Even the religious aunt has considered it, whether you believe in Jesus or believe in Buddhism, there are all here... (Tiao Jiao's little eyes)

If you are an alien, then this UFO can't be missed.

If these still can't satisfy you, OK, fine. Aunt provides you with customized services, earrings, rings, and everything.

Today, the gold shop business of the aunt's family has been extended to the custom-made gold teeth.

Diamond teeth with bling bling.

There are also big gold teeth that can definitely stop the leek.

A cool tooth engraved with the word "devil".

Wear these unique private custom-made accessories, walk out of the store, the world is counting you the most UP.

4. Shipment speed is 1~3 weeks faster than the peers

The work in the aunt shop is very punctual, the speed is also very fast, basically can be shipped overnight, and basically a success, customers rarely ask to change, and other stores generally take 1 to 3 weeks.

The clerk is also a thief 6, not only in Chinese and English, but also familiar with Cantonese and Spanish, and receiving foreign customers.

They know the customer's preferences very well and can help them customize the jewelry in a targeted manner.

But the light products are not enough, but also to retain the hearts of customers.


The godmother of the hip-hop world, wins by love

Tao Huabi, who loves business, understands one truth: helping a person and moving a group of people; caring for a group of people can definitely touch the whole group.

Aunt also knows this truth.

In the past, many people's impressions of rapper were inseparable from violence, sex and drugs. After all, in the 1970s, the harsh environment in which black people were born gave birth to rap culture.

But the aunt will not look down on these stereotypes, or look down on these black people. In her eyes, these cynical "bad guys" are a group of children with personality:

No matter where you come from, what color of skin, what class I welcome you.

Although I don't know much about hip hop music, you can tell me what happiness and troubles you have.

No matter how fierce the customer looks, the aunt will use less standard English to ask about their preferences and then pick out the styles that suit them.

In addition to helping to pick the right jewellery, she will also give marijuana people some advice on how to cleanse the body's toxins:

To drink more hot water and green bean soup with honey and lemon, it is good for discharging toxins.

Although these suggestions are very funny to them, those who deal with the whole day and the dark side of society are the first to hear about people other than their own mothers.

Whenever Rapper has a new release, she will play songs in the store or go to Facebook and ins to help promote.

In their eyes, she is like a friend, family, not a boss who sells jewelry. Many rappers even use her as a "mother."

It can be said that the 56-year-old aunt witnessed the development of New York hip-hop history.


The jewellery business is tens of millions, but the aunt has made a jewellery business a hip-hop street card that belongs to her own.

Like the old godmother, this Guangdong aunt's reputation and current status are also piled up with time and affection. How many companies can do this now?

I have to say that Xiaosheng relies on wisdom and wins by virtue.

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